6 Best Solar Landscape Spotlights 2021 – Help to illuminate Your Garden

It is just tiring when you have to deal with installation stress, wires, and switches just to get your backyard or lawn illuminated. Having one of the best solar landscape spotlights can ease you off this stress by providing just the adequate outdoor illumination you need.



Name Product




InnoGear Upgraded Solar Landscape Spotlight



Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Warm White LED Spotlight



MagicPro Perfectwo Solar Spotlights



DBF Upgraded 18 LED Waterproof Solar Spotlights



LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights



URPOWER Waterproof Solar Spotlight


Why You Should Trust Us on This Guide?

Helping you to make a long-term and satisfying decision is our job. Thousands of product users have used our guide in purchasing most of the best and ideal products that the market has got to offer.

We know you want to have your yard, lawn and other outdoor spaces well illuminated without hustle. Nothing illuminates these spaces better than solar landscape spotlights which are even very ideal for outdoor signposts and statue illumination. However, there are many products out there, each promising so much that making the right choice becomes really difficult.

We have gone into a deep market study, with our team of experts, to carry out functionality tests based on design and features. This is also coupled with real customer reviews all in an attempt to bring you the best solar landscape spotlights which the current market has got to offer.

All of our findings have been dissected into a detailed summary of each product as well as highlighted pros and cons, if any, of these products. Choices made out of our list of best solar landscape spotlights will not only be the most informed choices but also choices that will bring you utmost satisfaction.

How to Pick the Best Solar Landscape Spotlights?


A very important feature you must pay attention to is the flexibility of the solar landscape spotlight you are settling for. Often, solar landscape spotlights have their solar panel mounted on the same spike as the lamplight projector, and it is important for each to be very flexible and easy to rotate.

When it is adjustable, it becomes easier to adjust the panel to the position of direct sunlight which is necessary for optimal charging. The solar landscape spotlights often come with a rotatable solar panel angle of up to 180 degrees.  Also, the lamp lighting projector should have a rotatable angle of up to 90 degrees.

Element Proof

Although you may have your spotlights mounted under a shade, the solar landscape spotlights must come with full protection against extreme weather conditions. Hence, your choice of solar landscape spotlight must come with the water-resistance feature. The waterproof IP64 is often the standard grade in solar spotlights and most of our choices for solar landscape spotlights have even up to IP67.

When buying a solar landscape spotlight, you must also watch out to ensure that it has heatproof features and that the lighting stake which holds the lamp light projector is long enough to give it adequate support against extreme weather conditions.

Brightness and Modes

The very essence of having spotlights on your landscape is to make your landscape well illuminated. Hence, brightness level becomes an important feature you have watch out for when buying a solar landscape spotlights. This is best determined by observing the lumen capacity the solar landscape spotlight carries. Averagely, most spotlights can light between a hundred to about six hundred lumens.

Also, do not settle for any solar spotlight with just one light mode. The solar landscape spotlights often come in two or more light modes, with each mode specifically created to last for a particular duration.

Easy Installation

Generally, you shouldn't be needing an expert when trying to install your landscape spotlights. Most of the solar landscape spotlights come with all the necessary tools you need to have it successfully installed.

Choosing solar landscape spotlight with 2-in-1 Tool-free Installation if often the best deal. This type of installation often requires two simple tasks of mounting the stick into the ground, and use included screws to mount on the wall, if you desire to, for full installation. All of these shouldn't take more than five minutes.

Battery Capacity

The stronger the battery is; the more lighting capacity your landscape spotlight would have. So, you just might want to watch out for the battery capacity of the product you are buying. No matter how fancy looking a solar landscape spotlight maybe, if it is less than 2200 mAh then you shouldn’t settle for it. The lithium solar rechargeable batteries are also the best option to settle for.

Depending on the brightness mode of your solar landscape battery and how charged it is before use, the 2200 mAh battery capacity can last up to fifteen hours of quality light projection. Ordinarily, you need up to five hours of adequate sunlight to get your solar spotlight charged for adequate use. Any spotlight that can give you this light duration is just a perfect choice.

