8 Best Par Light Meters for Indoor Plants 2021

Light is an essential feature in our space. Plants depend on it to grow, professionals across many fields depend on it to maximize output and to achieve certain results. However, these results will not be attained or enjoyed if the best par light meters are not acquired to help measure the right amount of light needed for a particular purpose.

Why You Should Trust Us on This Guide?

As expected, there are many brands of par light meters and it becomes quite difficult for buyers to settle for the best brand that would deliver beyond expectations. Most of the best par light meters have unique features that set them apart from the rest. With our team of experts, these outstanding features are singled out from the many brands the market currently has to bring to you only the best par light meters you can ever find.

Furthermore, this guide contains very comprehensive information about not just products but also the features you need to watch out for when buying par light meters on your own. We know it is no buyer's joy to invest in a product that isn't durable or that comes short of basic requirements.

We filter through thousands of products by bringing their individual outstanding properties to what we know buyers sought after when trying to buy a par light meter. This isn't all, we combined selected products, from our team of experts, with reviews from real customers who have used these products and have taken time to honestly write a comprehensive review about their experience with the products.

8 Best Par Light Meter Reviews in The Market

1. Extech LT45 LED Light Meter

For most farmers, what they want in a par light meter is simplicity in design and great functionality. This device seems to be just right for everyone who desires a very simple way of measuring par light. Its functions are very easy and not complicated.

Talking about functionality, this device works great in optimizing and measuring light across a wide range of environments. Hence, you wouldn't just be needing this in farms alone, it is ideal for use in place such as hospitals, universities, manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc.

It is designed to detect white LED lights as well as other colors of LED lights. Hence regardless of the colors LED is designed to reflect, this device shall detect it. Aside from this, it also measures and detects other standard light sources such as fluorescent, incandescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, etc.

Furthermore, this meter has four different LUX measuring ranges which help you achieve optimal use. These LUX ranges from 400, 4000, 40000, and 400000. Hence, no matter how extreme the light, this device which is built for professional use, will measure and optimize it.

Additionally, the general aesthetics positions this meter at the top of the chart. The dual-color LCD comes in impressively bold texts for easy reading, you get to enjoy soft buttons for switching between the FC and LUX measurement units. It is also mountable of a tripod for easier use.


  • Easy auto-calibration
  • Great LCD overload indication display
  • Impressive wide-ranged measurement unit


  • No calibration indication

2. URCERI Light Meter Digital

This device exhumes sturdiness right from the exterior which is what everyone needs. It is a very high-grade meter than combine great tech features with an appealing exterior finish. You will love the handiness of this device which makes it very easy to carry around and flexible to use.

This four-buttoned design is the very definition of easy to use and no complications. The power button is automated to allow for an auto-off mode when not in use, and this ensures more durable battery use of up to sixty hours. It comes with a color LCD which is characterized by the four-digit color display that makes the meter very appealing to use, and the display very easy to read.

The excellent spectral accuracy makes this device perfect for use in almost all environments such as schools, hospitals, farms, manufacturing centers, and so on. Furthermore, it can optimally detect all colors of LED as well as other standard lights and natural lights.

Also, the photodetector is made from high-grade silicon photodiodes with spectral response filters. In terms of luminosity, this meter can measure between zero to two hundred thousand LUX and ambient temperature which is exceeding what an average meter can do.


  • Four-digit LCD
  • Super photodetector
  • Compact and appealing exterior finish


  • Seems to work best for natural light

3. Dr.Meter LX1330B Digital Light Meter

If you are a lover of four-range settings in a meter, then this is another one for you. Enjoy the high accuracy that comes with this techy but beautifully crafted light meter which can optimally measure between zero to two hundred thousand LUX. What we find most appealing, in this device, is the flexible use that comes with it; the flexible use that leaves you in charge. Now, you can use the hold button to get better control of your reading with the peak data to hold feature that helps you to pause the measurement display while you are recording.

Also, you will enjoy very compact and handy handling which makes this device light enough to be carried everywhere and anywhere. It has a premium light sensor with advanced photosensitive sensor technology which is designed with silicon photodiodes and a spectral response filter. This meter also comes with an amazing battery life which can last up to two hundred hours.

