How to Grow Cat Grass without Soil: New Guide

Are you a fan of pets and in particular cats? Then you must have realized that once in a while your cat nibbles of grass. This behavior is totally natural an there is nothing to worry about. Cats have always nibbled on grass if this is a new concept to you, then it means that you are less observant or simply don’t spend much time with your pet. This post will walk you through how to grow cat grass without soil. Stay tuned ready to be informed.

The art of hydroponics

To most people, the term hydroponics must sound familiar. Well, it does since you learned it back in school as part of basic science. Then hydroponics only sounded as a theoretical concept with little to no application in real life. In the 21st century, the concept of hydroponics has been embraced rather broadly and largely practiced.

So, what is hydroponics? Hydroponics is the art of growing plants without soil. And, yes, the soil is not a basic need for plants to grow despite the fact that over 80% of the plants grow on it.

What is cat grass?

Just as a clarification, cat grass is not catnip. On the contrary, cat grass is a mixture of rye, wheat, oat, and barley grass. Cat grass is a good alternative for outdoor grass that can contain chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides. Such chemicals can be toxic to the cat and cause health complications.

  • Oat grass
    Oat grass is rather mildly sweet and a healthy option for cat. It tastes better than the majority of cat grass out there. For optimal growth, oat grass requires direct sunlight.
  • Wheatgrass
    Wheatgrass is considered the most nutritious cat grass is a great source of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins.
  • Ryegrass
    Ryegrass has relatively smaller blades when compared to other cut grass species. The small blades make it easy for the cat to lounge on. A great option an one that must be included in your home cat grass.
  • Barley grass
    As part of learning how to grow cat grass without soil, you should know the best mix of grass to use and barley grass is quite a superb choice. Barley grass is essential in providing vital minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and amino acids.

These nutrients need no ingestion but are read to be absorbed into the blood immediately.

Health benefits of cat grass

Health benefits of cat grass

For people who don’t love pets one would wonder, why go through the hustle of learning how to grow cat grass without soil? How essential is cat grass yet they are carnivorous and not omnivorous? The truth is, unless you love pets you wouldn’t understand the need to grow cat grass. Well, the fact that you are here can only mean one thing, we all share a common interest that is the love for pets.

The following are the health benefits that your cat will get on consuming cat grass:

Induce vomiting

Human beings and most other animals are quite cautious about what they eat and unless they are sick, there is less urgency to vomit. The same cannot be said about cats.

Depending on what your cat feeds on it can ingest something toxic which is rather common especially if the cat feeds on prey. Cats induce vomiting as a way to get rid of the toxic allergic reaction. They do so by chewing grass.

Speeds up the digestion process

The longer food takes to be digested the more uncomfortable it gets. The same is also true for cats, Cat grass helps in speeding up the digestion process by adding bulk to the food for easy and fast bowel movements.

Eases constipation and diarrhea

Constipation is not only a problem for human beings; cats also suffer from the same. The best way to get to ease constipation is by adding bulk to the food and there is no better way to do so than adding fiber to the diet.

Cat grass is a great source of fiber that not only helps ease constipation but diarrhea as well.

Cough up hairballs

As much as you would want to assume that your cat is an indoor pet, one thing should be certain; cats are predators feeding on rats and small birds. Every chance your cat gets it will go hunting; there is just something about feeding on live prey that we human can never understand.

More often than not, the cat ends up with hairballs in the stomach. Giving your cat grass will help it cough out the hairballs which are a great deal given the potential damage it can cause.


Here is one that most people didn’t expect. Well, did you know that hair cat is high in nutrients and can be fed to cats as supplements? There you have it, yet another reason why you should learn how to grow cat grass without soil.

Step by Step Guide on How to Grow Cat Grass Without Soil

Most people are of the idea of growing indoor plants without soil, perhaps due to the fact that soil easily gets infested by pests. The following is a guide on how to grow cat grass without soil:

Step 1. What do you need?

You need the following to successfully grow cat grass without soil:

1. Growing pot

should be durable and strong and to support the contents without wobbling.

2. Organic grow stones 

in this case, no soil will be used. Instead, an organic grow medium is highly preferred.

3. You should have cut grass seeds. 

If possible have oat grass, barley grass, ryegrass and wheatgrass.

4. Plastic wrap

5. Water ideally filtered water

Step 2. Prepare the mixture

Depending on the grow medium you chose, pour it on the pot/container. When half fill scatter the grass seeds on the container then add more grow medium to it.

Water the mixture then wrap the top with a plastic wrap. This is necessary so as to retain moisture and speed up germination.

Step 3. Wait for a few days

After a few days 2-5, you will realize that the grass will have sprouted. Remove the plastic wrap and place the pot near a window for a few hours of direct sunlight. Ensure that your water regularly

Step 4. Let your cat celebrate

Cat grass grows rather fast and in a matter of a week or two, the grass will be ready.


There you have it on how to grow cat grass without soil. See, no rocket science is needed, it pretty basic. Give your cat the best treat he/she deserves it and there is nothing stopping you now.

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