How to Grow Avocado Indoors? – Step by Step Guide

How to Grow Avocado Indoors

Avocado is one of the most nutritious and delicious fruit in the world recommended for people of all ages. Avocados are highly adaptive plants and grown virtually anywhere around the globe owing to the various use of the fruit. Most people know avocados as a terrestrial plant that grows outdoors and can reach up to … Read more

6 Best Mushroom Growing Kit To Buy 2021

Best Mushroom Growing Kit

What comes to your mind when the name mushroom is mentioned? Well, to most people these are umbrella shaped nongreen plants that mostly grow on logs. Growing up there were a lot of myths about people who eat mushrooms, back then it sounded like one of those scared movies. Turns out after all that these … Read more

8 Best Outdoor Flood Lights To Buy in 2021

Best Outdoor Flood Lights

Imagine having your home being constantly invaded by thieves and intruders. Scary right? However, you can purchase the best outdoor flood lights to ensure better security of your home and family. Making a choice doesn’t have to be such a difficult task, we are here to inform you of all you need to know and … Read more

6 Best Potting Soil For Orchids in 2021

Best Potting Soil For Orchids

Orchids have some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. If you are to successfully grow orchids at home then you must reciprocate its natural environment. Quite a number of people find growing orchids rather difficult and somehow this is understandable especially given the fact that the plants will only grow if you replicate … Read more

How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?

How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?

Most of us take light for granted, perhaps due to the fact that it is readily available and we only need it so that we can see clearly. Plants, on the other hand, need light to make food, with only an exemption of a few species like mushrooms and algae. The three basic human needs … Read more