Top 8 Best Rake For Pine Needles in 2021

There are different ways to get rid of pine needles in the garden. But, using rakes that are specifically designed for this purpose remains the best. In this article, we will be reviewing some of the best rake for pine needles. Not only that, but you will also be leaning a great deal about pine needles and these rakes.

Top 8 Picks and Reviews of Best Rake For Pine Needles

Below are some of the best rakes for pine needles:

1. TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II

TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II

The TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II is one of the most impressive rakes for pine needles out there. We have heard of rakes that are peculiar about protecting the ground while abandoning the raking task it is meant for. However, this one is not like that as it gives special attention to the debris and dirt on the ground. Worthy of note is that it doesn’t leave the ground in a sorry state. Also, it has spacious tines that allow grass or green stems pass through.

Besides, its tines are made from steel which means you are getting a rake with durable tines too. Also, to complete its durability, it has a fibreglass handle with a length of 55 inches. Not to mention; you can always buy the tines and handle separately. This is useful for rare situations when either the handle or head becomes bad. It has a net weight of 1.03 pounds which is lighter than most rakes out there.

We need to add that the handle of the rake doesn’t come fixed and you need to do that yourself. However, you cannot screw the handle into the pine. You need to get a drill and a rivet gun to do this. So, if you do not have access to a drill and rivet gun, you should skip this rake.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong steel tines
  • It lets the stems of bush go between the tines
  • Durable


  • You need a drill and rivet gun to assemble

2. Gardenite 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

Gardenite 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake

The Gardenite 63 Inch Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake is another rake for pine needles we love. One of the reasons is that it has an adjustable 15-tine. This tine can expand up to 22 inches and contract to 7 inches. 

With this, you can always use your rake in tight spaces which normal rakes won’t reach. Also, rest assured that with its slide and lock system, the pines remain as it is when you adjust it. Again, you need to note that the 63-inch handle of the rake becomes shorter as you adjust the rake’s head to a smaller size.

Furthermore, the pine and the handle are made out of metal which makes it durable. Not only that, the handle is zinc-coated which makes it rust-resistant. With this, you are not only getting a durable rake, but you are also getting one that retains its shiny look.

With a weight of only 2.2 pounds, the rake is very light. In light of this, you won't become tired easily when using the rake. Worthy of note is that; the manufacturers did not design the rake for heavy use. Avoid raking heavy materials like rocks with it.

Finally, they have a great customer satisfaction record. Rest assured that the company will fix any problem you encounter with your rake in no time.


  • It has adjustable pines
  • Rust-resistant handle
  • Durable
  • Lightweight


  • You need a drill and rivet gun to assemble

3. The Groundskeeper II Rake, 21-inches Wide

The Groundskeeper II Rake, 21-inches Wide

This Groundskeeper II Rake’s design is different from most rakes out there. It has wire tines that are strong enough to keep their shape for raking. Also, its loop spring makes it more flexible for any type of raking job.

Besides, it has a 21-inches wide head that rakes more in one sweep than most rakes. Not only that, unlike most rakes for pine needles, the Groundskeeper II Rake is suitable for not only dry debris but wet ones too. Again, it is a versatile tool as it can also be used as a pitchfork.

Furthermore, the rake's handle is made from fibreglass which makes it lightweight. In light of this, you won't be stressing your muscle too much when using the rake. Also, the handle is 55 inches long which means you can always use one hand to handle it. Not only that, the handle is very durable too. Not to mention, with the head made out of copolymer, rest assured that the rake won't be bending easily.

In conclusion, if you want a lightweight rake that combs through live grass to pick out dead grass, then this is for you.


  • It is lightweight
  • You can use it as a pitchfork
  • It is durable


  • Assembly can be tasking

4. Midwest Rake Company 86036 Lake Rake With Float

Midwest Rake Company 86036 Lake Rake With Float

The Midwest Rake 86036 is one of the most innovative rakes on this list. It features a float which makes it possible for the user to clean floating debris or leaves on water surfaces. This makes it ideal for cleaning pools, ponds or any water body. Also included in the package is a 50’ rope that you can attach to the handle to help clean the pond or pool well.

Besides, the rake’s head is 36 inches wide which means you will be getting a lot of debris in one swoop. Also, the head is made of aluminium which makes it rust-proof.  

Again, the handle is 11 feet long and it is made from aluminium. Besides, coupled with its blue powder coat, rest assured that the rake won't rust. Not to mention, the rake weighs 6.8 pounds which is a bit on the high side. But, do not worry, rest assured that you will not become easily stressed by using this rake.

Also, it is suitable for heavy-duty work. You can use it for stones, rocks, or any other hard job.


