10 Best Pots For Succulents in 2021

If you are a lover of succulents, chances are you will want to grow one yourself. However, to grow one, you need a good pot for succulents. If you are willing to learn more about these pots, then you are at the right place as we will be giving you information on them. Not only that, we will be reviewing some of the best pots for succulents in this article.

How To Choose The Best Pots For Succulents?

We will be giving you tips on how to choose the best pots for your succulents below. Please, read and learn.

Drainage Hole


This is one of the most important features of a pot for succulents. The reason is that with the presence of a drainage hole in pots for succulents, you won't have to worry about controlling the water you pour in the pots. With the drainage holes, rest assured that there will be no case of the pot being flooded with water. Also, the hole gives the plant more breathing space.

However, if by chance you have a pot for succulents without a drainage hole, you can always drill one in. All you need is a drill and a 1-inch diamond drill bit to get it done.


The next thing to consider when choosing your pots for succulents is the size. Whilst it is not easy to choose the correct size for your succulents, it is advisable to have at least ½ inch of space between the succulents and the edge of the pot. With this, you find that there is more than enough space for the succulent to grow. However, note that when space is too much the growth of the succulent can become stunted. This is because the roots of the plant can spread quicker than the growth rate of the plant.

Also, if the pot is a big one, you can always grow multiple succulents in it. But remember to leave some space between each succulent. Besides, when a pot for succulents is full, it becomes more aesthetically pleasing to look at.

Color And Pattern Of The Pot

Another thing to put into consideration when choosing pots for succulent is the colour and pattern of the pot. First, you need to know the type and colour of succulents you are getting. We advise that the pot you will be choosing should have similar patterns or colour with the succulent. If you cannot get the same colour or pattern, go for pots with neutral colours as they can blend with any plant or décor. Also, remember that choosing a pot for succulents with different pattern or colours can also serve as a decorative piece for your home or workplace.


There are lots of materials used in making pots for succulents to choose from and we will be explaining some of them below.

Ceramic: Ceramic pots for succulents remain the best type of material you can choose. This is due to so many reasons but one the most important reasons is because they are breathable. This means that if by chance you will be placing the pot and the plants in a location with poor airflow, the plants will still come out healthy. Also, ceramic pots are artistic and they can serve as decoration for the surrounding.

However, ceramic pots can become overheated when in hot weather condition which is not ideal for the succulents. Also, ceramic pots are heavy and big which makes them uneasy to move.

PlasticAnother material used in making pots for succulents is plastic. Plastic is more durable than the ceramic as it can take a fall without breaking. Not only that, but plastic is also very light too. Another reason we like plastic is that it can be moulded into any shape. But on the downside, plastic pots are not breathable and you should place them in a well-ventilated environment when using them.

GlassGlass is a beautiful material for pots for succulents as it can add aesthetic value to your home. However, glass doesn’t breathe which means it will take a longer time for the soil to dry up. Not only that, glass pots for succulents don't have drainage holes too. Finally, glass breaks easily so you have to be careful with it.

10 Best Pots For Succulents In The Market Today

Below are the reviews of some of the best pots for succulents you will ever find

1. Mkno Macrame Plant Hangers Set Of 4 Indoor Wall Pot Holder

The Mkno Macrame Plant pot holder is one way to show love to your beautiful plants. It is hand made with care and attention. They have a modern design but they are vintage-inspired. Besides, these potholders are very durable and sturdy and we assure you that it will take a strong impact to break or crack them. Also, each hanging planter basket is flexible, durable and sturdy. This is because the hanging planters are made from 100% pure cotton cord without the use of chemicals.

Furthermore, the hanging plant stand has the capability of taking in different makes and size of plants which is also because of its flexibility. Not to mention, the potholders are very versatile as they can be used or hanged anywhere. You can place them by your window, door, patio, or even use the hook to hang them against the wall. However, note that it doesn't come with a planter or pot. But, we like that this is an excellent gift for birthdays, weddings and even Christmas.

Again, it comes in 4 pieces which are of different sizes. The approximate sizes are 35 inches, 41 inches, 46 inches and 67 inches. Because of this, the hangers are ideal for a variety of pots, plants and flowers. In conclusion, this is one product you will never regret buying.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • It is a perfect gift option
  • The set comes in different sizes


  • None

2. ARTKETTY 7.3 Inch Succulent Planter Pots With Drainage Hole

Do you want a beautiful ceramic pot for your succulents? Look no further because the ARTKETTY 7.3 Inch Succulent Planter Pot is the one for you. This is a richly glazed ceramic pot that has undergone baking in extremely hot temperature. Besides, it also has a smooth finishing which makes it aesthetically pleasing to look at. Not to mention, it is ideal for bonsai plants and other topiary plants. Again, it comes with a bamboo saucer that helps to keep the pot in place.

Furthermore, the bamboo saucer also catches the water that drips from the plants in the pot. We also like the fact that the pot has a drainage hole underneath it. Because of this, the plants can breathe and the pot won't get flooded with water. Worthy of note too is that this pot is very durable and you won’t ever find the pot cracking. However, ensure that the pot doesn’t fall over or get hit as that can lead to the pot breaking.

