8 Best Outdoor Flood Lights To Buy in 2021

Imagine having your home being constantly invaded by thieves and intruders. Scary right? However, you can purchase the best outdoor flood lights to ensure better security of your home and family. Making a choice doesn’t have to be such a difficult task, we are here to inform you of all you need to know and help you make the best choice.

Review of the Best Outdoor Flood Lights

You might be confused about the type of outdoor flood light to purchase. You need not despair further as we have taken out time to compile the best of outdoor flood lights available in the market. All you need do is read and then make a choice out of these options.

1. Brightech Light PRO LED Yard Light

Light up your barns, patios, front yard and every part of your house with the Brightech LightPRO LED Yard Light and prevent intruders from gaining access to your home. With an in-built photocell that activates at dusk and deactivates at dawn, you can be sure of sunset to dawn protection. It is housed in a heavy-duty aluminum case that is resistant to corrosion; this aluminum casing protects the light from moisture, dust, dirt particles, insects, sands and other elements.

It also has a waterproof rating of about IP65 (a brilliant idea for wet climates). It is easy to install as it can be mounted anywhere, from flat surfaces to steel clamps and so on. With a 5,000 lumen and a color temperature of 5,000 Kelvin, it shines so brightly while also being energy efficient. This truly is a brilliant choice for those who wish to light up their paths.


  • It shines very brightly
  • Easy to install
  • Has a 3-year warranty
  • Dusk to dawn lighting capacity
  • It is energy efficient


  • The circuit needs to be hardwired before it can work
  • Dusk to dawn lighting feature cannot be bypassed

2. Hyperikon LED Security Light

With 90 lumens, this is yet another brilliant LED light that is suitable for garage, barns, front porch, gardens and the general security of the house. With its simple design, it has an in-built motion sensor which can detect motion within up to 30 to 40 feet away. It also has dawned to dusk capability as it switches on at night and off in the morning automatically. It is easy to install and also has the IP65 weatherproof rating system that can withstand weather conditions like rain, wind, snow, and hail.

The light shines so bright it’s almost blinding; it also comes with a 5-year warranty, you can also contact the customer service unit at any time of the day if you have any product complain. You don't have to sleep with one eye opened henceforth, Illuminate your garage, barns, front porch, gardens, patios and all parts of your home with the Hyperikon LED Security Light.


  • It has an unlimited 5-year warranty
  • Comes with the dawn to dusk sensors
  • It is waterproof
  • Has motion sensors
  • Installation is quick and easy


  • The coverage area is not wide enough

3. SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

If you are often disturbed by intruders, criminals or thieves and wish to scare them off, then the Sansi LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Light is the ideal flood light to purchase. It has the best combination of features for both security outdoor light and motion sensor. With two headlights, you are guaranteed better protection as it has a full coverage area. It has four LED lights which produce 1,800 lumens of light, which provides very bright light.

You would think that with this kind of brightness, it would require more energy, but this is not the case as it draws only 18W of power, thereby reducing your energy consumption. To get the best out of this product, it should be mounted at least 8-feet off the ground as this way it's able to cover up to 861 square foot; this is an excellent deterrent for unwanted intruders. It has motion sensor abilities that are very accurate as it can detect motion up to 50-feet away. It also has the dawn to dusk sensor. Purchase this product today and protect your home from invaders.


  • It is energy efficient
  • Comes with two light heads
  • It has motion sensor of up to 50-feet
  • It has dawn to dusk sensor


  • None

4. Ustellar LED Flood Light

With the Ustellar LED Flood Light you get to save 80% on electricity as it has 60W LED rather than the 300W halogen lamp you are used to. It is environmentally friendly and has no health impact as it has no radiation, does not contain lead, mercury, or any other poisonous chemical.  For your patio, garden, playground, street, field, pathway, building, billboard, gymnasium and other places you wish to illuminate choose the Ustellar Led Flood Light.

It has exposed cables that have special anti-aging features as well as anti-UV. With aluminum casing the LED light is resistant to scratch and corrosion, the color remains the same and hardly ever fades, it has an efficient cooling system and so does not radiate much heat. With 2-pack that ensure energy efficiency, it also has IP66 waterproofing rating that does not cave into the weather no matter what, it is super bright and comes with a 3-year warranty.


