8 Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns for Garden 2021

Lanterns have been in vogue for generations, illuminating pathways for beautiful homes, and keeping the darkness away from garden lovers. Empowered with a solar system, lanterns can now save enough energy during daytime and light up your space at night. This is why people who really appreciate the beauty of solar lanterns consistently search for the best outdoor solar lanterns.

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Over the years, buyers have trusted our reviews for in-depth analysis and a more simplified description of selected products. We help buyers to narrow the wide range of products to the top choice products the current market has got to offer. There are many brands of solar lanterns, each promising several enticing features. While, sometimes, these promised features are present, they may not be of the kind that will stand the test of time.

Our team of experts is willing to compare products and their functionality, picking the top choice that will satisfy your desires and need in terms of durability, aesthetics, and general function. Coupled with our expert opinion, on each of our selected products, are reviews from buyers, like yourself, who have used and taken time to write an honest review of the product. Hence, you have both theoretical analysis, based on material components and their uses, and real customer feedback often based on results from constant usage.

8 Best Outdoor Solar Lantern Reviews in The Market


Name Product




TomCare Solar lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern



Bebrant Solar Lanterns



MAGGIFT 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lantern



Yinou Mirror Solar Lantern Lights



Homeimpro Solar Lanterns



Steadydoggie Solar Lantern



Eoyizw Hanging Outdoor Solar Lantern



Tomshine LED Outdoor Solar Lantern


Here is our list of top solar lanterns:

1. TomCare Solar lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern

Treat your home to the delight of this vintage solar lantern which is made from solid metal. This lantern adds a beautiful rustic feel to your home and helps you in creating a sophisticated ambiance around your home. You will enjoy an all-year-round use of this beautifully crafted lanterns, made from high-grade metal with a poly plastic glass design that gives an almost glass-like feel.

This poly-plastic feel gives the view to the most authentic flickering flame effect you will ever see in a solar lantern. This flame effect emits a rich warm yellow glow that relaxes your home into a very warm and calm ambiance as though you were living in a new Victorian era.

Additionally, this lantern is designed with an IP65 waterproof grade that gives the lantern desired protection against rainfall and other water splashes. All you have to do to enjoy this luxuriously crafted lantern is to charge under direct sunlight for up to five hours. With a 2000mAh battery, you will save enough solar energy to power your lantern for up to fifteen hours of warm light


  • Vintage craft
  • Waterproof protection against rain and other water elements
  • 12-month warranty


  • Flickering needs to be slow a bit

2. Bebrant Solar Lanterns

The very contemporary design and a touch of vintage style, in the craft of this lantern, is something every home should have. This product comes with exciting features that will leave you happy no matter your taste in illuminating devices. It comes with both a solar-powered lighting system and a USB port which makes it possible to have enough light when you crave it. 

Bad weather or cloudy day is no longer an excuse for the short flight duration. Hence, if the 2200mAh is not sufficiently powered with enough sunlight, your battery can be charged through the USB cord. Additionally, the flickering light of this product will create a cozy ambiance that is suitable for decorative and illuminating purposes.

Furthermore, this item is very quick and easy to install as it will take less than five minutes to have it fully set and functional. It comes with all the hook and clamps you need to fix it yourself. While you can hang on trees or on walls, it comes with spikes that make it easy to equally insert it into the ground and across your walkways and driveways. Enjoy this candle-like flickering flame with an IP65 waterproof grade level that protects this unit against heavy rain and other water elements. Also, this product is equipped with a high-grade dustproof mechanism that helps the product retains its perfect glow all season.

As a matter of assurance, this lantern comes with a 12-month warranty to guarantee you a flawless illuminating experience.


  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Solar-powered and additional USB port feature
  • Waterproof and Dustproof


  • USB charging does not come with an indicator

3. MAGGIFT 2 Pack Hanging Solar Lantern

If you are looking at investing in a very good solar-powered LED lantern, then this unit is your best deal. Starting with the aesthetics, this product is designed using high-grade metal and plastic with a fancy detailed laser cut finish. Hence, the design is ideal for decorating as well as illuminating your outdoor space.

The six lumens LED light glows into a very subtle and soft light that leaves your outdoor ambiance generally calm and inviting. Deliberately carved to cast decorative and shimmering light shadows through the vintage cut design, this lantern will add a running splash of class to your outdoor space.

Furthermore, you can hang this lantern on all surfaces, from your wall to trees, patio, ledge, and so on. Since it comes in pair, each of this lantern contains 400mAh NI-MH battery which when fully charged, under direct sunlight, can give you up to eight hours of very bright LED light.

