Top 6 Best Grow Lights for Succulents in 2020

When it's snowy or raining, and there is no natural light to be seen for days, how do you prevent your plants from dying knowing that sunlight is a necessary ingredient for their survival? The answer is simple: simply purchase the best grow lights for succulents and watch your plants grow without disruption. This article brings to you the features to watch out for when making a buying decision as well as the top products available in the market. Go ahead and digest the content and then make a choice.

How We Picked?

Having decided to purchase grow lights for your succulents, the next thing is to go right ahead and buy one. But herein lie the problem, how do you buy the best grow lights for plants if you do not know what to look out for? Fortunately, this article is here to answer that question and help you make the best decision. With efficiency and cost of production in mind, the grow light to purchase depends on:

  • The amount of light required
  • The amount of power consumed by the light
  • The color temperature of light to be used
  • The distance of the grow light to the plants
  • The number of grow lights to be used

The brightness of the Grow Light

The higher the number of lumens, the brighter the grow light, and this, in turn, determines the amount of light to be received by the succulents. On average, the number of lumens gotten from direct sunlight in the afternoon is approximately 20,000 lumens per square foot. This means that any grow light to be used should give something close to this figure for your plants to thrive without natural sunlight.

For instance, the use of 2,000-lumen bulbs for 14 hours daily will yield the same amount of light exposure as that gotten from natural sunlight. Hence, your plants will survive, thrive, and grow.

Power Consumption of the Grow Light

The higher the amount of power consumed by the grow light, the higher your electricity bill will be. Thus, it also essential to consider the number of watts consumed by the grow light when purchasing one. Rather than use energy-consuming grow lights, go for energy efficient grow lights that have high lumens and yet low wattage.

Grow Light Color Temperature

The type of light required by succulents with regards to the color temperature of that light is another factor to consider when purchasing a grow light; it is usually measured in Kelvin. The minimal amount of color temperature for succulents begins at approximately 5,000kelvins.

This gives the plants the light spectrum, which is closely related to that of sunlight. Therefore, while purchasing grow lights buy one whose grow light color temperature is at least 5,000 kelvins, anything less won’t do.

Amount of Heat Given Off By the Grow Light

This is a significant factor to consider while purchasing a grow light for succulent. If the amount of heat radiated by the grow light is high, there is a tendency that the plants will die if placed too close to the light. On the other hand, if because of the large amount of heat radiated the plants are kept far away to protect them from the light, then they may not get enough light for proper growth.

Thus, the aim of purchasing the grow light in the first place will have been defeated. This is not all; you will also be required to spend more on ventilation, which in turn leads to an increase in the overall cost. Therefore, it is crucial that before purchasing a grow light, you ensure you get one that will not give off a tremendous amount of heat.

Overall, note that:

  • Fluorescent light is much more preferred for succulents
  • The grow light color should be within the visible light spectrum; this feature will help the plants grow better.
  • There should be a distance of about 6 to 12 inches between the grow lights and the succulents to ensure proper growth and avoid burning of the succulent
  • The number of grow lights to be purchased should be dependent on the number of plants in need of it. Too many grow lights to a few succulents is not only a waste of money, but it can also cause damage to the succulents and vice versa.

When all these factors are considered and suggestions adhered to strictly you should be able to purchase a grow light that gives you value for your money and gets the job done.

Reviews and Top Pick of Best Grow Lights for Succulents

Yes, there are many grow lights for succulents available in the market; hence making a choice may be a bit confusing and complicated. However, we have made the burden light and narrowed the decisions to be made by bringing to you the top six products available. They include:

1. Jump Start 4’ T5 Grow Light System

To help your succulents germinate correctly all you need do is purchase the Jump Start 4’ T5 Grow Light System. It is not only ideal for seedlings but works well for herbs, greens, flowers, shrubs and so on. With an extraordinary output of T5 that also has a full daylight spectrum, your succulents get to grow at a faster rate.