Furthermore, the exterior finish of this device is appealing as it comes with a detachable case and a stand upon which the device can be mounted. This allows for total hand-free operation. Coupled with this is the flexible cable coil that allows a more convenient positioning of the light sensor to any desired measuring spot.


  • Convenient exterior design with a coiled cable
  • Data hold feature for easier recording
  • Four-range setting
  • Super great battery life


  • Quite poor instruction manual for first-time handlers

4. Extech LT300 Light Meter

You no longer have to be in a well-illuminated space to be able to operate your light meter, this meter has made sure of that by including a backlight to create illumination in the instance where you are operating under low light. It seems this meter is created to make operating par light meter very easy because the large LCD, which makes reading bold enough to see, seems to be agreeing with this thought.

Coupled with the large LCD is the analog bar-graph that gives pictorial explanation n to your measurement, thereby making reading to be easy for beginners. The light sensor is corded with a coiled cable which allows for a more convenient around the measuring spot. Also, the light sensors are made with top-grade photodiodes with spectral response filter which makes the sensor works super amazing. Hence, whether you are using a white LED light or other colors of LED be rest assured that this device can optimally detect and measure all colors or spectral of light.

Furthermore, this amazing device has a four-range measurement setting that can measure between zero to four hundred thousand LUX. All of these features are set on a very portable and easy-to-carry exterior casing.


  • Great LCD with analog bar-graph
  • Super four-range setting
  • Backlight for low light level areas


  • Uncertified calibration

5. Apogee MQ-500 Full-Spectrum Quantum Par Meter

This unit is essentially designed to be sturdy and to provide par measurement to professionals across many fields. Hence, if you are looking for a meter idle for use in farms, greenhouses, plants, hospitals, aquatic centers, or aquarium then this product is for you. this is because aside from being sturdy, this product is also designed with sufficient waterproof quality to ensure enough protection when used in water-related operations.

This product is further furnished with blue-enhanced silicon photodiodes with custom optical filters and an acrylic diffuser. This light sensor is designed as a self-cleaning sensor housing design that is rugged as a result of its anodized aluminum body. This light sensor is set upon a lengthy cord that provides for comfortable movement and access to desired measuring spots.

Additionally, this meter comes with a storage memory that can save up to ninety-nine measurement data which the device will begin to override as soon as it is full. It also comes with a USB feature that allows you to transfer data off it to your computer. It is very ideal for optimizing all colors of growing LED light and another standard lighting. This meter also comes with an excellent battery life that every buyer looks forward to experiencing.


  • Advance digital experience with USB features
  • Waterproof light sensor and exterior
  • Sturdy exterior


  • A bit pricey 

6. Dr.meter Professional LED Digital Illuminance Light Meter

If you are looking at setting a perfect light ambiance whether for growing plants and other professional use, then this meter is right for you. This digital LED light meter will help you measure up to two hundred thousand LUX across different colors of LED and other standard lights such as fluorescent, metal halide, incandescent, and high-pressure sodium lights.

This device has made light measurement so easy with its rotatable detector. All you have to do is turn the light sensor/detector towards the light source and have it work its wonders calculating between its four-range measurement setting. This rotatable detector is rotatable to up to two hundred and seventy degrees. The monochrome LCD is large enough for bold text and you wouldn't find it hard to read your measurement.

Also, the meter is portable and easy to carry around for more convenient light measuring. It has the data hold feature which allows you to pause a measurement data while you are taking the measurement. Perhaps the most amazing feature of this device is its battery life which can conveniently give up to two hundred hours of operation. Furthermore, it comes with other exciting digital features such as the auto-off feature that allows the device to go off when not in use, unit adjustment, etc.


  • Topnotch digital features
  • Rotatable detector and four-range setting
  • Large LCD


  • Doesn’t come with an extension sensor cord

7. Amprobe LM-200 LED Light Meter

This is a dual-scale light meter that measures light both in lumen per square meter and in foot-candles just like most top par light meters. In LUX measurement, it can measure up to two hundred thousand square meters while in foot-candles, it can measure up to twenty thousand. Regardless of the source of light, the light detector will help your measure lights accurately whether it is white LED or other colors of LED, natural light, and other standard light systems. That is why the product is ideal for growing, photography, and other very professional uses.

