6 Best Solar Water Features in 2021 – Adorning your Garden

For centuries, garden lovers have relied on the elegance and soothing nature water features have in gardens and other spaces in a home. Solar water features were created to redefine what water features, in a modern garden, should look like. That is why garden lovers, all around the world, search for the best solar water features.

Why Should You Trust Us on This Guide?

We are market experts who go through the trouble to know what the current products in the market are, and what consumers want from time to time. Often, there are many products out there and consumers are often faced with the problem of choosing the right one.

The right products are not the ones with the sleekest design or fancy appearance which, sadly, consumers fall for. The right products are considered right because of certain standards that must be present in them. We filter through the market to bring you the most quality of current products, according to modern preference, to help you make that choice.

We don’t just pick randomly, we dedicate time to dissect the functionality of each of our selected product and the reviews from consumers who are currently using them. We put into consideration the key features each of the products must have to bring satisfaction to consumers. 

How to Pick the Best Solar Water Features?

There are basic features you need to watch out for when choosing the best solar water features and these include:


Solar water features may operate with batteries or just directly using solar panels. Depending on what you think you want to deal with, you would either have to choose between the two. While there is little maintenance needed when you settle for water features that don't use batteries, the disadvantage will be that, you might not be able to enjoy a soothing water fountain when there is no sun.

Solar water features operating with batteries will give you a twenty-four hours fountain display because the batteries are made to supplement days without sun, as you can easily charge them up with electricity. However, they may be a bit costly to maintain.


The amount of water your solar water feature can shoot up or pump, at the interval, is very important when trying to choose the right product.  The capacity is determined by the gallon per hour estimate. Hence, the higher the GPH of your unit is, the better it is for you.

Also, you need to understand that the location where you are installing the feature is important in considering the right GPH. For instance, 45 to 60 GPH is very ideal for small garden baths while you may have to consider choosing from 120 to 250 GPH for larger ponds or gardens. The ultimate idea here is, the bigger the pond, the more powerful the capacity of your water feature should be.


Just like any other product, solar water features can be crafted from different materials. It may be made out of plastics, wood, metal, ceramic, and so on. However, your choice of material depends largely on where you want to install your item. While some of them are built strong elements, it will do you more good to further protect them.

Terracotta ceramic and poly-resin plastic seem to be the most appreciated material for water features these days and this is because of their flexibility when it comes to blending into any design, and their durability.

Solar Panels

Solar water features come in several designs. However, whatever design you are settling for must be the one that does the ultimate job of adding class to your space. While some designs may incorporate their solar panels to the entire exterior of the product, others may come with separate solar panels.

Additionally, you should know that products with their solar panels integrated are easier to set up and easier to use. The only shortcoming here is if your garden or other installation places is located at a shady place, in which case you may have to find a solution. Products with separate solar panel, however, takes more time to set up but afford you versatility. You may mount your panels in a different location and have the features wherever you want to have them.


The number of hours any unit can last depends on whether it uses batteries or runs purely on solar. If it uses batteries, you have to consider the battery capacity which allows it to run for a longer time even when the sun is out. An average of 5AA batteries will do a good job for most solar water features out there.

However, if the products run purely on solar, using panels, the runtime depends on the availability of the sun. Consequently, in cloudy weather or days, likely, the product won't run for a long time.

6 Best Solar Water Feature Reviews in The Market


Name Product




Smart Solar Water Feature



Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain



Earthenware Terracotta Solar Water Feature



Amur Solar Garden Water Feature



Cobbled Birdbath Solar Water Feature



Smart Garden Solar Dancing Couple Garden Water Feature


Based on our market research and key features to consider when choosing the right feature, below is our list of the best six products:

1. Smart Solar Water Feature

Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home by installing this fully automated unit. It combines vintage aesthetics with a very tasteful modern touch to bring you the best features no other product can give you.

Firstly, as detailed as the craftsmanship is, it is very easy to install. It takes just ten minutes to set up. You don’t need any technician, and this is because the product comes with no wires. You can set it up yourself. Speaking of durability, this product is created using weathered stones that are finished with a fine raisin surface. Also, it has a solid fiberglass base that gives it very sturdy support. This beauty will add a rustic class to your space and offer you topnotch modern functionality.

