15 Best LED Grow Lights for 2021 – Reviews based on Lifespan

If you are looking to start out with indoor growing (or growing cannabis in particular), you may be in the market for the best LED grow lights to produce the best results possible. It is important to realize that not all LED grow lights are created equally and while they share a common name, they do not necessarily function to get the job done which you require.

It can be a little overwhelming when you are trying to decide which LED lights are the best, since there are so many choices, however this guide will walk you through key features to look for and give reviews on some of the best LED lamps available, so you can be better informed when deciding.

Awesome tip: to be effective for growing indoor plants and especially cannabis, you should use combination these full spectrum LED grow lights with one of best grow tents

last updated: July 07, 2020

Top 15 Best LED Grow Lights To Buy

If you're feeling lost in the thousands of products grow lights, then you're in the right place. We have comprehensively reviewed top led grow lights complete with their pros and cons.

Our Pick:

1. Phlizon Newest 1200W LED Plant Grow Light 

This new style grow light has many key features to offer when you are shopping around for the best grow lights on the market to meet your needs. It is not only sleek and simple in appearance, it also serves to get your plants growing with a full spectrum design. There are two color coded buttons to choose which stage your plants are at so that the most efficient lighting is being output—either Veg or Bloom. You won’t have to worry about the reflector melting or becoming too hot since there isn’t one with this light.

This LED plant grow light is a great size for gardens up to 3x3 feet and will still work powerfully with the 1200 watts of light it outputs. There are two cooling fans to protect from high heat output, which would ultimately affect your growing environment. You will enjoy the energy saving abilities when you get your next utility bill since this light uses only the equivalent of 300 watts of power.

Pros + Key Features

  • Assists in growth through all stages from seedling to full bloom
  • Full spectrum LED grow light
  • Double cooling fans keep things cool
  • Includes hanging hooks
  • Covers 3x3 foot area set at 2-foot height
  • 1200 watts of power at 300 watts energy use
  • Great price for the quality
  • No reflector; less chance of overheating and melting
  • Easy to install yourself

Budget Pick:

2. Roleadro LED Grow Light, Gaalaxyhydro Series - best for the money

If you are on a tighter budget, yet still want to enjoy a blooming indoor garden, then this LED light is great for you. It offers full spectrum grow lighting with a little more added red light, which is known to yield better growth in your plants. The 300 watts of power will only consume power equivalent to 130 watts, translating to saved the money on your monthly bills.

This LED will assist in all stages of plant development with the VEG or FLOWER options. The built-in double fan system works to keep this light operating at a very cool temperature, preventing the light from causing heat output. This is one pick for best budget LED grow lights.

Pros + Key Features

  • Great for beginners or those on a budget who want to keep costs low
  • Full spectrum light design with added red light to boost growth
  • No reflector to overheat and melt like other LED grow lights
  • Bright light for a 300-watt set up
  • Save on your utility costs since this draws only 130 watts of power
  • Easy to install yourself
  • Double cooling fans are built in to protect and prevent from overheating and high heat output

Other Great Choices:

3. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light - Best for Cannabis Cultivation

The Viparspectra LED Grow light offers your plants bright light that closely mimics sunlight to boost growth from seedling to full bloom. They have a full spectrum led grow design to ensure all stages are covered. The coverage range for this light is anywhere from 2.5 x 2.5 feet to 3 x 3 feet depending upon the height distance from your plants.

You won’t have to worry about overheating of the light or heat escaping into the environment since this comes with a double cooling fan and an aluminum heat sink which will keep things nice and cool. Although this LED grow light outputs 600 watts of power, it only consumes 269 watts, saving you money on your electricity.