  • You can use the rake to clear your pons or pools
  • It is rust-resistant
  • It comes with a 50’ rope
  • The rake is 11 feet long
  • You can use it for heavy-duty work


  • It is not lightweight

5. Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake, 36-Inches

Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake

The Midwest Company is a reputable one when it comes to rakes. Their Midwest 10036 aluminium landscape rake is a testament of their quality. This rake combines efficiency, ease of use and durability well.

It has a 66 inches aluminium handle which is coated with powder to prevent rusting. Also, this handle is durable, so, rest assured that you won't be experiencing any case of the handle snapping. Besides, the handle has a non-slip vinyl grip for better handling of the rake.

Worthy of mention also is it 36 inches head. With a rake head this large, you will be packing a lot of debris in one swoop. Besides, the rake's head is also made from durable aluminium.

Again, it has long, round-shaped teeth that don't hollow-out the land. In light of this, you can always use the rake for grading and raking of gardens and lawns. Also, for better stability, the rake features a strong double rib construction with a strong brace which links the head and the handle together.

Assembling the rake is also easy as it comes with instructions. However, you need to tighten the nuts well to avoid them falling off.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Wide head
  • Rust-resistant
  • Durable


  • There have been cases of the holes not aligning for assembling

6. AMES 2915100 Adjustable Thatch Rake, 15-Inch

AMES 2915100 Adjustable Thatch Rake

The Ames 2915100 Adjustable Thatch Rake is another rake we are impressed with. The rake has a 15-inched head which some might argue isn’t wide enough. But, it has a reputation for raking out dead grass clippings while leaving live grass. 

Also, it has a handle made of hardwood which is very durable. However, you need to keep the rake indoors after use. This is to ensure that the weather doesn’t destroy the rake because it is not weatherproof.

Furthermore, the rake is heavy which means you might become tired easily from using it. Also, this is a versatile rake as you can use it for leaves, thatch, and weeds.

Worthy of note is that; the rake is easy to assemble. It comes with all the necessary assembly accessories like screws and nuts. Not only that, the holes come pre-drilled which means you do not need to waste unnecessary time looking for how to drill the rake.


  • It is a versatile rake
  • It has a steelhead
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable


  • It is heavy

7. True Temper 2000TT Multi-Purpose Steel Lawn Rake, 20-Inch

True Temper 2000TT Multi-Purpose Steel Lawn Rake, 20-Inch

This is another great product from the Ames Company. The 2000TT True Temper Multipurpose Steel Lawn Rake has a 20-inch head made from steel. This head is durable and promises to pack a lot of load in one swoop. Also, it has flexible tines that make it a versatile rake.

You have the choice of using the rake for rocks, leaves, algae, or any material as that. Also, it has a 54-inch handle made out of a hardwood. One thing we love about the handle is; how long it is.

Worthy of note is that; to get the best out of this rake, ensure that you keep it indoors after each use. If you do this, rest assured that you will use the rake for a very long time. Also, it has a 29-inch cushion grip. The importance of this is; to reduce stress or fatigue when using the rake. In conclusion, if you can ignore the fact that the rake's handle is wood, this is one rake that will serve all your ‘raking' jobs.


  • The rake is flexible
  • It is versatile
  • It has a long reach
  • 29-inch cushion grip


  • Wooden handle

8. Titan 5 ft 3 Point Pine Straw Needle Rake

Titan 5 ft 3 Point Pine Straw Needle Rake

Last on our list is the Titan 5 ft 3 Point Pine Straw Needle Rake. This rake gives the best result when you combine it with a compact tractor. It is made out of durable steel, so rest assured that you will be using this rake for a long time.

Also, the rake weighs 120 pounds which as you might have figured; makes it almost impossible to use by hand. Not to mention, the rake has a width of 60 inches which means you will be packing more debris in one swoop.

Also, the rake has a tine spacing of 2 inches. Because of this, the rake is mostly suitable for heavy-duty work. When it comes to lightweight jobs like leaves packing, the rake doesn’t do too well.

The tines are extra-long and you can always replace them in case of any issue. Also, if you are wondering if this rake will hurt your grass, good news, it won’t. The rake is designed to comb through the grass to get through to dead leaves, twigs and sticks.


  • It protects your grass
  • The tines are replaceable
  • Durable


  • It is not the best for packing leaves

Uses Of Pine Needles

You are mistaken if you think pine needles are useless and serve no purpose. Pine needles can be used for various things, some of which are highlighted below.


Do you know that you can use pine needles to make tea? Well, now you know. Pine needles are rich in vitamin c and they can serve as a good survival drink. To prepare the pine needle tea, boil water and pour it over the pine needles. Let it simmer for a minimum of 15 minutes and your tea is ready. However, remember to sieve the pine needles before drinking. This is to avoid situations where you will swallow the pine needles by mistake. Also, you can add sweeteners to the tea for better taste.