Designed to be placed closer to the plants for better access to light, you need not fear your plants will die off from the heat as it won’t and this is because it has a cooling system which allows the light to be placed at a closer range to your plants for healthier and hardier plants. With about 15 to 20% more lumens than is usually obtainable with other grow lights, your plants will grow at a faster pace. All you need do is pull the cord up or down and adjust the locking mechanism to adjust the light as it suits you.

Furthermore, its simple toggle clamps are there to ensure that the lamp height can be easily adjusted to keep the lamp close to the plants; this feature helps you save time and money. The T5 bulbs are highly energy efficient and have more lumens per watt. It is also easy to assemble and has an internal reflective finish that directs more lights to the succulents. It is CE certified, has an interior width of 48" and is compatible with Hydrofarm's FLT, FLP, and FLV tubes.


  • Easy to assemble
  • It is ideal for seedlings, flowers, herbs and other succulents
  • It has about 15 to 20% more lumens
  • Its height can be easily adjusted with a toggle clamp


  • It has no timer
  • The ballast isn’t so effective

2. Hydrofarm FLT44 System Fluorescent Grow Light

The brand Hydrofarm is known to be the oldest and leading manufacturers of grow lights, and the Hydrofarm FLT44 System Fluorescent Grow Light does not fall short of the brand’s standard. It is very flexible and gives off a high number of lumens. It is designed to help you choose hanging configurations of your choice, which suits your garden requirements.

Also, it makes use of the combination of premium grade specular aluminum along with energy efficient T5 tubes to produce light just like that of fluorescent. It is available in seven sizes, which range from 2 to 12 tubes. It has up to 18,800 lumens for very bright light and also has a low profile and powder coated steel casing.

This product can be hanged in three ways; vertically, horizontally, or overhead. It also has a 10' grounded power cord and 6400K fluorescent tubes. What's more, the components are completely packed in a box, so you need not buy any additional material. All these features make the product the ideal grow light for your succulent.


  • It has a 5-year warranty
  • Has super versatile installation options
  • Produces high output light at a great price
  • The product comes with T5 light bulbs
  • There is no need for separate ventilation


  • They lack full spectrum light
  • The bulbs tend to burn out more quickly than others
  • The product does not come with a timer

3. Roleadro LED Grow Light

If you enjoy planting and require grow lights that will meet your needs, especially during winter, then we suggest you go for the Roleadro LED Grow Light. This slim, rugged yet durable light is ideal for indoor use. Its LED are all within 380nm to 800nm full spectrum to ensure that the light emitted is similar to that gotten from sunlight; this helps in photosynthesis, increases the growth rate of the plant, helps seeds to germinate, hastens the flowering process of plants and generally helps the plant get the light needed for proper growth.

In addition to these, it is safe for indoor use as it adopts the technology method of overcurrent, overheating as well as overvoltage protection. It also has FCC, CE, ROHS as well as PSE certifications. Therefore, it can be used for indoor plants, greenhouses, hydroponics, and other succulents without fear. The light can be used on all types of plants, from green plants, flowers, succulents to orchids, dendrobium, roses, tomatoes, peppers, fruits, and vegetables.

More so, the hanging brackets give it ease of use; it is lightweight and is easy to set up. It also has an excellent heat dissipation design, and this is because it is made with an aluminum cooling plate which is made of advanced molecular material and a heat sink for each chip to have fabulous heat dissipation. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your plants dying from excess heat radiation.


  • It has a 30 months warranty
  • It is easy to set up
  • Has excellent heat dissipation design
  • Has an exclusive spectrum


  • Does not offer enough warranty

4. Relassy Sunlike Full Spectrum Grow Lamp

Like the name implies the Relassy Sunlike Spectrum Grow Lamp offers high lumen light similar to that gotten from sunlight, it has a dual head LED grow light and last for 50,000 hours. It is highly efficient and is ideal for all desk plants at all growth stages. Also, it promotes photosynthesis and growth of seedlings, plants, and rhizomes; it also offers full spectrum which contains all wavelengths of light ranging from 380nm t0 800nm.