Pros + Key Features

  • Includes a daisy chain cord to link multiple lights
  • Uses only 269 watts of power but outputs 600 watts
  • Great for all stages of plant life from seed to full bloom, and it is best led grow lights for weed
  • Full spectrum light design
  • Optional timer control
  • Hanging kit included for easy installation

4. King Plus 1000 Watt LED Grow Light Review

You can expect a long life span from this LED growing light with the built-in 10 watt double chip. This light also keeps a great balance between PAR and lumen output, yielding your plants better growth. Despite being a 1000-watt light, you will only be consuming about 186 watts of power with it’s energy saving design. With the full spectrum design, these lights closely mimic natural sunlight to help grow your indoor garden from seed to full bloom. The larger ventilation holes built in to the body of the light help the cooling fans keep heat to a minimum.

Pros + Key Features

  • Assists with growth in all stages of plant life from seed to full bloom
  • Full spectrum light design gives similar lighting to natural sunlight
  • Includes a hanging chain for easy installation
  • No ballasts needed; plug in and use
  • 1000 watts of power but only consumes 186 watts
  • Double chip at 10 watts; lengthens light life
  • Larger ventilation holes in body to keep light cooler
  • Can be operated by timer control

5. King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light - Best for indoor growing

This King Plus LED light offers 1500 watts of power, while only consuming 260 watts of energy. This will translate to a great savings in your electricity usage and bill. The double 10-watt chips will lengthen to life of this LED light and give a brighter output than other similar models. The 3 mm ventilation holes are an upgrade from the traditional 1.6 mm size, which allows more efficient cooling along with the double cooling fans. The full spectrum light design helps plants grow in all stages of life from seed to bloom. You won’t need as many grow lights if choosing this one, since it’s coverage area is about 4 x 5 feet.

Pros + Key Features

  • Larger coverage area of 4x5 feet
  • Includes hanging chain for installation
  • Offers 1500 watts of output at only 260 watts of power use
  • Double chip built-in lengthens life of light and burns brighter
  • Larger ventilation holes
  • Plug in and use
  • Full spectrum growing light

6. BESTVA DC Series 1800W LED Grow Light

This thin panel LED grow light is super efficient with it’s built-in double 10-watt chips which will lengthen the life of your light and burn brighter. Although this light is 1800 watts, you will only be consuming 340 watts of energy, which is a huge savings on your utilities. The body is made of aluminium and features cooling holes plus a powerful cooling fan to keep heat at a minimum.

It runs about 50°F cooler than other cheap LED grow lights on the market. You will not need many lights of this type to get great coverage, since this light is great for up to 7.2 x 6.8 feet at 2-foot height. The full spectrum light design ensures your plants are receiving light like natural sunlight for maximum growth potential.

Pros + Key Features

  • Can be timer controlled
  • No extra ballasts needed, plug in and use
  • Covers fairly large area of approximately 7 x 6 feet
  • Savings in energy consumption since it uses about 340 watts of power
  • Double chips for better life span and brighter burn
  • Hanging cord included for easy installation
  • Operates cooler than most LED grow lights
  • Won’t need too many lights; could save money and energy use

7. VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W LED Grow Light - Ideal for Beginners

This smaller LED grow light is a great option for beginners or even desktop growing. It comes with a daisy chain feature so that additional lights can be connected later if you choose to expand your gardening space. The aluminum heat sinks, and double cooling fans are super efficient at keeping the heat output to a minimum. Hanging kit is included with this light, making installation super easy. You can just plug it in and start to use it. The 300 watts of power translates to only 136 watts of energy used, saving money on utility costs.

Pros + Key Features

  • Small size is perfect for desktop growing or just starting out
  • Lower price point for those on a budget
  • Hanging kit included
  • Built-in aluminum heat sink and double cooling fan for low heat output
  • Full spectrum light design

8. MARS HYDRO 600W LED Grow Light Review

With the Mars Hydro LED grow light, they have set out to achieve maximum photosynthesis by balancing the PAR value and using a full spectrum light design with more red lights to yield bigger plants and flowers. They built-in fans run very efficiently to keep a cool running light so not to disrupt your growing environment. This smaller panel grow light is perfect for a 2 x 4-foot area and can be set at variable heights using a hanging hook which must be purchased separately. This light also has the capability to be connected to other LED lights via the daisy chain feature.