The solar lantern is fully automated and can switch itself between daytime and night. However, it is very important to switch the buttons to the off mode while charging during the day. Emphatically, this lantern needs six to eight hours of direct sunlight charging. Hence, do not mount in a shady place if you want to enjoy optimal light supply.


  • Crafted with style
  • Six lumens LED bulbs
  • Long light duration


  • Designed to drain off the water but it isn't water-proof

4. Yinou Mirror Solar Lantern Lights

Every modern home should have a pair of these solar lanterns lighting paths around the home. It is mechanically crafted for perfection. Although you might have to mount it on your tree, wall, patio, or any other high platforms, this luxuriously finished masterpiece will add classy glow to your home with its flickering flame effect.

It is made from high-grade ABS plastic which is very durable and totally rustproof. This isn’t the kind of plastic that gets faded and damaged with the sun as time goes by. Additionally, this item comes with an IP65 waterproof grade that helps to protect the lantern from rain and other water elements. You also won't have to worry during winter as this product comes with an anti-frost feature that keeps your light glowing all through the icy season.

Furthermore, you will enjoy easy installation as this product comes with all items you may need to get it all fixed up. You do not need wires or the help of a technician to have it running. Unlike other lanterns that need you to switch buttons, this unit is more convenient as it doesn't discharge when left on the on-mode.

The highly efficient integrated solar panel absorbs energy between four to five hours under direct sunlight, and it will give you up to fifteen hours of flickering-flame illumination. This impressively long light time is made possible because the lantern is equipped with a 1500mAh battery that helps the device store up enough energy.


  • Fancy antique design
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Easy to install


  • Lights are slightly dim

5. Homeimpro Solar Lanterns

Play with your outdoor space with this edgy solar lantern. The antique design gives the lantern a lacy reflection that makes this product very ideal for decoration. It is also suitable for almost every area of your home as it can be mounted on high platforms or placed on the table.

Carved from the finest metal, this patterned lantern will recreate your outdoor space with illumination and appealing light patterns. The metal materials guarantee the durability as it comes with added features such as an anti-rust feature that makes the lantern ideal for all-year-round uses. Also, it comes with an IP44 grade waterproof protection that keeps the unit protected from the water element.

Enjoy the powerful illumination of a seven lumen LED lantern which creates a warm ambiance around your home. Furthermore, the lamp is fully automated to ensure very convenient operation. All it needs is just four to five hours of direct sunlight and the lamp will automatically light up once it is dark. The light can stay for up to eight hours if fully charged and this is made possible because the solar system is powered by a Ni-MH 2V/AA600mah battery.


  • Patterned light reflection
  • Waterproof feature
  • Seven lumens LED illumination


  • Exterior coating is quite dull to be fancy

6. Steadydoggie Solar Lantern

You cannot go wrong settling for a vintage lantern that does more than just imitate a flickering flame. This lantern comes ready to ease you off the stress of installation completely. Just buy and hand this lantern. You do not need to assemble any part at all and as such, you have saved yourself a lot of time. Also, you do not need any technical help or wires, all you have to do is put the lantern in a sunny place for up to five hours and enjoy perfect illumination for another eight hours.

In terms of design, this product is quite unrivaled as it combines the indestructible feature of a quality metal cast frames with a fancy glass panel finish while enclosing a candle casting through which the flickering flame illuminates your outdoor space. The realistic candle is powered using an amber LED of six lumens which means the illumination is bright enough to keep your ambiance cozy. 

Furthermore, this unit features all-round protection from weather elements such as rain, snow, and even dust. The integrated solar panel system is also powered using a 300mAh battery which stores just the right amount of energy needed to keep the darkness away from you.


  • Fancy but sturdy design
  • Totally easy to install
  • Very durable


  • Batteries must be replaced to enjoy the longer light time.

7. Eoyizw Hanging Outdoor Solar Lantern

Enjoy the beauty of dancing flames around your outdoor space with a perfect pair of a lantern that is powered with ninety-nine LED lights. The imitation is so realistic that you could make the lanterns another point of focus in your home.

In addition to the beauty it brings to your home, this lantern will save you a lot of energy costs. You do not have to install with wirings that may attract electricity from your home. All you have to do is to put this item under direct sunlight for up to eight hours to enjoy a totally free illumination of up to ten hours. The switch mechanism is quite automated as the light comes up automatically at night and goes off once the sun is out. Also, it is very easy to mount and you do not need any technician’s support to have the lanterns fully functional.