Additionally, it is automated with a fully integrated solar system that retains energy rapidly using two fully patented underwater integral solar panel. This powerful integrated solar panel powers its low voltage pump system. It comes with an in-built filter and with the help of the low voltage pump system, the filter helps to recycle water, from reservoirs or ponds, into a running and soothing water fountain.

This ornamental jewel is big enough to make your garden, patio, and other locations in your home stand out and sturdy enough to give you the kind of durability you crave.


  • Ornamental aesthetic exterior
  • Integral solar panels
  • Filter system


  • Has no backup batteries

2. Smart Garden Solar Duck Family Umbrella Fountain

Adorn your garden and a home exterior with this excellently crafted fountain that was crafted for people of style. It comes in a vintage design that is very appealing, and it is coupled with an excellent water system that delivers very soothing flow.

Furthermore, the exterior of this state-of-the-art design is made from high-grade plastic with a strong resin finish and a fiberglass base. The exterior is lavishly finished with a bronze effect that leaves it effortlessly classy in any outdoor space. You do not have to store this product off during adverse weather conditions. This water feature is designed with an exterior that has both UV protective features and is frost resistant. Hence, some sunshine or heavy snowing, your feature can maintain its sturdy gait outside your home.

This unit is very easy to install. It comes in three-piece compartments that are quick to assemble and it comes with no wire. Hence, you will not be needing technicians and you will be saving a lot of operational costs.

The solar system comes with two integral solar panels that power the fountain under direct sunlight. You don't have to worry about having to install external solar panels around your home or deal with the trouble of wiring that comes with the process. The power a low voltage water pump that delivers very relaxing water flow which is soothing.


  • Easy to set up
  • Beautifully finished exterior
  • UV and frost resistant


  • Sensitive to shade

3. Earthenware Terracotta Solar Water Feature

Add a cascading water feature to your home and experience a fresh splash of class. This beautiful piece is a solid terracotta fountain with a solid metal base that holds the structure in place. The terracotta pots are arranged into a beautiful cascading fountain that is relaxing and appealing at the same time.

It is a fully automated piece that is programmed to work for three hours a day. The pump works for this number of hours to ensure durability and to avoid unnecessary overworking of the pump system. However, it has a power on/off button which you can tap if you want your unit to work longer than three hours. Also, the pump system is powered by both solar panels and a back-up battery which gives your unit a 24/7 water flow if you wish.

It comes with a single but quite large solar panel. Although, the panel isn't integral with the unit it comes with a 490cm long cable that allows you enough space to install your solar panel in the best place possible. This flexibility is what you need to make sure this feature retains as much solar power as it may need to give you an unlimited fountain experience.

Furthermore, this product comes with LED details, on the bottom pot, which makes the water even more pleasant to watch and gives the whole unit amazing light details especially in a dark environment. Also, this product is very easy to install and you do not need any professional help to fully set it up.


  • LED features
  • Terracotta craft and not plastic in any way
  • Battery back up
  • Fancy aesthetics


  • Non-integral solar panels

4. Amur Solar Garden Water Feature

If you are looking for a versatile water feature that can do both outdoor and indoor duties, then this item is for you. It is designed to beautify your garden, outdoor spaces, and within your home.

It comes with integrated solar panels that make the water pump functional in outdoor spaces and it comes with a 12V corded adapter that works with any 230V/12V connection to make the unit useful within your home or in places without direct sunlight.

It has a beautifully crafted exterior made with poly-resin but perfectly designs to have a real stone finish. The LED light feature makes this product ideal for both day and night. Furthermore, the jar-shape design comes with an LED ring that makes the cascading water and the entire jar perfectly illuminated. However, the LED feature is detachable which makes it just an option. The LED ring also comes with its adapter, and If you don't want to have the feature, you may simple detach the LED ring from the jar.

Also, it is very easy to set up as the entire jar comes fully set in a box. All you have to do is just to plug in and enjoy the soothing ever-flowing effect of the water in your space.


  • LED features
  • Realistic stone finish with adapter enabled operation
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes


  • More of a plug-in water feature than solar enabled

5. Cobbled Birdbath Solar Water Feature

If you are a lover of birds chirping around your garden, then this cobbled birdbath solar water feature will make an ideal product for you. The design is lavishly crafted with poly-resin, carved into cobbled stone designs with two bird models that attract other birds into your garden and supply them enough water all year long.