Pros + Key Features

  • Lightweight construction
  • Easy to install
  • Very efficient cooling fans
  • Daisy chain feature allows you to use multiple lights with one socket
  • Additional red lights to boost size and bloom of your plants
  • 600 watts of power but uses only 192 watts of energy

9. WHOSLED Hystorm Upgraded 2000W LED Grow Light - Best hydroponic light

The WHOSLED Hystorm Upgraded 2000W LED Grow Light is a full spectrum light. Besides, the manufacturers went through a lot of indoor planting experiment to be able to come up with light as efficient as this. They also used 9 different types of LEDs to ensure that its spectrum is true and imitates real sunlight. In light of this, the WHOSLED Hystorm Upgraded 2000W LED Grow Light is ideal for all the plant’s growth stages and hydroponic system.

Also, it has two switches for VEG and BLOOM. The VEG switch is for plants undergoing germination while the BLOOM switch aids the growth of plants going through flowering/seedling. Please note that if you want the best results, leave the light on for at least 12 hours a day. Again, this LED light is energy efficient as it consumes only 401 Watts.

Moreover, each of the LED grow light is handmade. And the manufacturers solder the LED manually hereby making it more reliable. Also, it has a lifespan of 100,000 hours which we can all agree is impressive. However, the unit produces a lot of heat and you need to buy a cooling fan to make sure the plants don't burn. Finally, it has a 3-year warranty and you also get a 90day money-back guarantee.

Pros + Key Features

  • It is handmade
  • It is a full spectrum led grow light
  • It has a lifespan of 100,000
  • You get a 3-year warranty

10. MARS HYDRO TS 1000W LED Grow Light Review

MARS HYDRO TS 1000W LED Grow Light is another good option for indoor growers. It is a very efficient light and regardless that it is a 1000W light, it only consumes 150W. With this, you will find that you are spending less on electricity costs than when you use HPS lights. Lest we forget, it is a full spectrum LED grow light and it is very close to sunlight. This makes it ideal for plants or your marijuana in all growth stages.

Besides, because of its high intensity, plants will absorb over 90% of the light it produces. Again, the light promises high yield too. Also, it can cover a 2.5 square feet area effectively. It can also cover a maximum area of 3 square feet. You also have an option to dim the lights. In light of this, you can cut down on energy costs and the amount of heat the lighting unit produces.

Furthermore, the light is very reflective and the manufacturers designed it with heat dispersing aluminium. The purpose of this heat dispersing aluminium is to ensure that the light goes directly to the plants and they don't bounce off the wall. Again, the light runs coolly and we assure you that there won't be any case of your plants burning.

Pros + Key Features

  • You can dim the lights
  • It is highly reflective
  • It is a full spectrum light
  • It runs coolly

11. PARFACTWORKS 2000W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

The PARFACTWORKS 2000W Natural Looking LED Grow Light is another best led grow light for your plants. It is a 380-780 nm full spectrum light with the right amount of red, blue, white, orange, yellow, UV and IR combination. In light of this, your plants will get the necessary light to boost their growth at all stages. Also, it consumes only 230W of power which makes it one of the most energy-efficient LED grow lights.

Also, the light emits a high amount of heat but the manufacturers included four cooling fans in the package to combat this. Furthermore, the lights are very bright and it can cover up to 4 square feet. However, if you will be growing flowering plants, you should keep the plants within a 3 square feet area. Again, it is easy to install as it comes with 2 hanging kits and rope hangers.

Moreover, with a lifespan of over 700,000 hours, this is one LED grow light that will stand the test of time. Besides, to attest for the quality of their product, the manufacturers placed a 3-year warranty on it. Finally, you also get an option to return the product within 30 days of sale if you do not want it anymore.

