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Spider Farmer SF 4000 Review in 2020

Commercials growers are always in search of the latest products and technologies that will make their job easier and more efficient. One of the products of keen interest is LED grow light. This is important for indoor growers as it emits specific colors of light for quality growth and development of crops. With many counterfeit products […]

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Top 2 Best Lights for Cloning in 2020

When you clone your plants to replicate the kind of strain you want, you need the best lights for cloning to help them root and grow faster. The lights act as perfect substitutes to sunlight needed for your plants’ photosynthetic activity. The best lights will ensure a faster development for your clones. Quick Contents Why […]

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6 Best Dehumidifier for Grow Room 2020

Best dehumidifier for grow room becomes a necessity for growers either because they genuinely love plants, their beautiful colors, and pleasant smell or because they hope to make more profit (in the case of commercial growth). Either way, a good dehumidifier helps to remove excess moisture from the air and the best ones also go a […]

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5 Best CO2 Regulators For Grow Room 2020

Growing plants need some basic elements to survive. One such all-important element needed is carbon dioxide (CO2). It is even more important in a controlled environment such as a grow room. CO2 is needed because they ensure a high yield of crops; therefore it is necessary to invest in the Best CO2 Regulator for Grow […]

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