Spider Farmer SF 4000 Review in 2021

Spider Farmer SF 4000 Review

Commercials growers are always in search of the latest products and technologies that will make their job easier and more efficient. One of the products of keen interest is LED grow light. This is important for indoor growers as it emits specific colors of light for quality growth and development of crops. With many counterfeit products … Read more

8 Best Par Light Meters for Indoor Plants 2021

Best Par Light Meters

Light is an essential feature in our space. Plants depend on it to grow, professionals across many fields depend on it to maximize output and to achieve certain results. However, these results will not be attained or enjoyed if the best par light meters are not acquired to help measure the right amount of light … Read more

Top 2 Best Lights for Cloning in 2021

Best Lights for Cloning

When you clone your plants to replicate the kind of strain you want, you need the best lights for cloning to help them root and grow faster. The lights act as perfect substitutes to sunlight needed for your plants’ photosynthetic activity. The best lights will ensure a faster development for your clones. Quick Contents Why … Read more

4 Best Reflective Material For Grow Room in 2021

Best Reflective Material For Grow Room

You can grow your plants indoors without worrying about how they can get enough light to aid photosynthesis. Reflective materials are available to circulate the room with the amount of light the process requires. You need the best reflective material for grow room to ensure effective growth of your plants. Quick Contents Why You Should … Read more

How to Measure Light Intensity for Plants?

How to Measure Light Intensity for Plants

Light intensity simply refers to the total amount or quantity of light received by plants. It can also be referred to as the degree of brightness which a plant is exposed to. This is in contrast to light quality as it does not take into account the color or wavelength. One of the biggest challenges gardeners … Read more

8 Best COB LED Grow Lights for Indoor Growing

Best COB LED Grow Lights

Whether you are a seasoned expert or new to the world of indoor gardening, you will want to be sure you are using all the right equipment and lighting to yield the best results possible. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will need to break the bank to have the right tools and lighting; it means … Read more

6 Best HPS Grow Light Reviews in 2021 – Top Advice

best hps grow light

HPS grow lights are essential for indoor vegetation. Their importance can’t be overemphasized which is why we have decided to write about them. In this article, we will be giving you some necessary information about them. Not only that, we will be reviewing some of the best HPS grow lights available. Quick Contents What Are … Read more