Moreover, it is an excellent gift idea as you can give it to your loved ones on special celebrations. Finally, we like that it comes in five exciting colours which give you a variety to choose from. These colours are; blue, red, yellow, white and green.


  • It has a drainage hole
  • It comes in five different colours
  • Durable
  • It comes with a free bamboo saucer
  • It is finely made


  • Expensive

3. SQOWL 3.2 Inch Marble Ceramic Succulent Planter Pot

Next on our list is another beautiful ceramic succulent planter pot called SQOWL. This pot is 3.2 inches in size and it is done exquisitely to suit the taste of all their potential customers. This pot has a marble finish which further gives it a distinctive decorative look. Furthermore, it has a drainage hole which makes it easy for the plants to breathe and grow healthily. Not to mention, it comes in a set of three which means you can always grow multiple plants with this pot.

Besides, it also comes with a bamboo saucer to collect water that drips from the drainage hole. Because of this, you won’t have to deal with the mess the drainage hole will create. Again, you can also use the pot to hold office supplies like a pen, staple pins, etc. Also, because of their design, they can serve as decorative pieces for the surroundings. Furthermore, the pots are sturdy and they promise to stand the test of time.

So, in conclusion, if your choice of pots for succulents is ceramic, then you should not overlook the SQOWL 3.2 Inch Marble Pot.


  • It comes with a saucer
  • It is aesthetically pleasing to look at
  • It can serve as a holder for office supplies
  • Sturdy


  • The drainage hole is small

4. Grootpot Flowerpot Treeman Baby Groot Succulent Planter

Have you seen Marvel’s guardian of the galaxy? Remember that cute talking tree named Groot? Imagine having that as a flowerpot. Well, this is possible if you get the Grootpot Flowerpot Treeman Succulent Planter Flowerpot. To us, this is the cutest succulent pot you can ever find. It can serve as a personal Groot collection and a plant holder. Not only that, it is a versatile pot as you can use it as a pen or pencil holder too. Besides, it can also serve as a decorative tool for your homes and workplace.

Also, it is made from a quality, eco-friendly PVC material. In light of this, it is not only durable; it is also safe for use too. Again, it comes in four different designs which means you have a variety of Grootpot to use. Furthermore, it can serve as a good gift choice for different occasions. Also, it has a small drainage hole that allows the plants to breathe and water through after wetting the plants.

In conclusion, this is an excellent decorative tool and a great option for those that want a pot for their succulents.


  • It comes in a set of four
  • Durable
  • It has a drainage hole


  • The pot is small

5. Exquis Home White Ceramic Flower Pot Garden Planters 6.5 Inch

The Exquis Home White Ceramic Flower Pot Gardens is a ceramic pot that comes in a pair of two. This pot comes in two different sizes and patterns. One of the pots has a white and grey pattern it has a width of 6.5" and a height of 6". On the other hand, the white and gold pot has a width of 5.4” and a height of 5.1”. Because of this, you have a luxury of growing different sizes succulents or plants in your pots.

Also, just like the other pots on this list, this pot can serve as a good decorative tool for your home as they are beautiful to look at. Furthermore, the ceramic is sturdy and it is not one to crack or break except it falls. We also like the fact that it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Rest assured that when used outside, the sun or rain won't let it's colour fade off. Again, the manufacturers promise 100% satisfaction as they have a guaranteed fund return policy if the user doesn't like what they ordered.

Note that these pots don’t have drainage holes which means you have to be careful about how much water you pour into the pot for your plants.


  • The pot is durable
  • It comes in two shapes- hexagon and round
  • Durable
  • You can use it both indoors and outdoor


  • It doesn’t have a drainage hole

6. Kimisty Modern Mid-Century Large Round Succulent Planter Bowl

The Kimisty Modern Mid Century Large Round Succulent Planter Bowl is another good option to look at. As the name implies, it has this old/mid-century design which is made to fit today’s style. It has a wooden stand and a white ceramic pot that is 10 inches wide. This pot is capable of holding more plants or succulents than most planter pots out there. Also, it can serve as a decorative piece for your home which is also part of the reason we like it. Please note that it doesn’t come with plants.

Furthermore, it has a drainage hole which means there won't be any case of 'over wetting' the plants. Not to mention, this drainage hole also has a plug that helps to prevent mess or leakages from the pot. We also like the fact that the pot is made with durability and care in mind. The ceramic pot was put through high temperature which makes it come out strong and durable. Likewise, the stand is made from sustainable acacia wood. With a combination of these, rest assured that this is a pot that will serve you for a long time.

Again, it makes an excellent gift option as it also comes in beautiful white packaging. It can also be used as decorative pieces for the kitchen, living room or office. Finally, the company is committed to giving its costumers a great service. This is why they are always ready to offer help to customers when they need it. Not to mention, they also give a 100% money-back to customers in case they do not like the product.