Pros + Key Features

  • It has a lifespan of over 700,000 hours
  • It is energy efficient
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It is ideal for all plant growth stages

12. Lightimetunnel LED Grow Light Full Spectrum 600W

This is a cost-effective option for anyone looking to start an indoor garden, those who have smaller spaces or anyone not looking to spend a lot of money on an LED grow light. The small size makes this light ideal for desktop growing as well. The outer body is made heat resistant which helps in keeping it run cooler and keeping your space cooler. The inclusion of a reflector cup and the double chips make for a brighter light with a longer life expectancy than other similar models.

Pros + Key Features

  • Very budget friendly
  • Space saving since it is a smaller, slender panel light
  • Uses reflector cup and double chips to output brighter light
  • Lightweight for easy installation
  • Comes with hanging kit
  • Heatproof casing means light stays cool to the touch
  • Full spectrum light design

13. Growstar 600W LED Grow Light

This higher wattage LED grow light features double built-in chips for efficient light concentration which has a brighter output than other models. The full spectrum lighting design mimics natural sunlight to give your plants all they need in terms of light. You will appreciate the energy saving of this light since it outputs 600 watts but only uses 200 watts of power. There is a daisy chain hook up for connecting multiple lights, however the cord must be purchased separately. The included hanging kit makes installation easy. This is a great LED grow light for those looking for higher power output on a smaller budget.

Pros + Key Features

  • Great price point for those on a budget looking for higher wattage
  • Hanging kit included for easy installation
  • Uses only 200 watts of power
  • Full spectrum light design is much like natural sunlight
  • Daisy chain feature to connect additional lights
  • Double chips for brighter, more efficient lights with longer life span

14. Dimgogo LED Grow Light 1500W

If you are looking for a powerful grow light, the Dimgogo LED Grow Light with 1500 watts of power is a great option. This light has triple chips for super efficient lighting and extra bright output. The triple chips can assist in growing your plants much quicker than single or double chip LED lights, saving you time and effort. To keep heat output to a minimum, there are three built-in cooling fans plus heat sink, which is more effective than most LED lights. The 1500 watts of output only uses about 260 watts of power, which is a considerable savings on your utilities.  This larger panel style LED grow light is suitable for a 6.4 x 6-foot growing area.

Pros + Key Features

  • Good price point for the size and power you get
  • Large coverage area of 6.4 x 6 feet at 2-foot height
  • Includes hanging kit for easy installation
  • Triple cooling fans and heat sink keep this light super cool
  • Energy savings since it uses only about 260 watts of energy
  • Full spectrum light design
  • Fans run quietly

15. VIHIMAI 1000W LED Grow Light

This square design LED grow light is highly efficient and powerful with 1000 watts of output and triple chip design. The life span of this LED light is longer than lights with only double chip design. To keep this light running super cool, there are four fans which make it up to 50% cooler than similar models. It features full spectrum light design, and both Veg and Bloom switches for specific stages of plant life. The daisy chain feature allows connectivity of up to 6 additional lights. The recommended coverage area for this grow light is 4 x 4 feet.

Pros + Key Features

  • Four cooling fans mean very little heat output
  • Triple chips for brighter light output and better yields
  • Veg and Bloom button for specific plant stages
  • Budget friendly for the power you get
  • Includes hanging kit
  • Easy installation
  • Large grow area coverage at 4 x 4 feet
  • Copper hooks for hanging, hold the weight of the light well

Factors To Consider When Choosing LED growing Lights?

You may be thinking— “Aren’t all grow lights basically the same?” but this is not necessarily true. When you are purchasing grow lights for the first time, or even replacing old ones, you should look for these key features or characteristics when considering one light over another. These points will help you conclude which is right for your specific case.

Full Spectrum

This is the first feature you should consider. Plants are not only need red and blue spectrums, but also infrared and ultraviolet rays. So, the full spectrum LED grow lights will give higher yield than the others

Shape of the Light

LED grow lights are available in a variety of shapes from panels to saucer shape and even light bars. It is best to consider where you will be setting up your indoor growing space and this will assist in deciding which shape is suitable for you. Smaller lights are great for smaller space but also for setting up in scattered patterns, whereas a panel light covers longer stretches of space.

