10 Best Grow Tents 2020 | Use for Indoor Growing

A grow tent is an excellent way to create the ideal indoor growing environment that you can easily control.  While grow lights, hydroponic system, nutrients and ventilation are important, a quality grow tent comes before all these factors. Without one, nothing else matters.

There are many factors to consider when purchasing best grow tents. The features, budget and your growing needs are of paramount importance.

In this article, we are going to dig deep so you have enough information on setting up and using your own grow tent. Let’s get started, shall we?

Why You Should Use a Grow Tent?

Relatively Cheap – The average tents goes for around $70-$150. Setting up a grow space to reflect the same characteristic with air vents, light proof and waterproof is just the same cost or slightly more. It is difficult to set up a do-it-yourself space that works just as well as a grow tent. It will take more time, effort and planning than just buying a pre-made tent.

Easy & Quick to Set Up – Setting up a grow tent is pretty easy. You can set one up in an afternoon even if you are a rookie. Simply follow the manual and assemble one in no time. Overall, the work of assembling a grow tent is not as hard as you might think.

Stealth – A complete grow tent is great as the smells and light cannot escape the tent when set up correctly. It can also be tucked away at a corner or in a big closet without taking up too much room.

Perpetual Harvest – Grow tents create an ideal self-enclosed environment that you can manage separately for a perpetual harvest. If you want to separate your vegetative and flowering chamber, you can do this with ease using a grow tent.

Maximize Your Grow Lights – A grow tent will typically has reflective walls which are better than what you can do yourself.

Designed for Common Grow Equipment – It is fairly easy to adjust and hang grow lights, find ports and vents, hook up your fan. A grow tent accounts for most of the growing situations creating the ideal environment for plants to thrive.

Light Proof – A grow tent is made in such a way that light does not leak in and out of the tent. This not helps with faster growth bit as prevents light from spilling out. DIY light proofing can be cumbersome and a grow tent eliminates that problem.

Waterproof & Easy to Clean – A good grow tent typically has a waterproof floor that has regular spills so you have no worries about water leaking on your floor. It is fairly easy to clean the floors and walls of the grow tent making it simple to maintain one.

Designed for Airflow – The sealed nature of the grow tent combined with air ports and vents are highly efficient. You can set up a whirlwind in the tent by simply installing a strong exhaust fan in any of the ports. This creates a constant supply of fresh air to circulate in the tent from the intake vents near the floor, thus replacing all the stale air in minutes while supplying plenty of carbon dioxide to your plants. This also prevents problems with heat buildup.

Smell-Proof – Grow tents make it extremely easy to utilize a carbon filter. There is negative air pressure caused by the closed up space to prevent smells from leaking into the home will be balanced out as long as the carbon filter in attached, doors are closed and the exhaust fan is on.

Reviews and Top Pick of Best Grow Tents

If you are looking for the right grow tent for growing marijuana or other plants, carefully read our reviews below. We’ve provided comprehensive reviews of our picks for the grow tents in the market.

1. TopoLite Full Range Multiple Sized 24"x24"x48" Indoor Grow Tent Room( Our Top Pick)

Our top choice is the TopoLite indoor grow tent with a durable and sturdy construction. It is a suitable size for small and medium-sized plants.


  • Sturdy construction- The grow tent features a 600D lightproof oxford cloth outside and a highly effective (96%) diamond Mylar inside that enhances the reflective effect. Further, it has large heavy-duty exterior zippers that ensure safety use and easy set-up. The tent is erected on 16MM white paint coated metal rods that firmly hold the structure in place
  • Multiple vents- The TopoLite tent has multiple vents that accommodate filters and fans. You can grow fruits, herbs and vegetables in the grow tent. It has rectangular vents that have mesh for better ventilation.
  • Double stitching - For protection against light leaks, the tent has double stitching.
  • Manual- The quick tool-free installation with assembly instruction provides a seamless and easy assembly even if you are rookie.
  • Belts and Floor tray- In the set, you also get 2 nylon belts to use as filter straps and a removable floor tray. 


  • Short - It is a bit short so it is not suitable for large or mature plants.