6 Best Solar Landscape Spotlight Reviews in the Market

1. InnoGear Upgraded Solar Landscape Spotlight

InnoGear Upgraded Solar Landscape Spotlight is designed to give you the multiple functions of a wireless solar spotlight in a very classy design. You will enjoy both ground spike and wall mounting interface that makes the spotlight ideal for many areas around the home.

It has automatic light sensors that help to activate the LED towards dusk and turn it off at dawn. This auto-power is made possible because of the powerful in-built 2200mAh battery that can last up to 12 hours depending on the desired light mode.

Talking about light modes, this spotlight comes with two light modes. The high light mode could last up to six hours of battery is adequately charged during the day while the low light mode will take you all through the night for up to twelve hours.

This spotlight is well-protected against extreme elements such as severe heat and heavy rainfall. The waterproof 1P67 feature and the ABS materials used in crafting this product give it very solid protection against water and heat.

It also comes with a rotatable panel angle of 180 degrees and a lamp light projector rotation of up to 90 degrees. The lamp light projector flourishes in a rich warm white LED light with a high illumination degree.

Installation is the easiest feature of this product as the 2-in-1 tool-free installation allows you to finish installation in less than five minutes. You wouldn’t be needing any professional help at all.


  • Pre-charged battery
  • Rich warm LED light flush
  • Strong battery
  • Well automated and easy installation


  • Panels not so positioned rightly for optimal charging

2. Mini 50X Twin Solar-Powered Warm White LED Spotlight

This solar landscape spotlight comes with a special magnifier lens that projects the warm white LED to up to a hundred lumen per light fixture, and luckily there are two light fixtures per purchase.

The spotlight comes in three different light modes that can last up to ten hours, depending on which light mode you prefer, and how charged the battery is before using. This is made possible because the light comes with a solar rechargeable 2000mAh battery of premium lithium. You can transition from a soft warm white LED light flush, mid warm white mode, and a full LED flush mode.

The design is crafted in such a way that the solar panel is separate from the pair of solar landscape spotlight. The solar panel is adjustable to 180 degrees and each of the spotlights can be rotated almost all round. Hence, no matter where you install these lights, on the wall or on the lawn, the right illumination is guaranteed.

The lights are auto-powered, coming on just before the sun sets completely and coming off by dawn. The casted aluminum exterior makes it highly durable for outdoor purposes as it comes with waterproof IP55 as well as heat resistance.


  • High-end LED light focus
  • Three light modes
  • Remote solar panel for better charging


  • Shorter light time 

3. MagicPro Perfectwo Solar Spotlights

If you ever want a splash of delightful colors illuminating your home then this solar spotlight with multi-color LED, from our list of best solar landscape spotlight, seems to be your best bet. It is designed to have both the solar panel and the lamplight projector on the same spike both of which are adjustable up to 180 degrees. They can also be mounted on walls if desired.

It comes with light sensors that provide the auto-power feature which comes on and off when needed through the night till dawn. The light comes in two different modes which are powered by a 2200mAh lithium battery that can last up to ten hours when fully charged, depending on your most preferred light mode.

It has four unique LED lights which is a beautiful blend of warm colors needed to bring a touch of funk to the outdoors of your home or landscape. As expected, it comes with a waterproof grade of IP65 which remains an assurance that this product is fit for all outdoor uses. The installation is a 2-in1 tool-free installation method that allows you to fix things yourself, and without any professional help.


  • Funky LED light display
  • Strong battery
  • Easy to install and adjust
  • Ideal for all outdoor purpose


  • The projector and panel are designed too closely, making it a bit fused up.

4. DBF Upgraded 18 LED Waterproof Solar Spotlights

DBF Upgraded 18 LED Waterproof Solar Spotlights is crafted sturdily for outdoor purposes. The waterproof stands at IP65 grade and it has a highly functional heat resistance level. Both the solar panel and the projector are mounted on a single spike without robbing each other off essential adjustable features.

It has an adjustable light projector that can rotate up to 120 degrees, making it just the right product you may need for a well-illuminated outdoor space. The solar panel can also be rotated up to 150 degrees horizontally. It also has a 360-degree rotatable feature that allows the solar panel to be turned totally around, to tap direct sunlight, and for optimal charging of the battery.

