8 Best Wheelbarrow Reviews 2021

We all know the invaluable functions of a wheelbarrow in our gardens and even in our homes generally. In our opinion, the importance of getting the wheelbarrow for our daily use cannot be overemphasized.

Are you confused as to which wheelbarrow to buy? Don’t worry, the aim of this review is to help you in your quest to get the best wheelbarrow there is, we will be discussing the things to consider before buying a wheelbarrow and we would also be reviewing the wheelbarrows that exist in the market while giving you our top pick.


Things To Consider Before Buying a Wheelbarrow

Knowing the right wheelbarrow to buy requires more than looking at the finest wheelbarrow in the market or just looking at the one that seems strongest. No, it requires proper consideration. Don’t fall for the beauty of the wheelbarrow and ignore other important and pertinent factors that you should consider. Below are important things you must put into consideration before buying a wheelbarrow.


As you are aware that there are currently thousands of wheelbarrows in the market today all of which have their unique peculiarities and features, a major factor to consider before buying any wheelbarrow is the usage/purpose of purchase i.e what task you intend to use the wheelbarrow for? If you intend to use the wheelbarrow for items that are extremely heavy you want to be sure that the type of wheelbarrow you are buying is highly fabricated to carry such weight. You also want to be sure that the wheelbarrow is not too heavy and won’t add unnecessary weight to the already heavy items you are lifting with it.


Depending on what you need the wheelbarrow for, which could range from garden use to domestic use or even for construction work, the importance of durability cannot be over-emphasized. This is an important thing to look out for because if you make the error of buying a wheelbarrow that isn’t durable, you would be forced to constantly spend a lot in fixing/repairing the wheelbarrow or you might end up buying new ones every other month. So irrespective of the function the wheelbarrow would be performing kindly ensure that it is durable before you put your money on it. 

Number of Tires

The number of tires of the wheelbarrow is an important feature that you can’t overlook or ignore. The number of tires determines how mobile the wheelbarrow can be. If you intend to move heavy items with the wheelbarrow, you need a two-wheeled wheelbarrow, this merely requires little effort in moving it around. Also, the tires determine whether the wheelbarrow can stand on its own without any support, so if the use in which you intend to put the wheelbarrow to would require that the wheelbarrow is standing on its own, then you should go for a two-wheeled wheelbarrow or a single wheel with supports. 


Another important thing to consider is the terrain in which you intend to use the wheelbarrow, special considerations should be made if the wheelbarrow would be navigating through the muddy or rocky or smooth terrain. So before putting any penny on any wheelbarrow, consider the kind of terrain in which you would use the wheelbarrow. Generally, the standard wheelbarrow finds it very difficult to work effectively in a rocky environment but the two-wheeled or 3 wheeled wheelbarrows are built to navigate the rocky environment.


A very pertinent factor to consider before buying a wheelbarrow is the amount of load/weight in which your wheelbarrow will be carrying. You don’t want to fall into the huge mistake of buying a low capacity wheelbarrow to carry heavy items. You will only end up wasting your money. When you intend to move heavy loads with the wheelbarrow, you should buy a high capacity wheelbarrow and if possible reinforce the wheelbarrow to increase its capacity. A low capacity wheelbarrow will be advisable for low weight and where the person pushing or moving the wheelbarrow is not an adult.

The weight of the Wheelbarrow

An important feature to also consider before buying a wheelbarrow is the weight of the wheelbarrow. You don’t want to buy a too light wheelbarrow as it won’t have stability on its own and also, you surely want to avoid buying a wheelbarrow that is too heavy. Where the wheelbarrow is too heavy, you might have issues moving it around especially when you are moving heavy items with it or when in a rocky environment. I personally would prefer a light wheelbarrow for carrying heavy items because it just makes life a little bit less stressful.

How to empty the wheelbarrow?

Many wheelbarrow buyers make the mistake of ignoring how to empty the wheelbarrow at the point of purchase. Each wheelbarrow has different techniques and modes of emptying them. Some wheelbarrows are very easy to empty while some are a bit difficult and might sometimes require supports from third parties before you can empty it. So before buying your next wheelbarrow, kindly consider how easy it would be to empty it when you are carrying heavy items.


Wheelbarrows are designed to last as long as you want, so you want to be sure that the wheelbarrow you are buying will last long. You want to have the assurance that once the item develops any factory fault after purchase, the manufacturer would readily replace/ fix it.  The trick about giving warranty on products is that the manufacturer is quite certain about the quality of their product meaning it was built with quality materials and they have come to realize that the chances of it spoiling within that period of warranty is next to zero. We always specifically go for products with warranty because you never go wrong with one.

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Review and Top Pick of The Best Wheelbarrow

We know there are so many wheelbarrows in the market at the moment and many people are complaining of still not knowing the good wheelbarrow to buy, so we will review the wheelbarrows based on some very important criterion and factors.