2. TopoLite Full Range Multiple Sized Indoor Grow Tent Room

Another great tent from TopoLite, this is a multiple sized indoor tent with great reflective interior and a sturdy construction for durability.


  • Highly Reflective: With a 96% highly reflective and waterproof diamond mylar, the grow tent has an enhanced reflective effect.
  • Multiple Vents: The tent has rectangle vents with mesh for good ventilation and multiple vents for filter and fan output.
  • Strong and Durable: The TopoLite has a heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth, large heavy-duty zippers to prevent light leakage and diameter 16MM white paint coated metal rods for extra strength and durability. It also has double stitching and thick material for protection against light leaks.
  • Convenient and quick tool-free installation – This is quite easy to set up. You might not need the manual to get this set up.
  • Great design – The grow tent has a lovely design that is tall enough for large plants. Overall, it is well-designed and appealing to the eye.


  • The T-design may allow some light leakage which is bad for plants

3. CoolGrows Small Indoor Mylar Hydroponics Grow Tent

If you are not much of a handyman, this is top quality grow tent for you. You can assemble it with ease without any tools. This mini grow tent will not let any light in and looks like a wardrobe closet for enhanced privacy.


  • Durable Construction – The CoolGrows mini tent has sturdy metals bars and metal connectors on the 2 X 2 tent that is made of strong and durable material to give the frame adequate sturdiness. Made of a tear-proof and double-stitched canvas, the grow tent is strong and lightproof.
  • Easy Viewing – You get easy-to-peek windows that allow you to check on your plants without opening the door and disturbing the internal environment.
  • Better Reflectivity- The CoolGrows grow tent does not allow light to enter or internal light to escape. It has a 95% reflective Mylar lining that ensures none of the light leaves the grow tent so it will bounce back to the plants.
  • Easy Set-Up and Cleaning- The grow tent comes with a water-resistant and removable Mylar spill tray that is great for a home garden. It also comes with a manual for easy assembly. 


  • You also will not have any additional accessories.

4. TopoGrow 2-in-1 Indoor Grow Tent

TopoGrow grow tent has an excellent and stable construction, with 600D oxford cloth outside and 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond Mylar inside, The tent has exterior zippers design to ensure safety use and easy installation. Also, it has multiple vents to hold the filter and fans.


  • Two-tiered- The lodge tent has two stations with 3 separate growing areas allowing you to manage different plants in their various stages of development. This it does while remaining compoact for tiny spaces or areas with limited height.
  • Durable Build – The grow tent has a great interior material diamond Mylar lining that enhances the reflective effect for better output. Rectangle vents make use of high density screen that prevents mosquitoes from flying inside.
  • CMH 315W Grow Light – The grow tent delivers a light spectrum that is much closer to natural sunlight thus ideal for indoor growing. You can use 400W grow lights, LED grow light panels and T5 lights as well as a larger drying tent.
  • T5 Light Propagation – The TopoGrow tent also has inbuilt fluorescent lights with a highly reflective interior aluminum interior for maximum light intensity. Easy to operate and lightweight, it is ideal for propagation.
  • Different configurations- Depending on your preferences, the grow tent can be configured various ways which is perfect. The grow tent offers multiple options for you so you can utilize it maximally. 


  • This grow tent has pinhole leaks that allow light to get in through the stitching and the zippers.

5. VIVOSUN Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The VIVOSUN is a great four by two tent that is short and small enough to fit in a closet but still big enough to fit 6 at a go. Unlike other manufacturers, the tent manufacturers offer a longer warranty up to two years.

You can refer to more Vivosun Grow Tent Reviews


  • Light Proof - With a dark 600D canvas fabric on the outside and a 98% reflective Mylar lining that increases the output efficiency in a grow tent setup. The extra thick canvas prevents all the light from escaping while the reflective lining ensures the light to bounce off the walls to the plants.
  • Great, Durable zippers – VIVOSUN makes excellent SBS zippers that are sturdy and high-quality especially if you will open the grow tent a lot.
  • Ergonomic Build- The grow tent has sturdy support rods to hold the fans, ventilation and light panels. The strong metal poles are well-finished for easy and smooth installation. Also, the grow tent has a removable floor tray for spillage.
  • Easy Observation of Your Plants: You can easily access your plants through the observation window which allows to easily peek at your plants without unzipping the tent.
  • Fast Installation: VIVOSUN grow tents are pretty easy to install. You need no tools and the quality is backed by a two-year warranty.


