Types of String Lights: How Should I Use Them?

Everyone loves their home all beautiful and attractive, not only for visitors but even for yourself. Creating a magical scene at night can make you very relaxed and confident. String lights are very capable of making this happen around your home. However, there are many types of string lights on the market and it’s important to know the ones that fit your peculiarities and how to use them best. This article will provide answers to all your questions.

What are String Lights?

Just like the name suggests, this kind of light is attached to the same cables and wires in multiples and they’re your go-to lights for decorations. As a result of the special atmosphere they create and thanks to their wide variety of colors and shapes, they are perfect as decorative lights. With these lights, you can literally transform your dull-looking patio and backyard to a mini-paradise.

Summer is made cool with these lights, especially when you have friends around and you need that magical ambiance around you. Regardless of what you choose to do with your nights, you can be rest assured these lights will make it colorful and bright.

How to use String Lights?

The popular idea for using string lights is for decorative purposes, no doubt. But it requires lots of steps to get results. There are several types of string lights for different purposes and occasions. It is important to choose the right lights and colors for the right occasion to get the desired results.

String lights can be placed on poles or used to surround a backyard or a patio seating area. Also, your garden trees can play perfect hosts to string lights and change the face of your environment. All you’ll have to do is wrap them around the branches and get a beautiful sight. In addition, you can create a definite style that will determine how you place your lights.

Types of String Lights and How to use Them

Like we noted earlier, there are several types of string lights. Below, we will list and discuss the most common ones and how you should use them.

  1. Globe string lights
  2. Solar string lights
  3. Colorful string lights
  4. Vintage string lights
  5. Fairy string lights
  6. Rope lights
  7. Twinkle star string lights
  8. Jar string lights
  9. Lantern lights

1. Globe String Lights

Globe String Lights

Globe string lights are often deployed in the garden or backyard due to the dreamy and romantic charm they add to an outdoor space. They are available in various string lengths but they all have a globe-shaped design. Despite being small, these lights are not short in delivering the kind of elegance you desire. They are also available in multicolored versions or simple white colors, giving you options to choose from depending on your preference. In this type of light, you’re getting quite an affordable product with impressive quality.

Also, these lights produce a welcoming atmosphere when you rope them around a seating or dining area or hang them from a ceiling. However, in case there’s nothing to attach them around your seating area, acquire lighting poles to help suspend them.

2. Solar String Lights

Solar String Lights

It’s very likely you have an idea of how solar lights work. They are powered by direct sunlight and the case is not different with solar string lights. They are solar-powered and help you to save on electricity bills. The convenience they offer endears many buyers to them. If you want lights that won’t require wires and outlets, then these lights are for you. They have the capability to last for several hours depending on how long they are charged.

At the same time, these lights are great for adding fun and festive mood to your garden by just hanging them wherever you desire outside without hassle. With their warm white light, they are bright enough to illuminate your backyard or patio area. Additionally, getting these lights will add a stylish and classy ambiance to your outdoor space.

3. Colorful String Lights

Colorful String Lights

Almost everyone is familiar with colorful string lights due to their wide use during festive periods. Many people often use them to decorate their Christmas trees, making them quite popular with Christmas. However, they’re not just great for festive seasons, they’re excellent for everyday use. Thanks to the various colors they offer,  they can effectively decorate your kid’s bedroom and even your backyards. Depending on the mood and season, you can creatively mix colors to achieve a breathtaking decoration.

Thankfully, they’re also quite easy to install. You can simply hang them around the room with an imaginative style you desire and even outdoor on the tree. Just handle the lights with care and there won’t be any issues around hanging them.

4. Vintage String Lights

Vintage String Light

Vintage string lights are popular for adding retro spin and ambiance to the patio or backyard. Also known as Edison bulb lights, they have an antique appearance, creating a classic scene. These lights are quite recognizable thanks to their simplistic light bulb appearance and warm glow. There’s a wire instilled inside them that creates warm golden light to please your eyes. They are capable of adding that timeless atmosphere around your home.

If you enjoy romantic night-outs, these lights can create a befitting ambiance you desire. While they’re not the brightest, they tend to last longer and work impressively. The LED filament bulbs are great lighting fixtures to turn to if you want long-lasting service. While they have the appearance of the old Edison bulbs, these lights contain LED light emitters. Meanwhile, you can hang them around your backyard or patio to enjoy excellent nights outdoor.