1. Worx Aerocart Multifunction 2-Wheeled Yard Cart (Our Top Pick)

The Worx Aerocart 2 Wheeled Yard Cart is a unique wheelbarrow which is aesthetically designed to not only carry your items but to do so in style. It is multifunctional and doesn’t only function as a wheelbarrow but doubles as a yard cart. The Worx Aerocart 2 Wheeled Yard Cart comes with two unique oversized flat-free tires which won't ever need to be inflated. It is also well priced and presently goes for around $117, you are certainly guaranteed of full value for all money spent on this wheelbarrow.

The Worx Aerocart 2 Wheeled Yard Cart is durable fabricated with steel and can withstand the weight capacity of 300lbs.  It has a dimension of 42x12x18 inches  and can easily be converted into a dolly and a fold out extension arm  which makes it very easy for the wheelbarrow to easily  lift items such as soil, granites, stand refrigerator, rocks, boxes, awkward items, etc.,


  • Multifunctional
  • Durable
  • Beautiful


  • None

2. Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly Garden Dump Cart

The Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly garden dump cart is fantastically designed to make unloading and hauling of heavy load seem like a piece of cake, with this product, you don’t need to do much bodywork when lifting or pulling the wheelbarrow. The Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly garden dump cart comes with 4 pneumatic tires which make its mobility very easy. An amazing feature of the wheelbarrow is the durability and ease of assembling. This is best dump cart for lawn tractor

The 4 pneumatic tires of the Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly garden dump cart makes mobility of the Cart very seamless even on a rocky and rough terrain. The Gorilla Carts GOR4PS Poly garden dump cart has a capacity of 600 pounds and it weighs 31.5 pounds. The manufacturer of the Poly Garden Dump Cart is confident of their product and thus there is an amazing  1-year limited warranty on it.


  • 4 Pneumatic Tires
  • Ease of assembling
  • 600 pounds capacity


  • Straight paddle

3. Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard Cart

The Marathon dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard cart is a beautiful piece to behold as it comes in arrays of beautiful colors such as green, red, etc, making it a fantastic gift idea for gardeners. So with this wheelbarrow, you can be assured that it would positively add to the aesthetics of your lawn, garden, porch, etc.

The Marathon dual-Wheel Residential Yard Rover Wheelbarrow and Yard cart have a dual wheel and loop handle which makes it turgid and well balanced while lifting heavy items, it also allows the wheelbarrow to maneuver easily. An added benefit of this wheelbarrow is its unique design that ensures minimum space consumption in the garage or anywhere it is parked because the loop handle makes it convenient for it to be hanged on the wall when not in use thereby creating more space for other items to be stored.


  • Lightweight.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Rustproof


  • Fragile
  • Durability

4. Polar Trailer 8376 Utility Cart

Personally, I won’t be wrong to say that the polar trailer utility cart is specifically designed to make your job easier in every way possible. First of all, it is fabricated with a polyethylene tub which ensures that it doesn’t crack or rust even after long period of usage. Also, it has a balanced and centered axle in place which makes it easier to haul even the heaviest of loads without breaking a sweat. In addition, it has been engineered to withstand rugged use as evident from its design.

At this point, it is indeed worthy of note that the Polar trailer 8376 utility cart is basically made of plastic but costs $204. The item is certainly relatively overpriced but the high price can be justified with the highly durable and effect tires it possesses, which makes hauling of rocks, firewood, leaves camping gear and much more very easy and convenient. You could think it is a little overpriced but I think it is every penny well spent considering its durability and the tires it possesses. Also, its ball bearing hubs aids smooth movement in any terrain.


  • Durable.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Effective tires


  • Expensive

5. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG564200BLA Plastic Yard Cart

The Rubbermaid commercial products FG564200BLA plastic yard cart is a one-piece tub design with large wheels and pneumatic tires and of course steel axle which makes it very convenient for moving heavy items. The wheelbarrow possesses an ergonomic handle which reduces the possibility of strains in the cause of pulling the wheelbarrow.

The Rubbermaid commercial products FG564200BLA plastic yard cart is specially designed to roll easily across uneven terrain with its large 20-inch wheels. Dumping on this cart is pretty seamless even on days when the cart is completely filled to the brim. The Rubbermaid commercial products FG564200BLA plastic yard cart is made of resin which assures you that the wheelbarrow won’t peel, dent rust or leak due to usage or harsh weather conditions.