  • None

6. Apollo Horticulture Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

The Apollo is an ergonomically designed tent that is made of 400D thick and light proof fabric with a reflective interior. It is double stitched for safety and comes with sturdy zippers that do not get stuck. The reliable grow tent will provide an extra grow space and won’t break the bank.


  • Efficiency – The combination of Mylar film that reflects over 97% of light in the grow tent and light proof fabric that is tear proof means there are no light leaks.
  • Safety – The Apollo tent comes with a great removable Mylar-lined floor tray that has Velcro straps that you can wrap around the tent’s poles to keep the floor clean. It also keeps any water off the grow room in case of any spillages.
    The metal poles are designed to hold the weight of the grow lights and any light setup you like without compromising your tent’s safety.
  • Easy to use and Assemble – You do not need any help assembling the Apollo grow tent. The package includes an instructional booklet guiding you on proper set up. It only takes minutes to assemble.
  • Warranty- You will get a 90-day warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee when you purchase an Apollo grow tent.


  • The Apollo grow tent is for professional use so you are cautioned to use it in a greenhouse and not apartments or enclosed spaces without proper ventilation.

7. Quictent SGS Approved Eco-Friendly Reflective Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent

Quictent is an eco-friendly that is genuine, safe and reliable for your growing needs. It is approved by SGS chemical testing as non-toxic as it will not release any harmful gases that could be dangerous to your plants. Here are other advantages of using the Quictent grow tent:


  • Light Proof – Enjoy worry-free gardening with this lightproof grow tent that uses high-quality materials to block out all the light from escaping. With 100% light reflective silver Mylar lining, this grow tent will return all the light to your plants and create the perfect thermal environment for plants. The Quictent features an extra thick canvas with a high-density 600D oxford fabric that is tear resistant for durability and double stitched for ideal light blocking.
  • Thicker net poles- With poles as thick as 0.8mm, the net pole makes the structure solid and safe. This prevents structural twisting and provides a better loading capacity for handing lights and other equipment. For durability, the poles have a rust-resistant powder coating.
  • Strong Anti-burst Metal Zipper – Zip up the grow tent with ease using this strong, water-proof and anti-burst metals zippers that slide with ease.
  • Great storage – You can easily store all your equipment in a convenient and high-quality tool bag.
  • Easy View Window: View your plants easily with the transparent window design that allows you to peek inside without unzipping your grow tent.


  • Difficult to assemble- The spring holes and frames are properly aligned making assembly such a challenge. It takes some time to figure which part goes where.

8. Helios Indoor Mylar Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent

Achieve great harvests and unrivaled control with a professional-grade indoor grow door from the – Helios Hydro. The grow tent is constructed with high-quality materials including a reflective and tear-proof 600D for optimized growth. The thick and dark fabric is reinforced with double stitching for light blocking and odor protection.  Heavy-duty zippers guarantee lasting durability and a seamless opening of the 2 doors.


  • Great Reflectivity – A good reflective interior provides an efficient boost to lighting setups for power configurations. This is both energy-saving and highly effective in creating the perfect conditions for great yields all year round.
  • Simple and Hassle-free assembly – You require no tools to set up this grow tent. You can place the grow tent anywhere in a greenhouse, apartment, condominium or any free space.
  • Sturdy Frames – The Helios tent has great frames that are constructed using strong and thick metal poles that are powder coated for durability. You also get two cross bars with the purchase of the Helios grow tent to hang your lights and ventilation.
  • Integrated viewing window – Monitor the growth and condition of your plants by peeking through the viewing window without opening the doors.
  • Large doors and sturdy zippers – The grow tent has tough zippers on each of the doors that allow easy access, secure protection and convenience.


  • There could be some light leaks on the stitching and zippers.