The light operates with light sensors with auto-power features. This solar spotlight also comes in two light modes which can last for six or eight hours depending on the preferred light mode. These light modes guarantee high-end illumination which the eighteen optical beads LED solar light up the capacity of up to 600 lumens. The light focus is very concentrated and not diffused.

The lighting property of this product is made possible because of the in-built 2200mAh lithium battery that is rechargeable both with solar and electricity. You will also enjoy a very easy installation that will not require any external help. The installation is also totally tool-free.


  • Sleek design
  • Highly concentrated focused LED light
  • 360-degree total turn solar panel.
  • Easy installation


  • Short spikes

5. LITOM 12 LEDs Solar Landscape Spotlights

This solar spotlight comes in a very edgy design suitable for a very modern layout. As edgy as it is, it remains very functional, making it one of our best solar landscape spotlights. You will enjoy the highly concentrated focus of these twelve optical beads LED spotlight with a total of 600 lumens. This means enough light coverage for your landscape or general outdoor uses.

It has an adjustable solar panel of 90 degrees. The outer design is crafted with an IP67 Waterproof Technology which isn't common in the solar spotlight market. It is also made using high-grade ABS plastic which makes the product strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The 12 LED lights can provide as long as twelve hours of low mode illumination, and as moderate as six hours of high-focus illumination. This is made possible due to the in-built 18650 lithium rechargeable battery. Due to its superb features, this product is also very ideal for all outdoor and landscape purposes.

This solar spotlight is fully auto-powered as it has highly effective light sensors that can transition the light between night and daylights. As a must, this product is also very easy to install. You do not need any extra tools or expert skills to have them installed in desired spaces around your home.


  • Very sleek design
  • High-end light focus
  • Easy to install
  • High-grade waterproof


  • Narrow adjustable degree for panels and light projector

6. URPOWER Waterproof Solar Spotlight

This spotlight also has a very modern aesthetic design coupled with the desired features required of the best solar landscape spotlight. It is a six LED light that has two light modes, and it operates for an average of six hours when in the high mode, and could last up to ten hours in the low light mode.

This long-lasting lighting mode is possible because this solar spotlight is powered by a 2200mAh lithium battery that requires just four to five hours of good sunlight to sustain the desired lighting mode.

Although the product is designed to have both the light projector and the solar panel mounted on the same spike, each of them can still be adjusted to the desired degree and for optimal use. The solar panel can rotate up to 180 degrees while the light projector can rotate up to 90 degrees.

It is also water-resistant with the IP64 waterproof grade that is strong enough to keep this spotlight going even in the most extreme weather condition. Installation is totally tool-free and very straight forward. You wouldn’t stress up to five minutes before complete installation.


  • Fancy and classy design
  • High-end light focus
  • Easy to install


  • Battery discharges pretty quick

What to consider before installing solar spotlights?

Installing a solar spotlight needs some considerations if you don't want to find yourself making new purchases almost every month. If you have chosen any of our best solar landscape spotlights, there is an assurance that all factors that need to be considered before buying a solar spotlight have been considered. How about those factors essential for proper installation?

Make sure that your landscape is structured for adequate sunlight before installing a solar spotlight. The amount of direct sunlight your space received daily ill determines how long the light of your solar spotlight will last when installed. So you might want to consider settling for space with a lot of sunlight.

How you want to install your spotlight is also very essential. Do not peg the spike into the ground when you should have mounted it on the wall. Also, ensure that your spotlights are a bit under shades. No matter of sturdy a spotlight may be against extreme weathers, it isn't always so bad if you give it extra protection by giving it a bit of shade.


You don't have to run wires across your landscape or over the walls of your home before you can enjoy a well-illuminated scenery. You can make the right choice from our list of best solar landscape spotlights and enjoy the comfort of a solar-powered and auto-powered system all through your night.

However, always remember to make sure you have the right landscape that can sustain your choice of a solar spotlight. Right solar spotlights will only bring total satisfaction to you only if you do your own part. This guide, together with all the right information you may need in picking the right product, will help you do your part.

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