  • Easy to clean pan
  • Easy- to- dump
  • Easy to push and pull


  • Expensive

6. Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907 3.25- Cubic Foot Roughneck Lawn Cart

The Rubbermaid commercial FG370712907 3.25- Cubic foot roughneck lawn cart is a product of Rubbermaid Commercial, a renowned and well-known manufacturer of quality wheelbarrows with its head office located at Winchester. The wheelbarrow is built with two fixed wheels which don’t only allow effective mobility but also aids easy maneuvering on any terrain

The Rubbermaid commercial FG370712907 3.25- Cubic foot roughneck lawn cart has a capacity of 3.25 cubic feet or 4.5 cubic feet (heaped capacity) of loads which is equivalent to about 200pounds of loads. The wheelbarrow weighs about 12.5 pounds and has a dimension of 44 x 27.1 x20.8 inches for easy and seamless dumping.


  • Renowned manufacturer
  • Big Load capacity
  • Pocket-friendly


  • Made of plastic
  • Not Durable

7. Polar Trailer 8449 Heavy Duty Cub Cart

The Polar trailer 8449 heavy duty cub cart which is fabricated with a dimension of 50 x 28 x 29inch and has a load capacity of 400lbs. This wheelbarrow is built with high impact polyethylene tub and boasts of being of the lightest heavy duty hand cart presently available in the open market. The Polar trailer 8449 heavy duty cub cart can be used efficiently on absolutely any terrain because it has an inbuilt shielded ball bearing. It has an all-steel frame with powder coat finish with rugged rubber tires.

The Polar trailer 8449 heavy duty cub cart is also very easy to assemble and a holistic view of the wheelbarrow’s design will clearly show that it is built to last. The load capacity is about 400lbs which is relatively okay as the wheelbarrow itself weighs just 35lbs.  With all these features, I don’t think its durability should be up for questioning


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble


  • No warranty

8. Smart Garden Cart, Black

The Smart garden cart works great as it is light weighted. The box is all vinyl with no screws or metal to rust out. Its choice of tires is amazing as it is designed to never go flat, which makes it work well in muddy environments. The Smart garden cart is designed to last as it is fabricated with quality rails and wheels and it comes fully assembled and it is quite easy to use.  It is particularly a good choice if you need to free up more space or if you need a wheelbarrow that won't consume as much space in your garage. The Smart garden cart is easy to hang on the garage wall thereby freeing up more storage space.

The Smart garden cart is quite large and has the capacity to take a lot of loads. you could conveniently haul about 5 bags of 50kg sand, putting it ahead of its peers as it has the ability to haul more load than other types of wheelbarrows of its size. Another unique feature of the Smart garden carts is that it comes with positive locks wheel hubcaps which makes it easy to lift and dump. The wheelbarrow is well priced as it goes for about $51 making it easily affordable.


  • Fully assembled
  • Easy to lift and dump
  • Large capacity


  • Durability

Tips on prolonging the lifespan of your Wheelbarrow

Your wheelbarrow like all other equipment requires proper maintenance for optimum performance and longer lifespan. No matter how much you spend on a wheelbarrow, you must ensure that it is properly maintained for the lifespan to be prolonged and to avoid spending so much on repairs. Ensuring that your wheelbarrow is well maintained will make your task seamless within your yard or garden or construction site. The following are basic and simple steps you can take in maintaining your wheelbarrow.

The wheels

For effective performance, we recommend you fit your wheelbarrow with flat resistant tires. You can buy the marathon tires. They are built with strong outer skin which reasonably prevents abrasion. The marathon tires contain micro-cellular polyurethane form which eliminates your tires getting flat. Using this kind of tires, your wheelbarrow will be properly poised to handle any weight.

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The handles

Maintenance of the handles is pretty much easy. If your wheelbarrow is fitted with a wooden handle, then all you need to do is just to clean them after every work. Avoid letting specks of dirt dry up on the handles before cleaning them and also don’t forget to dry them in the sun before storing them. Occasionally, you can smoothen the handles with sandpaper and also use olive oil to give it its shine.

The Barrow

This is the most important section of your wheelbarrow. In maintaining the barrow, ensure that you frequently scrap of dirt from the barrow immediately after every use. With this, removal of dirt will be very easy as they would still be wet. For cleaning the barrow, a hose pipe with high pressure will be very useful. It is important that after cleaning the barrow, you should dry it up in the sun before storage to avoid the barrow from rusting.


This part plays a major role in the mobility of your wheelbarrow. It is supposed to be properly greased. When it is dry, the movement of the wheelbarrow will be impossible/difficult. So whenever you notice that the axle is dry, ensure that you grease it. It would certainly enhance smooth movement and prevent friction. Always ensure that that you don’t use plastic as your axle bearing since they break easily under heavy weight.


If you are still not certain as to the best wheelbarrow to go for, without any hesitation, we highly recommend the Worx Aerocart 2 Wheeled Yard Cart as it is highly multifunctional, beautiful and durable among other amazing features. A discreet survey carried out on all the reviewed wheelbarrows and other wheelbarrows not mentioned in this guide shows that the WorxAerocart 2 Wheeled Yard Cart is loved by its users.

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