  • It saves energy
  • Waterproof
  • Has an efficient cooling system
  • It is durable
  • It is super bright and has a 3-years warranty


  • Its cables are exposed
  • It doesn’t cover a wide area

5. Outdoor Wireless Solar Lights

The Outdoor Wireless Solar Lights is just ideal for every home that is conscious of their security. It has a solar motion sensor light that is designed to charge during the day and light up at night, the product it is easy to install as it does not involve wiring, plugs or any other tool for its installation, you can do it yourself. It is also waterproof such that dirt, sand, rain, and other particles are sealed out of the light, thereby ensuring they last longer.

It has a waterproof rubber ring attached at the back of the panel which protects the button and circuit in cases of a high power surge or power failure. Made with quality ABS material, it is built to withstand any weather condition. With this product installed in your front porch, back door, patio, garden, and every other part of your home, you can sleep with both eyes closed knowing that you are well protected against intruders.


  • It has a motion sensor
  • It has advanced solar technology
  • Easy installation
  • It is easy to adjust to the illumination angle
  • It has a one year warranty


  • Its motion sensor does not last for so long
  • It is not bright enough

6. AMMON LED Flood Light

Do you wish to purchase an outdoor flood light that is made with sturdy materials, lightweight with a lot of focus light and flexibility to move from one angle to another? Then look no further as the Ammon LED Flood Light is just what you need. Built with a single panel, it focuses its light in a one specific direction at a time ensuring you get maximum protection and lighting in that area. Whether it's your barn, backyard, front porch, garden, field, or anywhere that needs lighting this product will leave you satisfied with the amount of lighting it provides.

Made with durable and sturdy materials of tempered glass, aluminum Die-casting case, it is environmentally friendly and safe as it has no trace of lead, mercury, UV radiation, or any other hazardous emission. It is waterproofed, has a lifespan of 50,000-hours and comes with an extended mount to make installation easy. Protect your home; get the AMMON LED Flood Light today.


  • It is lightweight
  • It lasts for 50,000 hours
  • Installation is made easy with an extended mount
  • Its LEDs are very bright


  • It only focuses on one place at a time
  • It has no motion sensor

7. Univivi IR Illuminator

The Univivi IR Illuminator is made of high-quality material to ensure maximum satisfaction and security. It can rotate up to 90 degrees providing more comprehensive coverage. It comes with a CCTV camera; it also makes it easy to monitor movement at night as it has improved quality of night vision. However, to ensure that it works properly, it's best you ensure that your camera sensitivity is at least 850nm infrared light before purchasing the product.

It turns ON and OFF automatically providing ease of use. Made of heavy duty aluminum casing, thick heat sink to prevent giving off too much heat to the environment, reinforced glass to avoid penetration by dirt, sand, rain or any other particle and stainless steel screws that ensures they don't fall off, this product is just what you need in your home and everywhere else. It is durable, sturdy, and shines so bright; it is also low maintenance and energy efficient. Purchase one today and thank us later.


  • It has a 90-degree wide angle
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • Has automatic ON and OFF sensor
  • It has Infrared Light
  • Comes with CCTV camera


  • Its installation is complex
  • It is expensive

8. STASUN LED Flood Light

It comes with triple head leads that produce up to 13,500 Lumens of high brightness; it also helps you save about 80% of the electricity bill. It casts no shadow and is anti-glare, ensuring that adequate lighting is produced. With the STASUN LED Flood Light, you are assured of safety without worrying so much about accumulated electricity bills. It is very flexible and covers a large area as it has a 330 pivotal degree that casts light on dark areas, so you need not purchase so much of this.

It is easy to maintain as it is encased in an aluminum and shock-resistant PC lens. This feature also makes heat dissipate at a fast rate and ensures the durability of the product. With a 50,000-hour life span, you get to provide the product for a very long time without worries; it is more durable than the regular halogen lights you are used to. So purchase the STASUN LED Food light and light up your patios, gardens, barns, back doors, and every corner of your house. It's a must-have for every home that is high on its security.


  • It is made of sturdy materials and durable
  • It has a 330-degree coverage
  • With 13,500 Lumens, it is very bright
  • It helps you save electricity bills


  • It is heavy
  • Complex installation

Criteria for Purchasing the Best Outdoor Flood Lights

Don't just go ahead and purchase an outdoor flood light; you might make the wrong choice if you do. There are criteria you must consider before making a choice; they include:

