8 Best Solar Deck Lights 2021 – Lighten and Decorating The Landscape

In a home, security and beauty are paramount. You want your home secured and you also want it to be attractive and stay this way. The best solar deck lights will help you achieve these goals. These lights will decorate your home at no electricity cost and still provide enough light for your security.

Why You Should Trust Us on this guide?

Picking the right choice from numerous products on the market can be an annoying task. Presented with several products with almost similar features, you find it difficult to identify the best option for yourself. It is important to get your specific preferences listed out and identify a product with features than can satisfy the needs.

To make this a seamless task for you, we spent several hours making a research on the top products on the market. We studied them carefully, picked the best eight and discussed them in detail. We dissected each product, pointed out their features, strengths and weaknesses. We structured them in a simple format to help you understand the products much better.

This guide is created to help you better know about what each product stands to offer you. This information contained in this guide will help you make an informed choice for  your home. It will save you from the stress of sifting through the numerous products on the market without direction or the necessary things to look out for.

8 Best Solar Deck Lights Reviews in the Market

There are several products on the market to suit your needs. We’ve streamlined them to the top eight products you can find on the market. Below, we review each of them and highlight their features, pros and cons, to help guide you in making the right choice.

1. OTHWAY Solar Deck Lighting

Just like the name suggests, this product, first on our list, is great for locations like your fence, garden, post, deck, walkway, stairway and so on. With the honeycomb cut in its plastic cover, it produces a great light design. This is not a spotlight, so be rest assured that it will not disturb your neighbors. It is only meant to decorate your fence and other relevant positions.

OTHWAY Solar Deck Lighting comes with a day-night sensor that will automatically light up at night. It will also charge itself during the day. When it turns a new day, it also automatically turns itself off. Due to poor sunlight, sometimes, the product might light lesser hours. Low temperature in the winter can also be responsible for lesser runtime. With its height of about 2.52”, width of about 3.58” and thickness of about 2.05”, it has the perfect size to make installation much more flexible. You won’t find any confusing wires during installation, making you finish up the task in a very short time.

These lights are equipped with quite durable plastics that will stay well in place and handle wind, snow and rain to a reasonable extent. To ensure optimum performance, ensure the solar panel faces the sunlight directly with no hindrance whatsoever. The manufacturer offers 12 months worry-free and 60 days money-back guarantee.


  • Easy installation
  • Works up to 5 hours in winter
  • 12 months worry-free and 60 days money-back guarantee
  • Day-night sensor to automatically turn lights off and on


  • Automatic switch is not too reliable

2. SUNFACE Solar Deck Lights, Led Outdoor Garden

SUNFACE Solar Deck Light has a colorful light mode that can make light rotate between seven different colors. It is excellent for outdoor decorations, providing your home that cozy atmosphere. There’s also a mode of warm color light that provides the perfect amount of light to ensure that your neighbors are not disturbed. This light is best suited for decorative purposes, and not as a spotlight. You can use the LED lights to light up your deck, backyard, fence, yard, post and garden.

It also has a built-in sensor that allows it to light up automatically when it’s dark and stay on until it runs out of power. It also goes of by itself when it’s dawn. It is made up of ABS plastic that will ensure the durability of this product. It can handle extreme weather, rain and snow to a large extent and also stay in place quite well. The lights can be easily installed without any presence of confusing wires. With the screws in the package, you can finish up installation in a very short time.

The package includes 6 solar lights, 12 screws, 12 anchors, 6 batteries and one user manual. It has larger solar panel that helps it to charge faster. The manufacturer offers 60 days money-back and 12-month warranty.


  • Automatically lights up and off
  • Can handle extreme weather
  • Easy installation
  • 60 days money-back and 12-month warranty


  • Brightness is a bit poor

3. XLUX Solar Lights for Steps Decks Pathway Yard Stairs

This product is excellent for decorating, marking and lighting. With these lights' rainproof, sleek and simple design, you will find them quite easy to mount either flatly or vertically on paths, mailboxes, docks, fences, decks, gardens and staircases. It comes with a powerful, self-discharging Ni-MH battery, that will enable the lights to run for up to 9 hours when it is dark and recharge itself automatically when there’s sunlight. Its solar panel has the power to accumulate solar energy from poor sunlight, including overcast days.

It offers you great convenience as you won’t need to go out to switch the lights on at night or switch them off in the morning; they will happen automatically. Once the switch is in “AUTO” mode, you are good to go. To ensure built-in sensor works properly, ensure your ambient light isn’t too bright. Such light can affect the functionality of the light sensor. These solar LEDs will last longer than conventional light bulbs. They are also more efficient.

