8 New Best Patio Chairs For Your Garden in 2020

It's a beautiful day, and all you want to do is sit outside and enjoy the outdoors. Where better to relax than a patio chair where you get to lounge and appreciate the amazing time, creating memories that are unforgettable. To make the right choice, you need a guide, and luckily we are here for you. Let's take a ride together as we discover all about the best patio chairs.

Tips for purchasing the best patio chairs

Buying a patio chair isn't as easy as it looks, to ensure you get the very best available, there are criteria you must put into consideration, these include:

Weather Condition

The weather condition of your environment is essential to choosing the kind of patio chair you want to purchase. Too rainy and a wicker chair will get damaged, if it’s too hot a wooden chair will splinter and crack, and if the weather often gets hot and windy, then an aluminum chair will be sent flying due to its lightweight. Ability to determine the weather condition of your environment will help you purchase the best patio that suites the weather to ensure durability.

Outdoor Space

A bar table set or single patio chair is more suitable for small outdoor space while a dining set will do just fine for a broader area. While considering the space, there should also be enough room to walk about freely. It's best to consider the size of the space before purchasing your patio chairs to ensure you don’t get furniture that won’t fit or that will take up the whole outdoor area. It will not be considered wise to get patio chairs that won’t fit with your outdoor décor or that will occupy the entire space leaving you with little or no space to walk freely.


Choice of material is one of the most important factors to consider. While deciding on the best equipment to choose, weather resistant, amount of maintenance required, and appearance are the most important factors to consider.  There are four types of materials that can be used in making patio chairs, and they include:

  • Aluminum/Plastic/PVC Material: Aluminum, plastic, and PVC materials are rustproof and are pocket-friendly. This choice of material is ideal for those who wish to purchase a patio chair that can be moved from place to place due to its lightweight, it is also easy to clean and maintain.
  • Wood Material: Patio chairs made with natural wood are classy and attractive to look at. They are sturdy, resilient, and comfortable to sit on. However, note that purchasing wood patio will require more maintenance as you will be expected to treat with preservatives intermittently, UV protection treatment is also necessary if it is to last long. In spite of these, patio chairs made with wood is an excellent choice, you have a variety of wood resistant materials to choose from such as teak, redwood, cypress, and cedar.
  • Wrought Iron and Steel Material: Patio chairs made with wrought iron are sturdy, heavy and resilient and cannot be carried away easily by wind or rain. But they are prone to rust and so have to be coated from time to time.
  • Wicker/Rattan Chair Material: They are long lasting materials and look great, especially when treated with resin finish. They may also need to be weatherproofed every few years to ensure it's well maintained.

You should purchase a patio chair that is resistant to adverse weather conditions, requires little or no maintenance, and looks great for your outdoor décor as well. Materials like aluminum, teak, or resin require low maintenance while wrought iron, on the other hand, is resistant to harsh weather condition. Another material resistant to severe weather is the resin material; it is immune to dampness and is available in a variety of styles and designs.


The essence of buying a patio chair in the first place is to relax and have leisure time, so satisfaction is of utmost importance. Whatever the choice may be, it is essential to purchasing a patio chair that you can sit comfortably on and have a relaxed time; otherwise, you would have made a poor choice and wasted money. You can also enhance the comfort of your outdoor chair by purchasing extra cushions and pillows if your patio chair doesn’t come with one already. Ensure the pillow is of good and quality material that is resistant to weather conditions and whose color won't fade over time. However, to ensure they last long, its best to store the cushions indoors when not in use.

Create a Storage Space

Sometimes despite having a covering over your patio, it's still not sufficient protection for your chairs when the weather becomes too harsh more so for wicker chairs. For this reason, it’s essential that you create a storage space where chairs can be moved to when the weather becomes too harsh, especially during winter. Storage space will ensure your chair lasts long and is kept in good condition; you can also purchase foldable patio chairs that are easy to fold and take indoors when the weather is not conducive.


In the end, your budget is what determines what you can buy. It is essential you purchase patio chairs that are within your budget; you need not be afraid of getting low-quality products as there are still high-quality patio chairs that are affordable and pocket-friendly as you will discover in the review. Most patio chairs are cheap and affordable but like every other product; there is range of prices to choose from so it’s best to go for one that is within your budget.

