7 Best Electric Tillers for Your Garden in 2021

In recent minds farming has been viewed with an open mind. Gone are the days when farming was only practiced on a large scale. In the modern century, quite a significant percentage of people practice farming either as a hobby, as a source of living or to grow crops for own consumption. Well, to get started you have to till the land and this post will walk you through 7 of the best electric tillers.

How to pick the best electric tillers?

Sometimes even if you know what you are looking for, deciding on the best is always overwhelming. This is so especially given the fact that there are numerous brands making similar products all claiming to be the best. We have provided a guide on some of the things you should be on the lookout to ensure that you purchase the top electric tillers the modern market has to offer.


Power should be the key factor you consider when planning on purchasing an electric tiller. How powerful are the engine and the motors? For heavy-duty tasks, settle for nothing short of 196cc, the motor should also be powerful enough to propel the tines cutting through just any type of soil with ease.

Corded or cordless

There are two types of electric tillers, corded and cordless. Corded means that for the equipment to run, it has to be connected to a power outlet on the other hand cordless electric tillers run on battery.

Battery life

Battery life is essential when it comes to electric tines. If you choose to go for cordless electric tillers, settle for one with a powerful and long-lasting battery. On average, most cordless run for 2-3 hours when running on batter why settle for average when you can get one with a 6-4 hour’s battery life.


You can’t say that you didn’t see this coming, can you? To be safe these should be your guiding principles, you can only buy what you can afford and expensive doesn’t always guarantee high quality.

Again, never sacrifice quality for low prices. These two principles apply to most products as a constant.

Types of tires

Yes, the tires are that important. Settle for durable tires that are big and strong. The bigger the tires the easy it will be to navigate.

Length of the tines

Yes, size does matter and this has always been the case with virtually everything. To the context in question, the size of the tines matters. This is in the sense that, it is the size of the tines that dictate the depth and width of tilling. The bigger the better!

7 Best electric tillers in the market

Here comes the long-awaited part, all the information above was to prepare you for this cake. A comprehensive review of the best electric tillers; we have ensured that we cut through across every aspect to ensure that we cover the various taste profiles.

1. Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tine

On the top spot in our review of the best electric tine is the all-time classic Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tine. This is a position well deserved based on merit. Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tine has 6 tines that are adjustable. The tines are 16 inches in width and 8 inches in depth. It is easy to adjust depth preference.

Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tine has a 13.5 Amp motor, powerful enough to propel the tines to cut through just any type of soil. It is easy to handle given the ergonomic handle. As it is not enough, Earthwise TC70016 Corded Electric Tine is lightweight and easy to operate.

It is started by a simple push-button and can be used either to cultivate or till. Little to no maintenance is required and it is ideal to use on small areas such as a flower bed or vegetable farm.


  • Low maintenance
  • Compact design
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable depth tilling settings


  • Only suitable for small size farms
  • No ideal for weeding

2. San Jose TJ603E 16 Inch 12 Amp Electric tillers

San Jose is a reputable company and hasn’t disappointed in its electric tiller model, the San Jose TJ603E 16 Inch 12 Amp Electric Tiller. As the name sells it, this is a 16-inch width and 8-inch depth equipment with the motors powered by a 12 Amp.

San Jose TJ603E 16 Inch 12 Amp Electric Tiller has 6 steel angled tines designed for maximum durability and optimal performance. It is easy to store and carry around especially given the fact that the handle folds. Here is something that is not all that common, San Jose TJ603E 16 Inch 12 Amp Electric Tiller, has 3 position wheel adjustments hence easy to maneuver on just any type of soil. 

It has a 2 years warranty and the customer service is awesome.


  • 2 years warranty
  • Excellent customer service
  • Tines build for resistance and durability


  • Aggressive and hence not ideal for weeding

3. San Jose J5603E Joe 14 Inch 6.5 Inch Electric Tiller

Given the reputation of the company it is no surprise that we have yet another brand from San Jose making it to our list of the best electric tillers. San Jose J5603 Joe 14 Inch Electric Tiller is medium-sized making it easy to control and use.

The tines are 14 inches in width and 6.5 inches in depth build from hardened steel for durability and optimal performance. Being medium size it less aggressive controlled with ease. San Jose J5603 Joe 14 Inch Electric Tiller has no maintenance cost the 2 years warranty is not all that common.


  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • 2 years warranty
  • Easy to control
  • Excellent customer service


  • Not ideal for heavy-duty

4. Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Tiller

Taking up the fourth spot in our review of the best electric tillers and also happens to be the first cordless device on the list is Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Tiller.

It is cordless meaning that it can run on battery. Well, the battery is a 20 Volt Max Lithium Battery with a decent life. Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Tiller has a powerful motor and the tines are dual rotating making it multi-purpose since it can be used in cultivation and weeding as well.