During installation, ensure you put the solar panel at an angle where it can gather maximum sunlight. The LED type is ‘Floodlight’ and the color is ‘Warm white’. The package includes 6 solar-powered LED light, 6 screw sets, and a user manual. The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 24-hour customer service. They also offer 60 days free return and one year free replacement warranty.


  • Long lasting runtime
  • Can withstand rain
  • Automatically switches on and off
  • 60 days free return and one year free replacement warranty


  • Not durable

4. Home Zone Security Solar Deck Lights

With advanced crystalline panels, these lights are perfect to place along your uneven walkaways, pathways and steps for more visibility and also better safety conditions. This product is equipped with a sensor that will automatically switch on the lights at night and switch them off at dawn. With the long lasting construction of aluminum casing, this product is designed to handle extreme weather conditions. This is a very important factor for outdoor use.

The product comes with 4 ultra-bright LED lights and a modern, compact design. These solar lights are durable and reliable solution for stylish illumination and improved home security. These solar lights can be mounted anywhere. You can install them quickly with no hassle as there is no wiring involved. Mount with the aid of the anchors and screws in the package, push power button and your lights are on.

The package includes 4 lighting fixtures, anchors and screws (4 for each fixture) and an instruction manual. It also comes with one year warranty.


  • Can handle extreme weather conditions
  • Easy installation
  • Durable casing
  • One year warranty


  • Lights don’t last long

5. Derlights Solar Powered Deck Lights

Derlights Solar Powered Deck Light is another option that will give your lawn, yard, garden, post and fence, a very attractive decoration. It is equipped with a smart sensor that makes it turn itself on when it is dark and turn itself off at dawn. This will give you great convenience and take away the stress of controlling the lights manually.

The lights are equipped with the IP44 water-resistant system. This means they can withstand rain for outdoor use. The Ni-MH battery, which is recharged by the Polycrystalline silicon solar panels exposed to direct sunlight, can work up to 9 hours if it is fully charged. It charges fully in about 4 to 5 hours. The product’s light source is two pieces of white color LED bulbs.

To install, pull the plastic film out of the cover of the battery compartment. The film is the battery’s isolation. Return the battery compartment back to the light case. Then drill 2 holes into the wall. The diameter should be 5mm. Place the provided stopple plug in the holes, then screw the bolts into the wall. You will have the bolt head stick out about 5mm to 8mm. Then you can hang your solar lights on these bolts. Also ensure they sit stably on the bolts.


  • Waterproof system to withstand rain
  • Long lasting battery
  • Automatically lights up and off
  • Can be mounted easily


  • Batteries are not durable

6. DenicMic Outdoor Fence Solar Lights

This product comes with lights that are ideal for festival decoration and daily decoration. There are two modes (Color changing and Warm white) to choose from to achieve either of these results. There’s no need for electricity with the built-in lithium-ion battery powered by the solar panel exposed to the direct sunlight. These lights are quite durable and specially made for your outdoor use. You can deploy them in your driveway, backyard, patio, front door, pathway, and garden.

This product is very sensitive to weather and it can determine its working time. These lights are equipped with a IP65 waterproof system, making them fit to withstand any kind of weather condition without getting damaged. For your outdoor use, you won’t have to worry about snow or rain. For first time us, ensure the solar light is exposed to the sun for 2 to 3 days to charge the battery fully.

This product is equipped with a built-in sensor that automates the switch and lets the lights automatically turn on when it’s dark and turn off in the morning. Package includes 2 Solar Forest Night Lights. The installation is very straightforward. Wiring is not required, just install light on your preferred position and enjoy the scene.


  • Waterproof system to withstand weather conditions
  • Automatic switch
  • Easy to install
  • Two light modes for different decorations


  • Not enough brightness

7. Solpex Solar Deck Lights Outdoor 16 Pack

Solpex Solar Deck Light is excellent at creating that beautiful atmosphere for your home at night. The lights perfect your fence, garden, deck, path, and stairs. They are enough to illuminate and provide safe passage to your whole family when going downstairs late in the night. You can be rest assured they won’t be harmful to your eyes, especially those of children.

They have the ability to turn themselves on at night and stay illuminated until daybreak. The lights can be easily installed. As long as a position has the space for fixing of screws and tape, you can install the lights on it. You won’t have to worry about it tripping because of the moderate size. With the IP44 waterproof system, you won’t have to worry about small frosting, small snowing and raining. You can confidently deploy them for outdoor use with this feature. Also with hard ABS casing, this product will be able to handle any kind of weather.