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Top 8 Best Patio Chairs in the Market

**Below, you'll see more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon

1. Best Choice Products Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Recliners for Patio

For that feeling of comfort at any time and place, this product is what you need. It comes with an elastic bungee cord which holds the mesh fabric in place; they are also weather resistant and are long-lasting. It has a weight carrying capacity of 250 pounds that aligns your body as you sit on them and comes with an adjustable cushioned headrest which can be easily removed or fixed at will. Another beautiful thing about this chair is that it comes with an accessory tray, so you need not set up an extra table, you can place your drinks, newspapers, phones and other minor items on it. It is made of plastic, so cleaning is not a problem neither is weight a problem too as plastics are known to be light weighted and easy to clean, you can carry it in when not in use or when the weather condition is not favorable. For that feeling of comfort and relaxation, the best choice products zero gravity lounge chair recliners for patios will meet your expectation.


  • It has a detachable headrest
  • Each chair has an accessory tray
  • It is comfortable, portable and light


  • Lose screws may cause safety issues
  • The chair length is short

2. Caravan Sports Suspension Folding Chair

The Caravan Sports Chair is a lone chair with a simple, portable yet classic design. Like the name implies, the caravan sports suspension folding chair is ideal for sportsmen and women who wish to go camping or hiking across the country. It is foldable and can be transported easily as it is light and portable. It is made with mesh fabrics and stretchable cords to suit all body shapes and types. The original design and color ensure it blends with the environment no matter where you are, it is also weather resistant and is easy to clean. It has a steel frame and 300-pound weight carrying capacity, so there is no fear of collapse. It is sturdy, firm, and durable. This product is ideal for those who wish to purchase a patio chair without leg support or many accessories. Get the caravan sports suspension folding chair and enjoy time outdoors in a comfortable yet straightforward fashion.


  • It is simple and comfortable
  • Its natural color blends with the environment
  • Foldable and easy to transport
  • 300-pound weight carrying capacity


  • It does not have dual features
  • The price of its products vary as colors vary

3. FDW Zero Gravity Chair Patio Recliners

This product is beautifully designed to give comfort and make you feel relaxed. If you are looking for a chair to take along with you to the beach with your partner in tow, then the FDW Zero Gravity Chair Patio Recliners is just what you need. Its frames are made with steel; it also has an adjustable head and leg rest that enables you to rest back and gaze at the stars or take a nap if you wish. It has a secure locking system and a padded headrest that makes it easy to carry around or place in your patio and enjoy time outdoors. The chairs are weather resistant and easy to clean and maintain, it has a 250-pound weight carrying capacity, and its headrest can be detached and cleaned or used as back support. It’s beautiful and fashionable design is made to blend with your outdoor décor, it is also pocket-friendly. Get the Zero Gravity Chair, get comfort, class, and style.


  • It is affordable
  • Pliable head and backrest
  • Detachable headrest
  • It is fashionable
  • An excellent addition to your outdoor decor


  • It has no accessory tray
  • Comes in only color black

4. Keter Rio Patio Chair

This stylish design is specially made to suit any outdoor décor you have. Made of a steel frame to give maximum support and resilience, it has no armrest, thereby allowing you to move in and out of the chair as you wish. It comes in a set, two chairs and a small table that will be splendid on the beach or a lake. It is made of rattan wicker, a material that is durable and weather resistant. The set of the chair is built to help you relax while sitting and also aligns your body at a comfortable angle. The table although small is made of the same durable material and has firm legs to carry heavy loads such as a flowering plant, you can place your laptop, drinks food or any item on it as you sit outside and soak up the sun. If you are looking for an elegant set of patio chairs that will enable you to enjoy the outdoors in style, then Ketio Rio Patio chair is what you should go for.


  • It is resilient and durable
  • Comes in a set; two chairs and a table
  • It has an exotic design


  • No armrest
  • The backrest is not adjustable

5. Zero Gravity Chair

The “Zero Gravity” technology was adopted in producing this product. It has portable and straightforward designs that are guaranteed to ensure your comfort and relaxation. With a steel frame for support, it has adjustable back and armrest to give maximum comfort to your back and arm. Whether it's on the patio or you wish to sit by the lake, the zero gravity chair is ready to go as it's easy to transport. It comes in a variety of color, blue being one of them and also comes with a stretchable cord that suits various body types and provides extra comfort. The best part is that it is resistant to harsh weather conditions and can be easily maintained. With the Zero Gravity Chair, you get to enjoy time on your patio, the lake, beach, or anywhere else you can pitch your tent, and you get the same fantastic feeling of relaxation. Purchasing this product is an excellent choice for those with an eye for taste and style, go ahead and buy the Zero Gravity Chair and enjoy amazing time lounging outdoors.