It is upright and easy to control without straining your arms. The handle is also adjustable to suit any height. Black + Decker LGC120 Cordless Garden Tiller is ideal to cultivate on just any landscape,


  • Energy star rated
  • Adjustable handle
  • 2 years warranty
  • Cordless


  • Battery easily wears 

5. Greenworks 10 Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller

The single most recommendable feature about Greenworks 10 Inch 8 Amp Corded Tiller is the easy electric start. This will only ring a bell to those who have tried manual startups.

The motor is an 8 Amp, not all that powerful but decent enough to propel the steel tines. The tines are 10 inches in width which is adjustable. The 5 inches depth is also adjustable. The handle folds easily making it compact and easy to carry around.


  • Maintenance is free
  • Versatile
  • Compact
  • Easy to maintain


  • Not a heavy-duty tool
  • 5 inches depth is rather shallow

6. Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

It is no surprise that Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller has made it to our list of the best electric tillers. To begin with, this model is silent, which is quite a big deal given the fact that some brands are super noisy.

Starting the motor is more of instant and has 3-speed settings. The motor consumes only 540 watts which is pretty low compared to other models. Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller is lightweight about 21 pounds. The depth is adjustable, on maximum 10 inches with the minimum being 2 inches.


  • Lightweight
  • Good depth tilling
  • Handle easily folds
  • The engine is double insulated
  • Durable


  • Not suitable to break compact soil
  • Expensive

7. Troy Bilt TB154E Amp Electric Garden Cultivator

Last but not the least is the Troy Bilt TB154E Amp Electric Garden Cultivator. This is a cultivator that can serve as a tiller making the model multi-purpose to be used all aspects of farming including but not limited to weeding, cultivating and tilling.

Powered by a 6.5 motor Troy Bilt TB154E Amp Electric Garden Cultivator tines are 9 inches in width. This can be adjusted when tilling.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-purpose


  • Not designed for heavy-duty
  • Unclear warranty policy
  • The motor is not powerful enough

What is an electric tiller?

It would be unfair to assume that everyone knows what an electric tiller is. You would be surprised that even people who use the equipment can’t accurately define it.

What is an electric tiller? From the name you can easily take that these set of tillers are powered by electricity which is true. Electric tillers are electrical powered mechanical tools that are used to till the land and helps in loosening hard soil to enable planting.

Now that we are all on the same page we can comfortably flow together. This is one of those long but informative posts. Grab some coffee, get to a comfortable posture and read to the end.

What is the difference between an electric tiller and cultivator?

Just to set it clear, there is a great difference between a cultivator and an electric tiller. It is for a fact that they are both used on land to aid in crop production but their usability differs accordingly.

An electric tiller is used on hard, rocky or virgin land whereas on the other hand cultivators are used to softening the soil with the aim of improving aeration and the ease in which the roots penetrate the ground.

The different types of electric tillers

There are different types of electric tillers. Though they all perform the same function, that is, tilling hard or rocky land, they differ in their workability. Here are the three types of electric tillers:

Mini tiller

The term mini often refers to small. The same is true with the mini tiller. Compared to other electric tillers, this particular brand is relatively smaller: yet work as effective.

A mini tiller is designed to work on hard and compact soil. They have small tines meaning that they can only cultivate shallow hence idea for a flower bed or vegetable garden.

Front tine tillers

This set of tillers is suitable for average hard soul type. They are slightly bigger than the mini tiller and cut relatively deeper. Front tillers have the engine at the back and the tines at the front. Relatively easy to maneuver but requires some skills

Rear tine tiller

This set is designed for heavy-duty. Rear tine tiller are big, have a powerful engine and the tines are not only big in width but depth as well. Rear tine tillers are ideal for just any type of soil. Most of them have large wheels for easy maneuver.

A rear tine tiller has the engine on the front and the tines at the back. In other words, it is run from the front. This helps in ensuring high safety measures and makes it easy to control. It is suitable even for beginners.

How to use an electric tiller?

As we mentioned earlier, electric tillers are easy to use. We are still sticking to the same only that we will give a few tips on how to use an electric tiller.

  • Ensure that you remove all the hard rocks and debris that might damage vital structures in the electric tiller.
  • Some electric tillers are not ideal for weeding; manually remove the weeds before tilling.
  • Set the desired tilling depth is preferred.

Incidences when an electric tiller can be used

One of the main advantages of electric tillers is its versatility. Here are incidences that warrant the use of an electric tine tiller.

Breaking ground

People not knew to tilling, can admit to the fact that breaking a virgin land is not the simplest of things, this is so especially if you choose the wrong equipment. Electric tillers are the best to use when breaking ground. They have a powerful engine and the tines are strong enough to cut through just any type of soil.


After planting the soil needs to be loosed, the best electric tillers are versatile and can be used. You should, however, be careful not to go too near to the plants to avoid interfering with the roots.


Can electric tillers be used for weeding? Yes, but only specific brands and high technical skills are required to pull it without interfering with the plants.


That’s all on the best electric tillers. With a review on 7 of the best deciding what to purchase should be relatively easier for you. There is nothing stopping you now.

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