9. iPower 96"x48"x78" 4'x8' Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent

Designed with an interior that features a highly reflective lining, the iPower is a great hydroponic grow tent with a maximized light and heat control. Here are the pros and cons of this grow tent:


  • Lightproof – The iPower grow tent is reinforced with metal poles that ensure stability and security. With large heavy duty sippers and double stitching, you are assured that the grow tent is protected from light leaking. You can control the lighting and climate top grow your plants easily and safely.
  • Durability – This grow tent features a thick, tear-proof material with over 95% reflective Mylar interior for increased reflectivity. Bounce back 90% of your light bulb’s light back to your herbs and plants without adding your electricity bill. This also keeps your plants contained. Prevents smells from leaking out and keeps pests out of your tent.
  • Easy Observation and Organization – The door unzips smoothly and you can peek at your plants through the observation window. You can store your tools and all your accessories safely in the tool bag so they are always within reach.
  • Sturdy Frame: The grow tent has strong and durable poles that can handle up to 110 lbs. It is specially finished for safe handling and easy smooth installation.


  • Zippers and other seam areas cause light leakage.

10. Amagabeli Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing

The Amagabeli is a great indoor tent measuring 48"x48"x80" for indoor plant growing in limited space like a small house or apartment. The great closure allows for humidity, light and temperature to create the ideal environment for sprouting seedlings, flowering or sexing plants.


  • Light Proof – The grow tent blocks all the light from escaping with a tear proof and dark 600D double-stitched material with a 98% lining. You get HID lighting, MH bulbs and HPS grow light top create the perfect lighting environment for healthy plants. There is no light leakage as the circular openings have double drawstrings while the observation window has a light-tight seal.
  • An Upgraded Version & Warranty- This is an upgraded version with 2 adjustable rope hangers, observation window and tool bag. The accessories you get on purchase also include one removable floor tray that holds water for 3 days with no leakage. There is a 2-year warranty and a refund or return can be negotiated.
  • Good Ventilation – All the vent holes in the grow tent are circular and double sleeved. The ventilation openings can handle air circulation by the exhaust fan and cables. This allows for better heat, light and air flow for good indoor gardening
  • Easy to Setup – There are no tools needed to assemble. Just ensure that all the rubber feet face the same direction. You can also dissemble for clean up or relocation.


  • The grow light, carbon filter, and aluminum duct are for demonstration purpose only, thus not included in the purchase.

How to Choose the Right Size Grow Tent?

The lighting, size, ventilation, filtration and a proper understanding of various growing systems in the market are factors to consider when choosing the best grow tent for your budget and most importantly, your plants.

Here are some general points to consider where the tent is concerned:

  • Size and the shape 
  • Access points. Is it a reach-in or a walk-in?
  • Maximum weight ratings for the frames. You need to buy a tent with a higher weight maximum than you require.
  • Light control features such as vent socks and zipper covers
  • Interior line reflectivity
  • Number and location of air vents, intake and exhaust ports
  • Zipper strength and its quality
  • Puncture resistance and the canvas density
  • Portability features like knock-down, storage and easy installation
  • Versatility features such as dividers and adjustable ceiling heights
  • Accessories like view ports, spill trays and pouches

Choosing the size of the grow tent is a vital decision in this process. Together with plant choices, it will aid in your decision for the supporting components and the operating expenses. If you get an oversize tent, you may pay more for basic equipment and the energy you need to power the fans, lights and equipment. If you get an undersized tent, you run the risk of creating an unhealthy and crowded environment for your plants. It may also not accommodate mature plants even after pruning and trellising.

Grow tents are available in different sizes and shapes but all serve one purpose- housing plants. You can get tabletop models or walk-in tents. There are grow tents that big enough to hold an attic, basement or suburban garage. Rectangular and square tents are popular choices. Then there are some grow tents with high, low or adjustable height ceilings. The options are plenty, so how do you choose?

What you plan to do with your grow tent largely determines the type of grow tent you go for. If you want to cultivate seedlings, you may start with a small or low grow tent. They do not need roomy ceiling height but might require adjustable lighting.

General Guidelines on Plant Numbers

The best authority to guide on grow tent sizes is the tent manufacturer, but these guidelines can give you a rough idea on how many plants you can maintain in a particular tent.