Furthermore, this product is crafted using the finest ABS plastic grade which means this lantern will give you more than the durability you crave. This plastic grade is strong enough to withstand hail, frost, and snow. To further strengthen this durability, this product comes with an IP65 waterproof grade to protect you from water elements.


  • Powerful LED illumination
  • Dancing flame effect and fancy aesthetics
  • Weatherproof


  • Requires longer time in the sun and doesn’t come with alternative charging option

8. Tomshine LED Outdoor Solar Lantern

This solar lantern offers buyers appealing options. It comes with a fully integrated solar panel system that stores up enough energy to supply you up to ten hours of light. Also, you may enjoy the plug-in option in situations where you do not have access to enough direct sunlight. Whichever the case may be, this solar lantern offers you a premium warm lighting experience.

It is carved for a luxurious touch of candlelight effect which is perfect to create a warm ambiance and exotically romantic outdoor experience. It is perfectly ideal for your garden, patio, balconies, and other outdoor spaces.

Additionally, this vintage beauty is very easy to install. The only thing you'd have to worry about is where to mount it as it comes already pre-packed. You do not need additional wires neither do you need to incur the additional cost of hiring a technician.

Furthermore, this product is crafted from materials that are entirely weatherproof. It has handcrafted metal frames which are luxuriously finished with high-grade glass panels, and lavishly coated with a metallic bronze finish. The entire exterior aesthetics is protected by an IP55 waterproof grade which makes this lantern stand a chance against rain splashes and other water elements.


  • Metallic frames for sturdy structure with classy glass finish
  • IP55 weatherproof
  • Alternative charging option


  • Light is dim and perfect to achieve a warm ambiance only

How to Pick Best Outdoor Solar Lanterns?

There are certain features that you must consider when trying to get yourself one of the best outdoor solar lanterns the market has got to offer. These features are also considered by our team of experts when trying to filter the top choice products in the solar lantern world. These features include:

Light Time

The amount of time your solar lantern can run speaks a lot about the quality of the lantern. The very essence of having an outdoor solar lantern is to avoid having to plug your lanterns into a socket or connecting it to some wirings to get it powered. On average, a good solar lantern should last you between eight to ten hours of good light.

Hence, the battery attached to your solar lantern should be able to store enough solar power to last for at least eight hours. Although, this depends on several factors such as sunlight, how cloudy a day is, or where your lantern is positioned for charging. However, a good lantern should last you all through the night.


The brightness of a lantern is determined by the lumen capacity a lantern has. Most solar lanterns come with LED light which emits a very powerful light. However, not everyone enjoys having so much bright light outside. Hence, if you are a lover of warm color light, then going for solar lanterns with lower lumen seems to be the right choice for you.

Ordinarily, solar lanterns could have five lumens of light and it could emit as powerful as fifty lumens, all depending on the purpose you want it to serve. For decorative purposes, lanterns with five lumens seem right while for powerful illumination of your outdoor space, fifty lumens would do a great job.

General Aesthetics

The aesthetics of your solar lantern speaks a lot of your home. You could have a very fancy light that will still be very durable. Hence, do not fall for the farce that fancy lights don’t last. Pay attention to the design and shape of your solar lantern and match it appropriately with your environment. Let this start with the right material.

Often, you will find your outdoor solar lanterns designed with plastic. Plastics could be very durable and it is resistant against the most element. However, the cheap plastic will not do so much for you. While settling for plastic material would give you that durability you crave, settle for the high-grade plastic product. Additionally, glass is also a perfect material for your outdoor lantern. It is quite indestructible, as it cannot be damaged by rust or decay, and it comes in very classy designs.


The more your lantern can do for you, the more functional and suitable they are for your needs. The best outdoor solar lanterns are those that combine the best of aesthetics with additional features such as water resistance, element protection, etc. Light modes should also be a thing to consider. There are lanterns with unique fire flickering modes and there other LED-powered lanterns that can switch between two to three different light modes.

Additionally, another very important feature is the installation time. You don't want to have technicians sending you crazy bills because you want to install a few lights across your yard. Hence, any lantern you are settling for must be the one you can install yourself and that wouldn’t take more than ten minutes to install.


The best outdoor solar lanterns are not so hard to come by, you just have to carefully examine the features of the product that appeals to you the most. Functionality has nothing to do with design as you can find a very fancy lantern doing the most terrific job.

However, in choosing the best outdoor solar lantern you just have to put into consideration the perfect balance between general aesthetics and premium functionality which must be accompanied by an assurance of durability. We have selected the top eight lanterns you can find anywhere and you sure would be doing yourself a great treat by choosing any of these listed top products.

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