Top 6 Best Grow Lights for Succulents in 2021

Best Grow Lights for Succulents

When it’s snowy or raining, and there is no natural light to be seen for days, how do you prevent your plants from dying knowing that sunlight is a necessary ingredient for their survival? The answer is simple: simply purchase the best grow lights for succulents and watch your plants grow without disruption. This article … Read more

How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?

How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?

Most of us take light for granted, perhaps due to the fact that it is readily available and we only need it so that we can see clearly. Plants, on the other hand, need light to make food, with only an exemption of a few species like mushrooms and algae. The three basic human needs … Read more

Top 8 Best T5 Grow Lights 2021 – Reviews and Advice

Best T5 Grow Lights

Unlike in the 1980s when farming was done outdoors and in large scale, in our current generation, there is more farming indoors than outdoors. People have embraced the fact that when you grow something in a small controlled area it is easy to monitor progress and the yields are high compared to outdoor farming. This … Read more