  • Lumen 
    This refers to the measure of the total amount of light visible to the human eyes from a lamp source. This factor is vital because the total amount of lumen available in a lamp will determine the brightness of the light. Ideally, for a flood light to be considered good, it should have at least 700 lumens, anything less and the floodlight will not be so bright.
  • Energy Consumption
    Watt is the unit used to represent the amount of energy consumed by a LED light. A LED light with more Watts will consume more energy and vice versa. It is there necessary to purchase a LED light with less Watts as this will ensure it last long. You need not worry about the relationship between a LED’s brightness and the amount of Watts it contains as they are in no way dependent on each other.
  • Water Resistance
    As most LED lights are used outdoors where they are exposed to heavy rains, snow, and other weather conditions, it is essential to purchasing a flood light that will withstand harsh weather without absorbing water. This factor is necessary as a waterproofed outdoor flood light will last longer than one which absorbs water.
  • Longevity
    This is another factor that must be considered before the purchase of flood light. It will be regarded as money wasted to purchase a flood light that won't last beyond a few months at most. You should ensure that the materials used in producing the floodlight is strong and sturdy and cannot be carried away easily by wind or heavy rain, the content must also be of high quality to ensure durability as the lights will be spending all its time outdoors. Materials like coated aluminum, copper, and stainless steel are good options to consider.
  • Motion Sensors
    This refers to the ability of the floodlight to be sensitive to motion. This is needed for security purpose as motion sensor flood lights turn on once a movement is detected a few meters from it. This way, you don't get a surprise visit from unwanted intruders.
  • Ability to turn On/Off Automatically
    As mundane as this factor sounds, it is crucial to purchase a flood light with the ability to turn off/on automatically. There are times you wake up and forget to turn off the lights, but with an automatic on/off flood light it can switch off in the morning and on at night thereby saving energy and ensuring it lasts longer.
  • Light Color
    Outdoor flood lights come in a variety of colors as well as shades. Some floodlights make use of an LED array to create a wide range of colors, while some other types of light allow you to choose the shade of white light you prefer. This is called the warm light or the cool light. Warm light contains more red lights while the cool light contains more blue light.
  • Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
    This is perhaps the most popular type of flood light. They have more lumens and are more durable than halogen bulbs; they are also more energy efficient. Most people prefer LED lights to halogens and other types of floodlights due to their cost-effectiveness and other features.
  • Heat Sinks
    As outdoor flood lights are known to produce a large amount of heat, there is the need to purchase a flood light with great heat sinks to absorb the heat generated. For this, the ridge heat sink is the most preferred choice as it allows contact and airflow, which quicken the rate at which the light cools.

How to Install Outdoor Flood Light?

Installing an outdoor flood will indeed help enhance the security of your home. Its installation can be a bit technical for some products and so it’s best to contact the services of a professional to help with the installation of those type of floodlights. However, it's not something out of your league as will be soon in this article. Follow the outlined steps below to install and have your floodlights working correctly:

Disconnect the Power Source

Locate the circuit breaker in your extension box which is usually placed at the top or bottom part of your home, once located turn off the power to avoid any electrical hazard during installation.

Connect the Wire to the Outlet Closest To you

Locate a strategic position where you want the floodlight to be placed and locate the nearest outlet to it (usually by the main door or the entrance). Once found, open the surface of the outlet with a screwdriver and then connect the wires to the side screws. Ensure that the cables are of matching colors (for instance, black should be connected to black, blue to blue, red to red and so on).

Draw the Wire to the Chosen Position

Take the connected wire to the position where you wish the switch to be positioned (ensure it's in an area that is easily accessible to the family but no one else). Clip it properly to the floor or the wall using wire clips.

Install Switch

To do this, connect the two black wires you see on both ends. This can be done by inserting the wires into the holes created for them and then screw tightly to hold it in place. Never try to use the switch on the white colored wire, instead, connect the white cable to the other white cable and hold in place with electric clips and wire caps.

Connect Wire to Flood Light

From the switch, take the wire to the floodlight light even while it's still attached to the wall with wire clips. Using wire caps and clips connect the cable to the floodlight using the same color match technique used earlier. If the wire is not enough, cut the cord and then reattach ensuring you tape the connection.

Test Run

Run a check on the connection once again making sure it's well connected and that there are no bare wires or loose ends. Put the pulled out switch back in its position and screw in place. After this, turn on the main switch and the switch to the flood light.

If these steps were taken correctly, your front porch should be flooded with light. It's that simple!

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To secure your home, you need to go out of your way and make choices that ensure the protection of every member of your family and getting an outdoor flood light is one of such methods. An outdoor flood light doesn’t just light up your outdoor space; it also adds an excellent touch to your outdoor décor.

Now that you know what it takes to purchase the best outdoor flood Lights, making a choice shouldn’t be such a gruesome task. Armed with this information, get yourself one of these products and enjoy peaceful nights asleep with both eyes closed, your family will thank you for it.

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