Hours of Burn Time

Not all LED lights burn at the same rate. You should always check to see what the estimated life expectancy of each light is prior to purchasing. A higher dollar amount does not necessarily mean you are getting the best value or the best LED grow lights high times. Read the packaging to see how long you should expect to have this light before it needs replacing.

Excellent Quality Internal Chip

At the heart of every LED light is a chip which will convert your electricity into light. This chip must be of high quality to ensure there is enough powerful light to get your garden growing. A good rule of thumb is to find an LED light with a chip of at least 3 watts, so you can be sure it has enough luminosity to get the job done.

Lower Heat Generation

This is an important key feature for any LED growing lights you purchase. Some LED lights will output higher heat and create a warmer environment in doing so. In turn, you would have to cool your space with fans to have the proper growing temperature for your plants. To save yourself having this set up, it is much simpler to purchase LED lights with a low heat output. Not only will they generate less atmospheric heat, they tend to last longer since they are not burning so hot at a constant rate.

Ease of Use

Even if you are not new to indoor gardening, your time is important. The last thing you want to be doing is tinkering with your LED grow lights for hours trying to get them adjusted just right. Choose an LED light which is simple and easy to use. This means you should be able to easily set the height and intensity without much fuss.

Size of Your Expected Garden

Before purchasing any best lights for indoor growing, you must know exactly how big your indoor growing space will be. This will help you decide how many lights you will require and could sway the shape and size of LED light you choose. A great guide to how many lights you will require is:

Plants requiring higher amounts of light: around 32 watts per square foot

Plants requiring lower amounts of light: around 14 watts per square foot

Other tip: there is a type of grow light that applies new technology to help plants grow more efficiently. We also recommend using these best COB led grow lights for indoor growing

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What's the proper distance from plants for LED Grow Lights?

12 - 29 inches.This varies with each LED grow light. If your light has higher wattage, you will want to set it higher to avoid burning your plants. Check your manufacturers recommendations..

The Basic distance chart of LED grow light:


LED Wattage

Distance from top of plant


200 - 400

12 - 20 inches


401 - 600

21 - 27 inches


601 - 800

30 - 39 inches


801 - 1000

32 - 42 inches


1000 +

36 - 46 inches

2. How long do you keep a grow light on?

About 14 - 18 hours, this will depend on the stage your plants are currently in. There are different times for seed, growing and bloom, especially cannabis. Check the recommendations that come with your grow light.

3. How many watts per plant for LED Grow Lights?

We recommend a awesome rule-of-thumb for LED grow lights is 30 watts per square foot of indoor growing space for cannabis plants or other flowering plants. Besides, for plants needing high light, bank on 40 watts per square foot. For plants only requiring low light, use 25 watts per square foot.

The usual wattage per coverage area chart:



LED Wattage


1 x 1 

30W ~ (30W - 42W)


2 x 2

120W~ (120W - 150W)


2 x 4

240W~ (240W - 300W)


3 x 3

270W~ (250W - 300W)


4 x 4

480W~ (500W - 600W)

4. Is it safe to look at LED lights?

No, it is never safe to look at LED lights with the naked eye. Avoid this as much as possible due to UV light emission..

5. Can any LED light be used as a grow light?

No. Grow lights feature specific colors of LED lights which are important to growing plants, unlike standard LED lights.

6. How to Install LED Grow Lights?

First, assuming you have grow tent space, installing your LED lights is not too difficult. If your grow light comes with a hanging kit, it is usually one with a pulley type system, which makes adjust height super simple. In addition, if you install grow lights for hydroponic systems, you can refer to this article from Farmhydroponics

LED grow lights vs Other Grow lights?

Nowadays, there are so many types of grow lights you can get on the market. However, they can be classified under any of three categories: high-intensity discharge, light-emitting diodes, and fluorescent. Here is how these other types compare with LED grow lights.