Furthermore, its C-clamp allows the grow light to be placed at any position suitable for the plant and will also ensure it is firmly set. Also, the bulbs can be removed entirely or replaced quickly when it burns out; it has a flexible gooseneck of length 21" which enables you to adjust its angle and also adjust the distance between the plant and the grow light.

This fantastic grow light is made of finned chips and high-density aluminum material that helps heat to dissipate faster and prevents your plant from burning out due to intense heat radiated from the grow light. To enable your plants to grow perfectly even when its indoors get this product and have your plants thank you for it.


  • It has a night light that can be used for reading
  • It is safe for indoor use
  • Highly efficient heat dissipation design
  • It C-clamp enables to be fixed at any position


  • Does not have full spectrum

5. November Spring Plant Grow Lamp

It is a well-known fact that it snows in November, how then do you keep your succulents from dying? Simple, by purchasing the November Spring Plant Grow Lamp. With an upgraded 60 lamp chips, 42 red lights and 18 blue lights it is the ideal grow light for your succulents. It is super bright and has lower heat and power consumption rate and also lasts for a very long time.

Besides these, the brightness of the grow light can be adjusted to suit your plant needs. It comes with a timer that automatically goes off and on according to your setting, it can be made to be turned on for 3 hours, 6 hours or 12 hours after which it automatically turns off, and this makes indoor gardening convenient and easy.

This is not all, with its 360o flexible neck and clamp its easy to adjust the grow light or place it anywhere you wish. It is suitable for use at home or in the office where there are plants, with this product you get to enhance the growth of your flowers and plants at all growth stages, examples of these plants include pepper, tomatoes, parsley, potted plants, flowering plants and so on. So go ahead and purchase the November Spring grow light and watch your plants fulfill their potentials.


  • It is suitable for all indoor plants
  • Comes with an automatic timer
  • Can be used for a variety of purpose
  • It can be placed at any position that suits you best


  • The intensity of light has been known to wither fragile succulents

6. Durolux 2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light

This is one of the most sought after products available in the market. With approximately 2,500 lumens and two switches that control the inner and outer bulbs; the Durolux 2-Pack T5 HO Grow Light ensures you get maximum light output and also a wide range of coverage too. It helps plants in their germination stage as it gives them warmth and is ideal for clones. It has a five-year warranty and can work correctly in a dry and wet environment.

Additionally, it is water resistant and comes with a timer. It is light weighed (about 30% lighter than other grow lights) and has two 6-foot power cables which has a rolling switch. With a single wall outlet, it can connect about 15 similar features. This product is ideal for indoor succulents as it promotes photosynthesis, growth, propagation of plants and so on. It alum casing and Ballast-Wise ballast give it a super cool operation which extends its life span.

Furthermore, it comes with a 1x2Ft T5 lamps with about 6500k and also an already wired 6' power cord with a single on/off switch which makes indoor gardening more comfortable. For all its benefits and advantages it does not work well with GFI outlets, but this minor drawback should not deter you from purchasing this fantastic product, especially bearing in mind its other numerous features. Never let your indoor succulents wither away, get this product, and revive your plant even when the sun refuses to shine.


  • It is ideal for indoor succulents
  • It is effective on clones too
  • Helps germinating plants as it gives them warmth
  • It gives off very bright light


  • It has no full spectrum
  • It does not require extra ventilation


Who says your plants can’t thrive while they are indoors and with no access to sunlight? Grow lights are known to help succulents in a variety of ways, and these have been discussed in this article while the best grow lights for succulents have also been brought to you.

So, if you are passionate about your gardening and do not wish for your succulents to die off or not grow properly due to lack of sunlight, purchase the Best Grow Light for Succulents and revive your plants, indoor gardening has never been more easy.

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