  • A 2 ft. x 2 ft. tent  is suitable for 1-2 mature or 4 small plants
  • A 5 ft. x 2.5 ft. tent  is suitable for 2 mature or 6 small plants
  • A 4 ft. x 2 ft. tent  is suitable for 3 mature or 8 small plants
  • A 4 ft. x 4 ft. tent  is suitable for 4 mature or 16 small plants
  • A 5 ft. x 5 ft. tent  is suitable for 6 mature or 20 small plants

Height dimensions are not listed above so you must keep in mind that sizes similar to those above can have different or adjustable-height dimensions. Check that the growing information and the cultivation strategies you like are compatible with your project. You may also consider the limitations of suing a small tabletop or any other grow tent. In small spaces, things often go wrong very fast. There is a risk of heat buildup which limits the style of lighting and the size. You will not have much flexibility either. Smaller grow tents are pocket-friendly but need diligent monitoring.

How to Create the Perfect Environment with Grow tents?

When set up well, grow tents recreate nature under perfect conditions. Once everything is set up, you can plant your vegetables and other plants, water and weed until you harvest.

If you are just starting out, here are a few pointers to help you utilize your grow tent maximally.

The five factors you should consider to create the ideal growing environment are:

  • Light
  • Air circulation
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Reflection


Light affects how your plants grow. The color spectrum of light, for example, can cause your plants to grow either bushy and squat or tall and lanky. Some grow lights take advantage of a custom color spectrum that helps plants to grow as optimally as required.


Get the right temperature for your grow tent so it is comfortable for your plants. Some plants will run into problems if the temperatures are either too low or too high.

Air Circulation & Exhaust

Ensuring that your plants have a cool breeze and plenty of fresh air makes your plants grow faster and optimally. Getting this right can also cause problems with pests and mold. Make sure the breeze is directed over and under the plants rather than directly. Also, ensure the air is circulating the grow space. 


You will get the most of the tent’s indoor grow lights be reflecting it on the plants. Use reflective material on the walls to maximize on the light as it will bounce back to the plants. This allows you to get better yields from the same grow light without having to alter your environment.


Humidity will not cause much problems to your plants unless it is too low or high. However there are ways to regulate the humidity for faster growth and better yields. As too much moisture causes mold, mildew and rot, make sure there is a breeze over the pants. Keep the humidity relatively low as you get closer to harvest.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Grow Tents

Where can I put my tent, and can I easily move my grow tent around?

Answer: You can set up your grow tent anywhere as long as it is indoors, away from the harsh weather conditions. Also, a grow tent is lightweight which means you can easily move it around. But, be careful when moving the grow tent to avoid damaging the contents of the tent.

How do I set up accessories in my grow tent?

Answer: A typical grow tent needs a fan, temperature & humidity reader, and an AC adaptor. Get a small fan that is powerful enough to keep your plants healthy and gentle enough not to blow your plants away. Preferably, the fan should be clip-on and you should clip the fan at the top of the tent. Also, you can place the humidity and temperature reader anywhere in the tent. Finally, you should place the AC adaptor to power the light and fan outside the tent.

Is the tent easy to clean?

Answer: Yes! All you need to do is to wipe the grow pots with water, soap and bleach. But make sure the bleach is light. Getting rid of the dirt and dust on the accessories is also important. Finally, pick the dead flowers on the floor of the grow tent for disposal.

Can I grow different plants in my grow tent?

Answer: Yes, You can grow different types of plants in the grow tent. Besides, growing different plants at the same time give you varieties in scents, effects and flavours at the end.

What is the best reflective material for grow tent?

Answer: Mylar remains one of the best reflective materials for grow tent. This is because it is cheap and it has a reflective capability of 90 to 95%.


Picking the right sized tent is very important as this is the best way to guarantee proper indoor gardening. With so many different sizes, it may be hard to get what is the ideal size for your needs. There are plenty of models too making it a tough decision. Consider the factors we have discussed in this review and follow this guide to make the best out of your grow tent. You can also share it with others so that they may also learn what to look for in a plant growing tent.

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