  • The product is made with quality and durability in mind
  • They offer a 100% money-back guarantee
  • It has beautiful packaging
  • The drainage hole has a plug


  • None

7. FLOWERPLUS Planter Pots Indoor

The Flowerplus Planter Pots is a ceramic pot for succulents that come in a pack of 7. This pot has a size of 2.75 inches which means they are very small. However, as we have mentioned earlier, it compensates for its size with the number of pots it has. So, with this, you can plant multiple plants or succulents in different pots at a time. Furthermore, the pot has gone through an extremely high temperature which makes sturdy and durable. 

Besides, it also has a high density which makes it impossible for water to get into it and stain it. Because of this, the pot will remain neat and easy to clean till the end of its days. Worthy of note too is that the small sizes of these pots make them cute and make them good decorative pieces. You can place them on your tables without them taking too much space. Furthermore, it has a drainage hole that lets the plant breathe and prevent the pot from getting over-logged with water. 

Besides, it also comes with a bamboo tray for collecting the water spills from the pot. Finally, it has 60 days of guaranteed money back return policy. This means that you can always return and get your money back in case of any defect or dissatisfaction of the product.


  • Durable
  • It has a high density
  • Easy to clean
  • It comes with a bamboo tray
  • It has a drainage hole


  • The pots are very small

8. Greenaholics Succulent Plant Pots

The Greenaholics Succulent Plant Pot is probably the most beautiful pot for succulents on our list. It is a ceramic pot with Greek-style patterns drawn on it. This pot’s design was made with attention in mind but there are some cases of the designs overlapping over each other. However, the pot was put through high temperature which makes it sturdy and durable. Not only that, because of how it is glazed, rest assured that the painting on the pot won’t fade away.

Again, its beautiful patterns make it a good choice for house décor. Worthy of note too is that the pots come in a set of three and each pot has drainage holes in them. These drainage holes are big and they assure that the plants will be able to breathe well in the pots. Not only that, the holes will prevent the pots from getting swamped with water. Also, the pots come with bamboo trays to prevent the water that spilt from the pot from creating a mess.

Besides, each pot has a diameter of 3.07 inches and a height of 3.18 inches. Finally, it is an ideal gift item for people that love succulent plants.


  • Beautiful
  • It is sturdy
  • The patterns don't fade
  • It has a drainage hole
  • It comes with bamboo trays


  • The patterns can overlap on some pots

9. T4U Animal Paradise Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot

The T4U Animal Paradise Ceramic Succulent Plant Pot is another cute animal pot for succulents on our list. The pot has a width of 9.2 cm, the height of 8.3 cm and a pot opening of 4.4cm. With this, you can see that it is a really small pot which means it will sit well on your tables without taking much space. Furthermore, just like we mentioned before, the pot is in an animal shape. One thing we like about this is that the animal is a mystery as it has no face to determine the animal type.

Furthermore, this succulent pot is made from durable ceramic that is well polished to shine. It also has a drainage hole that lets the water used in wetting the plant flow through. Besides, the drainage hole means the plant can breathe and grow healthily. Also, it has a porcelain tray that helps collect water that drips from the pot to avoid creating a mess. Finally, it can also be used for holding stationeries, staplers, and so on.


  • Durable
  • It has a drainage hole
  • It comes with a porcelain tray


  • The pot is small

10. T4U 2.5 Inch Cement Serial Raised Succulent Cactus Plant Pot

The last on our list is the T4U 2.5 Inch Cement Serial Raised Succulent Cactus Plant Pot. As the name implies, it is made from ceramic and it is very durable. This is the type of succulent pot that can drop without breaking. However, this is not to encourage you to be careless with it. Furthermore, the pot has a height of 8 cm, base of 6cm, and opening of 5.5 cm. Also, the pot has a simple design and it is not the most attractive pot out there. Besides, the pot can't be considered as a decorative pot for succulents.

Furthermore, the pot has a drainage hole underneath it that allows water to flow through it hereby avoiding the presence of too much water in the pot. Also, to eliminate the mess these drainage holes cause, the pot features a bamboo tray to collect the water from the pot. Finally, the pot comes in a pack of two.


  • It is made from solid cement
  • It has a drainage hole
  • It comes with a bamboo tray


  • It is not attractive

How Do You Care For Indoor Succulents?

Caring for indoor succulents is not a difficult task and we will be giving you some tips on how to do it below

Get The Right Succulent

First thing you have to do is to ensure that you the right succulent for indoor purposes. This is because some succulents are only meant to be grown outside and they will not do well indoors. In general, succulents that do not like full sun or do better under the shade are ideal for indoors. Also, bright-coloured succulents generally perform terribly indoors so you should avoid them.

Ensure The Succulents Get Lots Of Light

Since succulents and plants in general need light to grow well, make sure you place the succulents near to sunlight as possible. It is advisable to keep them near to the windows where the light shines through. If your space does not guarantee light needed, you should consider adding artificial lighting to them.


Having come to the end of this article, we trust that you have learnt a lot about pots for succulents. Importantly, you know what to do or look out for when looking for the best pot for succulents. We also reviewed some of the best pots for succulents available in for sale. Each one of the pots was selected with durability in mind. Apart from their durability, we also selected pieces that are beautiful and will aid in home décor. Finally, we also included a piece on how to care for succulents indoors which we are sure would be useful for you.

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