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If you are a gardener in your backyard or garden in your pastimes, you are surely aware that you need some power tools to do gardening easily. A garden tiller is one of those power tools that can make your gardening experience much smoother. To thrive, your lawn needs air and water. When the ground starts to compact, it may lead to thatching and a die-off in your grass. So, you need to keep your lawns aerated throughout the spring season and summertime for optimal lawn growth. So, lets have a look at few of the best garden tillers.

Garden Tiller Buying Guide

A garden tiller is a standard tool for aerating the soil of your lawn. There are variously powered tillers like gas, battery, or electricity on the market ready to ensure your plants get the water, air, and nutrients needed to stay green and luscious throughout the season.

A tiller can easily break the soil and pulverizes the dirt to make the soil flexible enough to cultivate plants. They relieve you from the hassle of doing it the old way by using modern technology.

When you are looking to buy a garden tiller, you may want to look at some of the features which you want, or the tiller should have. A few of the pointers to look at before buying a tiller are:

Power Source

Tillers can be gas-powered, battery-powered, or electric powered. So, look for the power source and if you are okay with it.

Tines type

The tines (blades that churn up the earth) can also be of different types. Generally, there are three types, which can be interchangeable in the high-end models. Bolo, Slasher, and Pick and Chisel. Make sure you know which types you are going to get.

Tilling Width and Depth

The tilling width and depth of the tines are essential to know because you may want a tiller that can cover more area on a single pass or dig deep into the soil, depending on the ground.

Collapsible Handle

This allows for easy storage and portability when you are not using the tiller.

Counter-Rotating Tines

Counter-rotating tines can improve the digging capability.

Electric Start

Having a quick start feature can improve your experience using the tiller because some gas-powered tillers may take longer to start.


You may want to have the option of attaching other accessories or attachments down the road after buying your tiller. So, you may want to look for that option too.





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Best Garden Tillers

Sun Joe TJ604E 13.5A Electric Garden Tiller

Powerful 13. 5A motor

6 Steel tines ensure durability and performance 

Easy storage

3-way wheel adjustment


Best Garden Tillers

Earthquake 20015 Tiller Cultivator

You can quickly turn this into a cultivator from a tiller

Light enough to turn with effortless control


Convenient and low noise

A 5-Year limited warranty is available


Best Garden Tillers

Greenworks 40V Cordless Cultivator

High-Performance 40V Li-Ion Battery

Four adjustable 8-inch forward rotating tines

Adjustable tilling width

Tilling depth of up to 5-inch

Up to 2000 strokes per minute


Best Garden Tillers

Sun Joe 24V-TLR-CT Garden Tiller/Cultivator

Battery Powered

6-inch steel tilling blades, which are very durable

Dual tilling blades

Ergonomic and lightweight

Battery and charger sold separately


Best Garden Tillers

LawnMaster TE1016M Electric Tiller

16-inch max cutting width

6 Steel blades

Two-stage gearbox driving

Adjustable transit wheel

Purchase guarantee


Best Garden Tillers

Earthwise TC70016 13.5A Electric Tiller

Six adjustable tines

Powerful 13.5A motor

Comfortable ergonomic handle

Lightweight and easy to operate

16-inch tines


Best Garden Tillers

Craftsman C210

2 engines of 25cc

Up to 5-inch depth of tilling

Removable wheels

Lightweight design


Best Garden Tillers

Mantis 7924 Fast Start Tiller

21.2cc 2-cycle commercial gas engine

Fast-start technology

Only 21 pounds weight

9-inch wide for tilling and weeding

Up to 240 RPM

2 Year Limited Warranty


1. Sun Joe TJ604E 13.5A Electric Garden Tiller

Its powerful 13.5A motor can pulverize dirt very quickly with its six durable steel angled tines. It uses electricity so, for some people it would mean less hassle and a more eco-friendly nature. It can effortlessly slice through the soil at up to 370 RPM.