The meter is powered by a nine-volt battery that can supply up to a hundred hours of operation time. It also comes with a one and a half meters long cord attached to a light sensor with an enhanced silicon photodiode for effective light measurement. The light detector comes with a detector cover which protects the detector when not in use. The one and a half meter of coiled cable give a convenient length of space between the device and the desires measuring spot.

This device is portable and easy to move around. You will enjoy a two thousand count LCD in legible and bold text. The LCD screen allows for manual ranging, when necessary, and the device also comes with the data hold features that allow you to freeze data on the screen while taking notes of the measurement.


  • Dual-scale light measurement
  • Easy to use and portable
  • Large digital display and digital features


  • Coiled cord is a bit stiff

8. Latex LM-50KL Light Meter

A sturdy exterior coupled with enviable light measurement features are the features that make the best par light meters, and this device seems to have it all. It is a dual-scale light meter that measures light both in lumen per square meter and in foot-candles, making it an ideal device for all uses including home uses, photography, growing, and so on.

Regardless of what your source of light is, whether white LED or other colors of LED, fluorescent, and other visible and natural light, be rest assured that this device will give you an accurate measurement. The light detector, which is corded with a coiled wire that expands to up to one and a half meters, is made from silicon photodiodes and light filters that allow for precise light measurement.

The LCD is also quite large to allow for a meaningfully bold text which is legible to read. You will also enjoy a full four-range setting to adequately cater for all your light measurement needs. The exterior is designed to be highly durable and it is compact enough to conveniently carry around for any day-to-day need.


  • Sturdy exterior and compact design
  • Dual-scale light measurement
  • Four-range setting and fully functional calibration feature


  • The LCD is quite small

What is Par Light Measurement?

You start to notice a change in color pigment in plants that do not have access to direct sunlight and this is because the area of such plant does not feed well. By feeding, we mean photosynthesis which is a daily growth requirement for plants. However, farmers who have to grow their plants indoors or in places that don’t have access to direct sunlight have to do this by providing growing lights. With a growing light, you will need a par light meter.

Now, to explain what a par light measurement is, there is a need to explain what par itself means. Par simply means photosynthetically active radiation and it is this radiation that causes photosynthesis to happen to plants. The sun will reflect different light wavelengths on your plant at a time and it is only the PAR that is needed to make photosynthesis happen. The remaining light wavelengths are useless and not needed for your plant. 

Just like the sun, a grow light will also reflect a lot of light wavelength. Since all of these different light wavelengths are not needed by your plants, you will need a par meter to measure the amount of par light needed or essential for your plant’s optimal growth.

How to Pick the Best Par Light Meters?

Many brands are manufacturing so many types of par light meter but to own an outstanding meter, here are some outstanding features they must possess:

Compatibility with All LED Lights

You don’t want to own a par light meter that works with a single color LED light. The essence of having to use a grow light for your plant is to help them achieve all the possible essential light they need for their growth and this might not be achievable if the LED light is of the color that isn’t compatible with your par light meter.

Hence, instead of trying to settle for a par meter that sees just a single color, you should go for meters that can see and that is compatible with all colors of LED lights. Going a step forward, your meter shouldn’t just see only LEDs but also all types of standard lighting.

Measuring ranges

The number of settings a meter can switch between, in terms of measurement, goes a long way in attesting to the outstanding nature of such a meter. The Par meter should come in measuring range that will adequately help you in keeping good track of light all through the day, and to make sure every plant gets adequate light. A good meter should have a minimum of four-range setting which will adequately measure light in the different desired types of measurement.  

Screen Size

You do not want to squint your eyes while trying to read the par measurement on your meter. This is why your meter must have a large LCD screen with readable letters and figures. This makes it easy to use without having to use your glasses, for those that read with one. The best par light meters come in pretty impressive color LCD screen with digital colors while some also come with a dual or single-color LCD screen. However, the most important thing about screen size is the legibility of the meter's displays.


For one reason or the other, having the right light in a space matter a lot and because it matters, that is why you need any of these best par light meters to help you adequately take care of your light need.

From the number of range settings they can operate with, sturdy and appealing exterior design to how large the LCD should be, we have carefully selected the top eight choices that buyers like yourself have attested. We can assure you that buying any of these products will do more than what many other average par light meters have done for you.

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