Vivosun Grow Tent Reviews 2021 – Notes You Should Know

Living in a city can be fun and nice but it presents its challenge especially to farmers who wish to cultivate crops. This is because all the lands have been converted to skyscrapers and other buildings leaving little or no arable land.

However, this challenge can be overcome with the use of grow tents. It enables plant lovers to cultivate crops internally even in the tiniest space available. Grow tents are bounded by time or season as they can grow all year round. In this article, we will take a critical look at Vivosun Grow Tent Reviews. Come along as we delve deep and discover why it’s a favorite among users.

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These research are carried out by experts in the business who are as thorough as they are professional, we make critical reviews, without sentiments. Our recommended products have met our clients’ expectations and there are testimonies to show for it.

Vivosun Grow Tent Features & Quality

Yes, there are lots of grow tents on the market all with the same claim of being the best, however, while we can vouch for Vivosun Grow Tent, we have nothing to say about these other products (perhaps until we check them out ourselves). One important thing about indoor gardening is that the grow tent you purchase can make or mar your gardening process; it determines whether your plants will grow or wither away.

Hence, there is need for you to be diligent when going through a particular product or brand. One of the products that are currently making waves on the market right now is the VIVOSUN Grow Tent! According to reviews by many users, one of the key features that attract them to the products is the fact that it’s affordable without compromising on the quality. When you compare it with other brands that are selling theirs for four or five times the price for the same quality you will discover why VIVOSUN is a household name.

Asides its affordability, there’s more to VIVOSUN. This you will discover below:

Features of VIVOSUN Grow Tent

VIVOSUN has very impressive quality features, this is not to say there are no minor flaws, but considering its many amazing features and its affordability, the flaws are a minor price to pay. These features include:


All VIVOSUN grow tent features sturdy poles that have an impressive system of working together. First is that the canopy goes over the frame in a whole piece, this saves you the stress of zipping up the different parts of the frame while setting it up. Also, the tent features strategic openings that can accommodate cables, ducting and fans. The circular openings which are used for cooling features dual drawstring closures, this ensures the tent is well sealed and prevents it from light leaks.

It also features exhaust vents along with Velcro cover, this enables it to always be closed even when it’s not in use. There’s a mesh beneath the cover, this allows for ventilation while the strategically placed venting ports enables the seamless Daisy chaining to fully harness the CO2 dispensing and also the carbon filtering. This subsequently minimizes the cost of running the tent. It comes with a detachable floor tray that is reflective; this prevents the light from leaking and also prevents water from leaking as well as its ability to hold in any spillage. The floor tray is usually about three inches deep and features the same size as the grow tent.

There’s a Velcro fastener positioned around the support bars to hold the tray in place and prevent it from shifting its position. Hence, in cases of spillage, it’s easy to clean due to its detachable base. The tent also comes with a utility pocket, this helps you store supplies and accessories thereby giving it fast and efficient accessibility.

Besides, it comes with a large viewing window, this helps you monitor the progress of your plants without having to step into the grow tent.


This is another feature that sets VIVOSUN apart from other brands. The tent features a metallic frame which is different from the regular plastic material used by other brands. From its connecting joints to the hanging shaft, it’s all metallic. This gives the tent a sturdy build that can support its enormous weight.

The process of installation is so simple and hassle-free, this is all thanks to the marked letters on its metal parts. Also, any other thing that is connected features a popup button connection. A general problem with most low cost grow tents is its zipper, they often feature inferior zippers that wear out very fast. However, VIVOSUN features heavy-duty zippers along with overlapping flaps on the tents to ensure the light is sealed in. Only ensure you wax the zipper occasionally to keep it's smooth and efficient.


Most regular tents often suffer from light leaks no matter how much they try to avoid it. This could result from pinhole leaks in the tent material, the zipper, seam or corner seam; this is almost unavoidable especially given the need for the needles that are used for the thick fabric.

However, even the tiniest light leak can adversely affect the growth of plants. You can check for possible light leaks though, all you have to do is lock yourself in the grow tent during the day, and then look out for light rays that are entering through the pitch-black inside the tent. Another way of doing this is to turn on the grow light in the tent in a dark room.

You can manage the lights leaks by the use of epoxy and caulk guns. Also, duct tape can be used to seal the holes. Paint matching color fingernail polish can also be used to seal off the little openings.


VIVOSUN grow tent is made of rugged and high-quality materials. It has a thick luggage canvas along with a highly reflective Mylar coating inside the tent to avoid light leaks. It is sturdy enough to endure pulls or pushes when washing or watering without the tent sustaining any damage.