This solar-powered product takes about 4 to 5 hours to get fully charged on sunny days. The light color is warm white. You can contact the manufacturer in case of any problem and you well get help as soon as possible.


  • Lights protect eyes
  • Easy installation
  • Waterproof system to protect against weather effects
  • Automatically turns on and off


  • Quite dim

8. TIJNN Solar Deck Lights

This product is designed to decorate your home with the ideal amount of light without causing inconvenience to neighbors. You can install the lights on the wall, garage, door, backyard, fence, post and deck. Their beautiful amber light will bring beauty and warmth to your home. The product also features a color changing mode that will rotate light between 7 different colors when set on switching mode.

The large solar panel is designed from polysilicon silicon and it charges faster than others in same condition of sunlight. A charge of 4 to 5 hours will provide 10 hours of lighting at night. It also offers great convenience. You won’t need to manually switch your lights on or off every time there’s the need to; the lights will automatically do so themselves. They are equipped with a smart sensor that lets them detect light and darkness.

This deck light is equipped with the IP65 waterproof technology that will protect it from snow or rain. It is weather-resistant and durable. It is constructed with a heatproof plastic. There are two modes of installation and can be seen in the instruction manual. You won’t have to deal with confusing wires and you can finish up the installation in a short time. The manufacturer offers one year and 60 days money-back warranty.


  • Durable
  • Can withstand adverse weather conditions
  • Automatic switch
  • Easy installation


  • Lights don’t last long enough

How to pick the best solar deck lights?

There are several brands & models of these lights on the market. It’s a difficult task to choose from this pool but this guide will discuss below the clues to look out for in the ideal solar deck lights for your home.

Brightness and Lumens

The brightness of a light is one of the most important things to keep in mind when picking up an option. You have to decide how much bright you want your ideal lights to be. You’ll need lights of higher lumens if you desire more brightness. Accordingly, you’ll need lights with lower lumen ratings if you want lesser brightness.

For outdoor use, you also don’t want to blind your neighbors with these lights so you have to decide the level of brightness you’re going with. You should go for one that will be convenient for you and your neighbors. You should get a light with enough brightness for your deck, patio, walkways, stairs or any other locations you wish to fix it. This will give you the right decoration and illumination you need.

Charging and Runtime

When picking deck solar lights, be sure to know how much time it takes to charge them. Also, know how much time it takes them to provide light before their battery runs down. Some attain full charge after few hours and provide light for several hours while other don’t. It’s very important to carefully check this feature when making your noise so you can pick a light that will last you long hours.


You need a deck lighting with the right waterproof elements to protect your lights for outdoor use. This will ensure they don’t get damaged by snow or rain. You should be relaxed whenever it’s raining or frosting outside without having concerns about your lights’ safety. Being waterproof will keep you confident that your lights will last long with the exposure that comes with outdoor use.

Waterproof materials also offer heavy-duty performance that will give you more value for your money. You should ensure the solar lights you are choosing are those that can equipped with waterproof elements. They should be able to withstand any kind of harsh weather without getting damaged.


You want lights that are very easy to install and not make you sweat or consume much of your precious time. There are different lightings with different installation procedures. Some are very simple to install with no wires to leave you confused. All you need are screws and anchors to get the job done. Consider options that are quite easy to install.


This is another very important factor to consider when picking your solar deck lights. Your pocket will determine what kind of brand or model you go for. Expensive products are normally known to have more features than cheaper products. Have a budget but also have a good enough taste, don’t sacrifice quality because you want a cheaper product. You don’t want to buy lights that won’t last you past few weeks. Don’t overpay; buy a product that offers value for the money.


This is another factor to look out for when choosing the ideal solar deck lights for your home. Look at the lights’ warranty and compare them with other products. You should also ask yourself; does the manufacturer offer a money-back guarantee or does it offer a replacement guarantee? You want the assurance that you will be able to get a refund or replacement when a situation arises. A longer warranty is better to hang on to.

How do you install solar deck lights?

These lights can be installed quickly and quite easily. Different brands and models have different modes of installations. Go through the user manual included in the package and follow all directions provided strictly. Most of them can get installed with the aid of the anchors and screws provided.


There are several products on the market with the right features to serve you what you want. Identifying them is always the difficult task but this guide has ensured that won’t be a problem for you. Making the right choice from the best solar deck lights will help you secure your home better and also beautify it.

Being powered by solar, a renewable and green energy, these lights are eco-friendly and will help you keep the environment safer. You will also be saved from enormous electricity costs and expensive maintenance obligations. These are the best kind of lights for your home.  

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