Top 6 Best 1500 Watt LED Grow Lights

1500 watt led grow light

If you are looking for the best 1500 Watt LED grow light, to provide adequate light and wide coverage for your grow room, then search no more. We have reviewed the top 6 brands that will help you achieve the perfect light ambiance for your plants without any hassle. Table of Contents 1500 WATT LED … Read more

Top 8 Best 1200 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews

Top 8 Best 1200 Watt LED Grow Light

As you gain more experience in cultivating indoor plants, you may decide to take things to the next level. However, a more serious indoor grow endeavor will require an upgrade of the lighting system. The 1200W is one of the LED categories you can upgrade to, depending on the lighting need of your plants. To … Read more

Top 5 Best 200 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews in 2021

200 Watt LED Grow Light

Window light isn’t always enough for the plants you have decided to cultivate indoor. Give your plants the ‘near natural’ light experience with the best 200 watt LED grow light. They are not only energy-efficient, but they will also expose your plants to the optimal full spectrum light they deserve. Table of Contents Why You … Read more

Why Are Grow Lights Purple?

Why Are Grow Lights Purple?

As a beginner who has never experienced grow lights, you will surely have some questions about the features and functionality of this artificial lighting system. One of the popular questions people have is, “why are grow lights purple?” I wouldn’t say the illumination produced by LED grow lights is mainly purple. It is in the purple … Read more

What is Full Spectrum Light?

What is Full Spectrum Light

You have heard people describe a particular light as full-spectrum and you have always asked the question, what is full-spectrum light? Not so many people can give a straight out answer to this question without having to explain first. We have broken this question to digestible nuggets to help you understand what a full spectrum … Read more

Top 6 Best 600W LED Grow Lights for 2021 Reviews

Best 600W LED Grow Lights

Aren’t there so many LED grow lights in the market today, and don’t you get confused trying to choose the right one? If you are, then reading this in-depth analysis of the best 600W LED grow lights will help you in making the right decision before making any substantial purchase. Quick Contents Top 6 Best … Read more

7 Best 300w LED Grow Lights To Buy in 2021

Best 300w LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are widely accepted as the best grow lights for indoor cultivation, and one of the ways they are classified is by the watts. However, LED technology is so dynamic, that lights of the same wattage can vary in brightness, efficiency, and capacity. If what you need are 300 watt LEDs, we have … Read more