  • It is resistant to adverse weather
  • Portable and durable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Has no effect of gravity


  • It does not fold fully

6. Deveko Patio Porch Furniture

This three in one patio chair comes with two chairs and a table that is beautifully crafted and designed to suit your outdoor style and décor. It is made with a woven wicker chair that is pleasing to the eyes; the steel frame gives the chair firm support and balance, it also comes with fabric cushion that can be detached and dry cleaned when the need arises. The table also made with woven wicker comes with a glass top that can be cleaned easily, the table can hold in things like drinks, magazines and other soft items as it has an opening at the top for this purpose. Imagine being outdoor perhaps by the lakeside having that soul conversation with your partner, where better to sit and rediscover yourselves than the Deveko Patio Porch Furniture? It's made to ensure comfort while giving you class and style.


  • It comes in three sets, two chairs, and a table
  • It is made with durable and resilient materials
  • It is stylish and beautiful
  • It is easy to clean and maintain
  • It is sturdy and comfortable


  • It is heavy and so awkward to transport
  • The chairs are not so big

7. Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair

Whether you wish to sit on your patio and enjoy time alone, or you wish to be by the beach and read a book, whatever and wherever you want to be, the Amazon Basics Zero Gravity chair is ready to go with you. The weather-resistant chair is made to be durable and robust as it has a steel frame for support and proper balance. With its 300-pound weight carrying capacity, you need not be afraid it will collapse; it is also made with a fabric material that is odor resistant and also comes in a variety of colors to choose from including a beautiful beige color that will blend so well with your outdoor décor. With this product, you can comfortably sit back and rest your head as it comes with a padded and detachable headrest that can be removed and dry cleaned when the need arises, the headrest also provides support for your back. What are you waiting for? Get the Amazon Basics Zero Gravity Chair and have a fantastic time outdoors.


  • It remains cool during sunny weather
  • It is foldable and easy to transport
  • Extremely durable and weather resistant
  • It comes in a variety of colors


  • It is a lone chair
  • It is heavy (about 16.5 pounds)

8. Giantex Zero Gravity Chair Patio Chaise Lounge

This three piece set was produced to meet the needs of the customers. It has the modern zero gravity technology which ensures that it doesn’t get act upon by the force of gravity. It is produced with extendable cords and ‘Textilene’ materials, which makes it resistant to adverse weather condition. It is foldable, and its clean up is smooth and straight forward. The articles are breathable, which allows you to sit back comfortably and enjoy a cup of drink or read a book for as long as you wish without getting all hot and sore. Its bendable leg rest also ensures you are well relaxed. The table also made with the same material with the chair has two cup holders and space enough to place other items on it. The chairs also come with a detachable headrest that provides support and balance to your back while also aligning your body correctly. The Giantex Zero Gravity Chair Patio Chaise Lounge is ideal for those looking for a patio chair that offers comfort and relaxation.


  • It is light weighed
  • It has zero modern gravity technology
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • It is a three piece set, a table, and two chairs


  • It sometimes requires assembling
  • It does not fully recline backward

How to Fix Sagging Patio Chairs?

With constant use over time the patio chair may tend to sag. A sagging patio chair could be as a result of the chair mesh seat detaching from the frame, but rather than set it aside, it can be fixed in simple steps as outlined below:

Materials Required

  • Patio spline
  • Replacement awning cord
  • Sling chair
  • Socket wrench

Steps Involved

Lay the chair on the ground

The first thing to do is lay the chair on the ground and locate the bolts, screws, and nuts holding the chair in place and unscrew them using a socket wrench. Set the bolts aside so as not to lose them. Remove the spline found inside each of the mesh seats and also detach the sagging part of material from the base frame. Once done, remove the old cord found inside.

Replace the old spline with a new one

The old cord should be replaced with a new, bigger, and stronger one since its what holds the mesh in place and prevents sagging. However, you can use the old cord to cut out the right measurement from the new spline. Once done, insert the new cable into the material of the patio chair and then also place the mesh back into the opening meant for the patio chair frame. When you are done with this, you can now line the chair with its frame. Ensure the openings of the bolts and nuts are placed as it should and then re-screw back the nuts and bolt, tightening them firmly. Now your patio chair is back in place, all firm, no sags, comfortable and relaxed.

Wrap Up

Patio chairs are not just an excellent addition to your outdoor décor; you also get to enjoy some me time by yourself or with your partner. Whatever the case may be or however you may like it, the best patio chairs guarantee that you are comfortable, relaxed and have all the time to soak up the sun and enjoy amazing time outdoors. With a guide on the things to look out for a while purchasing a patio chair and a review of the best products available, making a choice should be natural. So go ahead and buy one of the best patio chairs and enjoy some time on your patio, by the lakeside, the beach or anywhere else you wish to, it’s worth it.

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