For Mulch

Mulching is the process of applying layers of materials to areas of the earth. The reason for doing this is to conserve the moisture of the soil and to improve the soil’s health. When you apply mulch to the soil, the soil becomes more fertile and it reduces the rate at which weed grows.

You can use pine needles for this purpose and they come cheap too. Most mulch materials get swept away when it rains. However, pine needles begin to form a thick carpet over time instead of washing away.


Dried pine needles are good for levelling out areas or surroundings. You can use them like how you use rocks and wood chips to level out parts of the environment. This helps to improve the aesthetic value of the surrounding. Besides, it is a cheaper and easier option for landscaping when compared to most of the other materials.


Traditionally, you can use long pine needles for making baskets. Native American tribes tend to boil these long pines for a while to make them pliable. After then, they weave the pine needles into beautiful baskets.

To Make Fire

Pine needles can serve as a good fire starter. This is useful when you are out camping and in need of fire. However, note that you can only use dry pine needles. When you gather the pine needles, place them around dry logs of woods and set fire to it. You will find that the fire will start quicker than expected.

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Best Way To Pick Up Pine Needles

Best Way To Pick Up Pine Needles

Pine needles can be a big issue and you might begin to wonder how to get rid of them. Well, there are different methods to do this but it all depends on the location of the pine needles. Below are some of the best methods to clean up pine needles.

Garden Beds

Removing pine needles from garden beds can be tough. This is because you will need to take extra care not to hurt the soil and the pants. To do this, all you need is a good rake designed for pine needles. These types of rakes will clear out most of the pines or debris while leaving your plants intact. However, if there are tight spaces which the rake might not reach, then we advise that you use your hands. But, ensure you put on your gloves before you do this.

Pools or Ponds

There have been cases of pines falling into water bodies. How do you clean them without needing to get into the pool? Well, the answer is easy. Use a pool net or a skimmer. Use the skimmer and pool net to sweep across the water body to get out all the debris. Also, there are some special types of rakes which you can use to pick up pines from your pool. These rakes are usually very long and some of them have floaters. So, with these rakes, all you have to do is rake through the water as you will do on garden beds. Besides, you can always use the rakes for your roofs and garden beds.

Flat Surfaces

When you have pine needles on flat surfaces like concrete, pavement or patios, it is easy to get rid of them. All you need is to get a broom or a brush. With this simple tool, you will find that the pines will become a thing of the past. Also, you can always use rakes but, rakes are not as effective as brooms.

How To Choose The Best Rake for Pine Needles?

Wonder what you have to do to choose the best rake for pine needles? Well, not to worry, below are some of the factors that will make a difference between a good rake and a terrible one.

Handle Material

The material of the handle is one of the most important factors to consider. The handles can be of steel, wood, plastic or fibreglass material. The most durable rakes have steel, aluminium and hardwood handles. The plastic and the fibreglass ones, on the other hand, are more lightweight.

However, this is not to say rakes with fibreglass handles are not durable. All we are saying is; they are not as sturdy as steel and hardwood rakes. However, note that steel rakes are susceptible to rusts or corrosion which is why we advise that you choose the powder-coated ones.

Rake Head Size

Rake Head Size

How big the rake's head determines how much debris you pack in one swoop. It is advisable to go for rakes with a head width of 20 inches and above. However, when the rake’s head is too wide, it makes it harder for you to get the rake into tight areas. This is where adjustable rakes come in. With adjustable rakes, you can always reduce or increase the width of the rake.

Length Of Handle

The length of the rake's handle is also important. The best rake for pine needles have to be of considerable length. This is to ensure that you have a better reach. However, you should consider your height too because you do not want a rake too long which might be hard to handle. Also, when the rake is too short, you might need to bend before using it which might lead to back pain.


When choosing a rake for tine needles, make sure the tines are made out of metal. This is because steel tines are more durable than any type of tines. Also, make sure the tines are rust-proof as this will also increase the lifespan of the rake.

Tips For Using Rakes for Pine Needles

Below are some tips for using rakes for pine needles:

  • Keep the rakes out of reach of children
  • Ensure to wash the rakes after use
  • Keep the rake indoor after use


Rake for pine needles is a must-have for people with pine trees. We are sure you have learnt a lot about rakes for pine needles and pine needles too. In this article, we wrote about the benefits of pine needles, how to choose rakes for pine needles, among others. Importantly, we wrote a review on some of the best rake for pine needles. Our rake choices centred on durability, affordability and quality.

We assure you that each one the rakes we reviewed are of the highest quality. But the TRG Inc Rake The Groundskeeper II trumps the rest. This is because it is lightweight, durable and long. Also, it is a type of rake that is gentle on the soil and the live plants. Besides, asides our top pick, there are other quality rakes for pine needles in our review for you.

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