The poly-resin material is heavily used in making this unit which means that his product is very sturdy. Also, it is designed to be self-contained and has a very sturdy base. Hence, you don't need to do any extra digging or construction to have it installed. It can stand alone, anywhere around your home. The lavish poly-resin design also comes with UV and Frost resistance which makes this product very ideal for extreme weather in almost everywhere around the world.

This twenty-six-inch tall piece comes with an external solar panel that powers the water pump, and the panel comes with a nine feet cable for premium flexibility. This means you have quite a reasonable length of cord to install your panel almost anywhere you want. This unit is also fully solar-powered and it has no back-up battery which means you will be saving quite a lot in operational cost.


  • Classy vintage exterior
  • UV and frost resistant
  • Very sturdy


  • Has no back-up battery

6. Smart Garden Solar Dancing Couple Garden Water Feature

Bring your outdoor space to life by adding this poly-resin water feature to your space. Aesthetically crafted to bring beauty and tranquility, this product is coated with a grey stone finish and a bronze effect that is very appealing and eco-friendly.

As though putting harsh elements in mind, the manufacture of this unit has made the exterior with both UV and frost resistance to assure you year-round protection and durability. aside from the beautiful exterior, you will enjoy a longer running time that is enabled by the two integral solar panel system. this also makes the installation very easy as you do not have to worry about wired connection or mounting solar panels. All you have to do is just to place this unit in a place with direct sunlight and let the integral solar panels do the job.

Furthermore, the water pump operates at very low voltage and yet, pushes out impressive gallons per hour; impressive enough to relax you. The water pump system also has its filters which help to get rid of debris and dirt in water reservoirs.


  • Fancy aesthetics and sturdy structure
  • Water filter
  • Integral solar panels


  • No back-up battery

FAQs on Solar Water Features

1. Question: Where should I put solar water feature?

Answer: You have to consider the type of water feature you have. If it has integrated solar panels then you can put them anywhere around your home. The only factor you will need to consider at this point is if the place you are installing has direct sunlight or not. A solar water feature with the integrated solar panel will not operate at an optimal level if installed in a shady place.

However, if you are dealing with a feature that has external solar panels, then all you have to consider is the length of the wires attached to those panels. In all that you do, you want to make sure that the panels are under direct sunlight to have them adequately charged.

2. Question: When Will a Solar Water Feature Run and Not Run?

Answer: This depends on some factors. A solar water feature will most definitely not run if it is not adequately charged under direct sunlight or if it is placed in a very shady place. The entire idea of having a solar water feature is to have it powered by the sun and that purpose is defeated if you do not place your unit under the sun.

However, if your unit comes with an alternative power option, such a batteries or plug-in adapter, you might not need to bother about running time as the alternative power source may assume full operation where solar fail fails. Also, if you are certain that your feature has more than enough direct sunlight and it stops running, you need to check out if it is probably installed. Start with the wires, if it has any or checks it out for any damage.

3. Question: What do you put in a fountain to keep the water clean?

Answer: All our best solar water features come with their water pump filter. It is the water filter that helps in filtering out debris and dirt from water to keep the water flowing from it clean. If you get an external water filter to your feature if yours doesn't come with one.

However, the water filter won't do so much if your water source is very dirty. Hence, consider having a clean reservoir or install your water features to water storage that doesn't accumulate dirt or debris.

4. Question: Do water features need a water supply?

Answer: Yes, it does.  The water supply could be a direct source of nature like ponds or streams, and you may have a special reservoir constructed for your water feature to pump water. Whichever case, there must be a source of water that links to your water feature.


Adorning the garden with the best solar water feature is the dream of every garden lover. This is because they can deliver state-of-the-art aesthetics that require no hassle to set-up and has little or no operational cost. Choosing the right solar water features has always been a problem and this is because of the several brands out there.

Having analyzed the best features that must be considered when choosing the right solar water features, we have selected the top six products that will bring not only class and elegance to your home but also a tranquilizing water flow that will make your home more relaxing and cool. You will surely be making the right choice choosing from these six.

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