The canvas which is a 600D canvas is sturdy and can resist rips and tears. It is even made more sturdy in that it has good stitching across the canvas, this makes it light proof. Also, the poles, as well as the connecting poles, are engineered with strong material while at the same time having a low weight.

Its lightweight feature makes it easy to be carried around from one place to another, while the hanging shaft is there to ensure you can hang fans, grow lights and other accessories without hassle. Although the poles are painted green, you can always change it to white especially if you want to increase the reflectivity of the grow tent.

VIVOSUN 4 x 4 Grow Tent Review

This section takes a look at VIVOSUN 4 x 4 Grow Tent Review. It is an awesome grow tent from the stables of VIVOSUN. It features a long-lasting design and other quality features that help it deliver high performance. The product makes use of top-quality 600D canvas, this ensures it is sturdy and prevents it from tears and rips. Its inside is lined with diamond Mylar, a material that enables it reflects up to 98% light from the grow lamp, this ensures full spectrum utilization by the plants.

The material also ensures even distribution of light in the tent while preventing the emergence of burned leaves and hot spots. Its joints, as well as connecting frames and the hanging shafts are all composed of steel; this gives the structure a sturdy build.

VIVOSUN 4 x 4 Grow Tent can withstand pull and push, it can support 110lbs of grow lights as well as other accessories that you can decide to hang on the ceiling. This should assure you that the product is a durable one. Also, its set up is quite easy and straight forward; it does not require any tool and will not waste your time. Besides, it comes with an instruction manual that guides you through the setup process.

With other grow tents, there is always the issue of the zipper as they often wear out before long, but you won’t encounter this same problem with VIVOSUN 4 x 4 Grow Tent. This is because they come with high-quality SBS zippers which were made to prevent light leakage. It also features double zipper flaps that reinforce the seal and also retains the light.

There are times when you will want to monitor the progress of your plants, rather than go in and out of the tent; it features a viewing window from where you can monitor your plants. Also, there are ventilation holes that have a dual-layer along with inner layer sealing located around the ventilation fan.

Furthermore, the grow tent comes with a floor tray which is easy to clean and maintain. It is waterproof hence even when there’s a spill, it will be held inside the tray and prevented from messing up the grow tent. The tray ensures ease of maintenance and a high level of cleanliness within the grow tent.

Another feature we like about the product is that it comes with an inner tool organizer. Hence storing your growing tool and other accessories are much easier and convenient. It also comes with a two-year warranty.


  • It has a dual-layered ventilating opening
  • Excellent customer service
  • Features a two-year warranty
  • It is pocket-friendly
  • Comes with an inner tool organizer
  • Features easy to maintain floor tray
  • It has a stable and strong frame
  • Features heavy-duty SBS zippers
  • Has thick and durable canvas
  • Features Mylar lining for high reflectivity


  • There are no windows
  • The Velcro areas are unreliable
  • The instructions aren’t detailed enough
  • Manufacturing flaws

Precautions When Using VIVOSUN Grow Tents

Like all grow room tents, there’s a need to take precautions when using VIVOSUN grow tents to keep your plants safe and also prevent disaster in the environment. Some of these precautions include:

1. Avoid Fire Outbreak

One of the ways of preventing a fire is by ensuring that trash is not left lying around, to this effect, avoid having a waste bin in your grow room, rather have garbage bags which should be replaced once you have exhausted its use.

Another way of preventing a fire is by checking the environments for anything that can easily catch fire and once identified get rid of it. Avoid using your grow room as a storage room especially flammable items (do not store cannabis seeds in the grow tent).

Have a smoke alarm installed and ensure they are working properly. Also, avoid the use of a regulated thermostat to reduce the temperature in your grow room, they may seem like a good idea but when a fire does break out they only worsen the situation.

2. Anticipate a Fire Outbreak

Even after putting the above measures in place, it’s also important you anticipate a fire outbreak. Hence, ensure there’s a fire extinguisher in your grow tent, also ensure it's in good working condition. Also, keep a torch close to it.

Furthermore, have a fire-resistant door installed; having two is more preferable as this reduces the rate at which the fire spreads. It’s also necessary to have an exit plan in case there is a fire outbreak.

Other precautions to apply include:

  • Apply extreme caution with electric appliances
  • Always protect your eyes, lungs, and skin
  • Water can also be dangerous, hence apply caution


If you hope to succeed as an indoor grower, then it’s important to purchase the best grow tent. Vivosun Grow Tent Reviews have opened our eyes to see the many benefits that come with using the best product one of which is the VIVOSUN 4 x 4 Grow Tent. We are optimistic that this product will meet your expectations. So, go ahead and purchase one, you will be glad you did.

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