  • Dual function tiller and cultivator
  • User-friendly
  • 13.5-Amp motor runs up to 370rpm
  • 6-Steel cutting tines
  • 2-year warranty


  • Not suitable for hard and rocky soils
  • Corded operation

2. Earthquake 20015 Tiller Cultivator

The Earthquake 20015 can work as two garden tools serving as both tiller and cultivator, and easily convertible from one to another. This machine is also easily maneuverable and easy to turn and move. As it has a low center of gravity, it hugs the ground with excellent stability.


  • Tool-less removal of outer tines 
  • 4-cycle Engine for robust operation
  • Easy to use
  • 5-Years limited warranty


  • It might not be budget-friendly

3. Greenworks 40V Cordless Cultivator

GreenWorks GMAX 40V is an alternative to the gas-powered tillers on the market with reliable performance. This powerful tiller and cultivator can make your life easier in the garden works without the tension of spilling gas or worrying about electric cords. It features four adjustable tines for an 8.25 inches tilling width to 10 inches and up to 5 inches of tilling depth.


  • Cordless operation with battery power
  • Rechargeable and interchangeable 40V Li-Ion battery
  • A Brushless motor ensures more power and torque
  • Instant push-start
  • Aggressive digging capabilities


  • Highest battery runtime: 40 Minutes
  • The handle seemed a little long to some customers

4. Sun Joe 24V-TLR-CT Garden Tiller/Cultivator

This compact machine is also battery-powered and targeted for light to moderate usage. It has durable 6-inch tilling blades that can slice through weed and breaks soil with ease. You can cultivate a 4. 25-inches wide by 6-inches deep path in one pass.


  • Lightweight
  • Battery-powered
  • Adjustable auxiliary handle


  • It may be underpowered for some users

5. LawnMaster TE1016M Electric Tiller

It has a powerful 10A motor and six blades of hard steel that digs through the roughest soils. It has a tilling width of 16 inches and a depth of up to 9 inches. It runs at 280 RPM in the free-spin. This electric tiller provides a clean and efficient alternative to fuel tillers.


  • Low noise
  • Low maintenance due to electric operation
  • Easy to start


  • Slightly underpowered

6. Earthwise TC70016 13.5A Electric Tiller

Earthwise TC70016 has a powerful 13.5A motor that delivers gas-like power when tilling or cultivating the soil. It also has a comfortable grip, and it is easy to start. It has a tilling width of 11-16 inches and a tilling depth of 8 inches.


  • No fumes
  • Front tine design and fully adjustable tine width
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Safety switch and cord retention hook


  • It can be difficult to control
  • Some reports claim that the tiller did not start easily

7. Craftsman C210 - Best Tilling depth

The C210 tiller from Craftsman features a tilling width of 6-9 inches and a tilling depth of 5 inches. It ensures maximum aeration and perfect preparation of the seedbed for planting. It’s comfortable to use with its easy-to-start technology and compact design.


  • Easy to start
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Ensures deeper digging


  • Requires a bit extra muscle to handle

8. Mantis 7924 Fast Start Tiller

If you want a small and powerful tiller running on a gas engine, you may want to consider this. Lightweight and small yet powerful thanks to the 21.2cc 2-cycle commercial machine, making the tines turn twice as fast as other compact tillers.


  • Lightweight
  • Fast start technology
  • Powerful 2-cycle gas engine
  • 2-years warranty


  • It could have been a little heftier
  • Some people complained about FastStart technology

In gardening, garden tillers play a vital role in softening the soil and make it aeratable for the plants to grow. There are many garden tillers on the market, but you may not find the best ones among all these products.

So, in this article, we created a list of the Best Garden Tillers on the market based on various user reviews, the features of the product, value for the money, and brand reputations. 

Hopefully, you should find your choice of weapon for your gardening task. While all of them were best in their own way, we found the Sun Joe TJ604E to be the overall best tiller for this time.

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