Bestva 2000W LED Grow Light Review – Should or Shouldn’t ?

Grow lights are essential for indoor cultivation because they help to stimulate sunlight and photosynthesis which is very vital in making plants yield healthily. Bestva 2000W seems to be one of the very best grow lights in the market, and this explains why many grow light users are seeking for a very analytic Bestva 2000W review.

Why You Should Trust Us on This Guide?

Buying a grow light can be very tricky in the sense that many technicalities revolve around buying a grow light. That is why farmers who need to grow light are always very careful when settling for a particular product. 

A perfect grow light is the light that can do the job of sun and more, and not just to illuminate your growing space. Sadly, many products have misrepresented what their grow light can do as well as the specifications of their grow light. We want to save you the trouble of being a victim of this misrepresentation and that is why we have singled out one of the best and most sought-after grow light for review.

Our team of experts has gone deep to analyze the specification of this product to draw out both its benefits and all visible shortcomings which will help you decide whether to buy and not to buy. Our unbiased opinion has taken a new dimension in bringing what our experts have highlighted this product together with what other buyers, who have used this product, are saying about it.

Why Bestva 2000W Grow Light?

This unit seems to have been designed to meet almost every farmer at a desired point of need in terms of combining functionality with adequate pricing. It is almost cultural for farmers to search for the grow light that can be used for all stages of plant cultivation and this grow light seems to be the most ideal for all stages.

Hence, whether you are dealing with the most critical germination stage or you have moved on to dealing with the growing stage, whether you are on the flowering stage for plants that experience this or you are almost at the cultivation stage, the Bestva 2000W grow light has got you covered. It comes with the Veg and Bloom switches that help you switch between adequate lighting for essential stages, hence, there is the veg switch for seedling growth and the bloom switch for seedling and flowering. However, should your plant need more energy, this device is strong enough to power both switches together for maximum light output.

Furthermore, this device is designed to give you a full spectrum light functionality, producing more than 380-780 visible light which replaces what nature or sunlight gives. For premium professional farmers, they already know this spec alone is essential; this is because they understand how difficult it is to find a full spectrum light whose real spectrum capacity isn’t misrepresented.

In addition to the amazing full spectrum capacity of this device, you will find more than ten different LED light installation which is put together to form a single full-spectrum light that is well automated and which puts farmers in control.

PAR Strength and Cooling System

We know how important it is for a grow light to have adequate photosynthetic active radiation, hence, this device is designed and equipped with the right light to help your plant achieves maximum growth. The PAR of this device is highly compatible with natural light. It is designed with a dual-chip 10W LED lights which are uncommon and better than the average three to five watts you will find in other grow lights. It is why this product has one of the highest PAR levels and even LUMEN output per wat.

At a thirty-inch distance, the highest PAR recorded stands at 385 while at a twenty-four-inch distance, the highest PAR recorded stands at 760. If your plant stands at eighteen inches away, the PAR output stands at 1036 and it stands at 1329 if your plant is twelve-inch away. At a six-inch distance, a total of 2035 PAR has been recorded, leaving this device as one of the optimal PAR grow lights you may find in the market. This impressive PAR capacity is coupled with an impressively high coverage area.

On an average industrial experiment, the product stands to have a life span of over one hundred thousand hours which means not it is only durability but can be relied upon for to give all-year-round essential light supply. Also, it has a reliable powerful cooling system which is designed with 3mm of solid aluminum plate radiator. The radiator is designed with an aluminum plate hole and glass to dissipate heat more efficiently, and this makes the grow light run at 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the most average LED grow lights. 

Kits and Included Items

For a single purchase of the Bestva 2000W grow light, each box purchased comes with a power cord, an adjustable rope, a hanging kit, grow room glasses, and a three-year warranty that attests to the assurance of durability and maximum functionality that comes with this product.

Top 2 Bestva 2000W Grow Light Reviews

1. BESTVA DC Series 2000W LED Grow Light

This product is brighter and more efficient than the regular 5W and 3W LEDs you are conversant with. It features nine various bands of LEDs, this gives a full spectrum of light and is suitable for plants at all stages of growth right from blooming, seeding, and then flowering. It is ideal for growing indoor plants, flowers, and vegetables. To get the best of this product, it is recommended you turn it on for about 12 to 18 hours daily but if the plants need more light then both switches can be turned on at the same time.

It is made with a 3mm thick aluminum plate for easy dissipation of heat. The aluminum plate along with the glass ensures heat convection while running between 50oF to 60oF lower than other types of grow lights.

It is power efficient as it consumes only about 390 watts. It has an extensive coverage area that is more than other reflector series lights. It is ideal for a grow tent or grow area of 7.8”x 7.5”x 24”. However, it is recommended users avoid use with a daisy chain as it’s dangerous at first use and causes energy overlap which in turn causes waste.


  • It features three years warranty
  • It has a wide coverage area
  • It is a full spectrum light
  • Ideal for optimal growth of indoor plants


  • It has a high price tag
  • Cannot be used with daisy chains

2. BESTVA SAMSUM Series 2000W COB LED Grow Light

This is another fantastic grow light from BESTVA. It has a 90o lighting angle that is much better than the 140o lighting angle that is more rampant on the market. This reduces light waste as well as ensures maximum penetration; this, in turn, increases the light by 30% with a higher PAR value. This feature is beneficial for canopy penetration as it nourishes the flowers and leaves.

It features two separate switches, VEG for growth of seedling and then BLOOM for fruits and flowers. Users can adjust the light intensity and the spectrum with the switch; the VEG/BLOOM also features red/blue light which ensures maximum growth of plants.

Furthermore, it features an aluminum plate with a thickness of 5mm, this ensures better heat dissipation. It consumes only about 401watts, making it an energy-efficient grow light. Also, it is suitable for a growing area with a dimension of 5"x 5.4"x 24" while also featuring a 90 days satisfaction or return warranty along with 3 years product warranty.


  • It is a high quality COB LED grow light
  • It is suitable for all stages of growth
  • It has a robust warranty
  • Features two switches for better efficiency


  • Device not waterproof
  • Cannot be used outdoor

Final Thoughts

As a modern farmer that is looking for the most ideal grow light to use for indoor cultivation, you will realize, from this Bestva 2000W review, that the product is just right for your everyday use. It is the modern perfect solution most greenhouse farmer craves. It doesn't only offer a full spectrum of superior LED PAR emission; it is adequately maintained by a supercooling system that keeps damaging heat far away from your plant.

Yes there are few shortcomings (what product doesn’t have one?) but these are not shortcomings in the real sense of it. They can be easily sorted out if used according to specification. Overall, Bestva 2000W grow lights will give you the durability and lifespan that makes indoor farming as stress-free and inexpensive as possible.

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