5. Fairy String Lights

Fairy String Lights

Your chance to create a magical scene around your patio or garden rests on fairy string lights. While they’re commonly deployed in bedrooms, people have started to view them as beautiful outdoor lighting options. These lights tend to create an illusion of a bunch of fireflies if they’re hung around green bushes or trees. With this, their uniqueness shines through for a special atmosphere.

Furthermore, they can hover over your patio or terrace for a perfect romantic dinner and a night party with your friends. Also, when you hang them over the patio, the setup will mimic a starry sky. In addition, these lights can make your backyard look elongated when installed. This can be achieved by installing them in a geometric pattern at the same height as the roof of your backyard.

6. Rope Lights

Rope Lights

Rope lights consist of tiny bulbs that are protected in an enclosed PVC jacket, allowing them to resist any kind of weather condition. This feature makes them great for outdoor lighting purposes. They are often used for decorating outdoor spaces during festive holidays. However, they can also serve indoor purposes too, for instance, lighting up the staircase or even sculptures. Meanwhile, there are two varieties of this type of light: LED rope lights and Incandescent rope lights.

  • LED Rope lights: depending on your preference, these lights offer colored light bulbs and also a cold white or a soft glow. They are popular as a result of the low energy they consume. While they can be quite expensive, they’re a great investment that promises reliability and durability.
  • Incandescent rope lights: these lights have their wiring enclosed in rope with a color filter around the bulb. Consequently, when you turn the lights off, they will appear a bit colorful. Meanwhile, they’re popular for consuming higher energy. They consume twice the energy consumed by LED lights but they are quite cheaper.

7. Twinkle Star String Lights

Twinkle Star String Light

Just like the name suggests, the twinkle star string lights bring out all the stars to light up your night. They create an illusion of real stars, compelling you to watch them fondly during the night. They are quite bright and fancy to render you a romantic night with your partner. With these lights, you won’t have to wait for the real stars to come out to enjoy the view of “stars”. They consist of big and small stars that combine together to create excellent harmony for great beauty.

Meanwhile, to ensure they can serve outdoor purposes without issues, they’re equipped with a waterproof system, making them resistant to rain and some other weather conditions. These lights also consist of eight modes: twinkle/flash, slow fade, steady on, flash/chasing, slog lo, in waves, sequential, and combination. This feature can help you change the design and style of illumination to suit the occasion and mood. We recommend that you hang them for such special occasions like romantic night-outs, outdoor wedding ceremonies, and Christmas parties.

8. Jar String Lights

Jar String Lights

Jar string lights are arguably the fanciest outdoor lighting options available. You can basically create them yourselves. There’s a need for several jars depending on how long you want the string to be. You will conceal fairy lights in each of the jars and then tie them to the string. It’s important that the string jars are lightweight and the strings are sturdy to ensure that the strings are not overwhelmed by the pressure the jars impose. Hence, they have the freedom to create a stunning scene that will captivate everyone around your garden.

Also, jar string lights are a popular choice for special occasions like birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, wedding ceremonies, etc., thanks to the radiant and beautiful effects they create. Needless to say, you can also hang them in your outdoor space for casual nights.

9. Lantern String Lights

Lantern String Lights

Lantern string lights are made up of a long wire that has bulbs attached to it while lanterns surround each bulb. While they are designed to look like traditional paper lanterns, they are in fact made from tarpaulin, a cloth-like material that is known for being durable. Also, this material is not constrained by weather conditions and can handle even winter.

Most lantern string lights are solar-powered and just like we discussed earlier in this article, such will save you from electricity bills. Depending on the quality of the product you purchase, you can enjoy up to 15 hours of operation with a full solar charge. Therefore, you can experience surreal lighting by hanging them on the tree or in the backyard.


Like we have seen time and again in this article, string lights produce quite the scene. It is very important to choose the right lights for the right occasion to get the best scene possible. Before choosing any of these types of string lights, you should also consider the kind of ambiance you want to produce. With this, you can make an informed decision to beautify your environment. Conclusively, string lights are worthy options for changing the face of your home to that of stunning beauty and radiance.

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