Type of Grow Light


LED (Light-emitting Diode)

LED lights offer the full spectrum required for indoor plant cultivation. Compared to other grow lights, they are the most efficient in energy consumption, producing the lowest level of heat. Furthermore, LEDs have a longer lifespan compared to other grow lights. However, the light produced by LEDs is not good for your eyes.

HID (High-Intensity Discharge)

This grow light consumes way more energy than LEDs. The lifespan is considerably shorter compared to LEDs, and they produce a high level of heat. To prevent heat damage to your cannabis plants, they should be installed at a distance from the plants. There are many high-intensity discharge lights to choose from.


Fluorescent grow lights are really affordable, and they have a reasonably long lifespan. However, they will not last as long as LEDs, and they are not the best grow lights to use during the flowering stages. Like HIDs, there are so several types of fluorescent grow lights to choose from on the market.


In Conclusion…

You can easily start an indoor garden with one or two lights if you want to keep it simple. This guide is designed to help beginners all the way to advanced growers in finding the best LED grow light for their own specific needs and plants. If you look out for the key features outlined here, you will be sure to find the most suitable LED grow light for your indoor growing experience. Hopefully you have found answers to your questions about LED grow lights and learned a little about the installation process as well. Please feel free to leave a comment or question, we always enjoy our readers feedback.

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    • There are a couple of factors that you need to take into consideration before choosing the best light for your grow room. In order to provide your plants with light, you will need a grow light which is powerful enough to cover the grow area where your plants are going to be. The area may differ depending upon the scale of your operation and if you have different space allotted for seedlings and clones or are you planning to grow your marijuana all the way to maturity in one place. Another thing you will need to decide is whether you want an all-purpose light or will you be planning on supplementing your plants with other lamps for processes such as vegetation and flowering. However, if you are tight on budget and are on the lookout for a lower running cost and a stealthy growing then LED grow lights are the perfect fit for your project. Last but not the least, you will not face problems such as running too hot, ballast or replacing bulbs. All these problems have been associated with the HPS and HID lights and not the LED lights. Let us further take a look at the best LED grow lights of 2019 and help you select the perfect grow light for your grow room.

    • This grow light is ideal for use in growing roses, orchids, peppers, basil, herbs, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, broccoli and a lot more of vegetables and fruits. It is ideal for small indoor gardens and it gives off the right amount of light spectrum for vegetables and flowers. This LED grow light is an Amazon best seller . This led lights grow can be used in tight and small spaces without worrying that heat will build-up. It can be used for all plant growth stages from seedlings to a full grown plant. It works best for small plants (below 16 to 18 inches) because of its small size. It comes with a one year warranty and has a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. This bulb is for use in standard 12W sockets.

    • First of all, it depends on the type of strain that you are growing. Different types of strains have different type of light requirements. This is why we highly recommend that you first pick a strain to grow and then start looking at the LED grow lights. As you decide on which strain you want to grow, you will know how much light it needs, all you have to do now is just compare the amount of light needed for your chosen strain with the coverage charts and PAR values which are provided by all the manufacturers of LED grow lights .

    • It is built with complete safety measures, as no reflectors are used. The product is a full spectrum design for effective plant growth at all stages. The product has an optimal spectrum that helps in plant growth that all stages. It is built with bloom and veg switches.

    • If you re unfamiliar with how COB lights work, it might be difficult to know which ones are right for your grow room. We ve compiled our picks for the best COB LED grow lights on the market in 2020.

    • It is therefore important that before you choose best led grow lights for indoor you should be aware of the lighting requirements of your plants. It is also important to identify the area of your indoor garden. You would not like your plants to have too little or too much light.

    • It is therefore important that before you choose best led grow lights for indoor you should be aware of the lighting requirements of your plants. It is also important to identify the area of your indoor garden. You would not like your plants to have too little or too much light.

    • If you re unfamiliar with how COB lights work, it might be difficult to know which ones are right for your grow room. We ve compiled our picks for the best COB LED grow lights on the market in 2020.

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