6 Best Dehumidifier for Grow Room 2021

Best dehumidifier for grow room becomes a necessity for growers either because they genuinely love plants, their beautiful colors, and pleasant smell or because they hope to make more profit (in the case of commercial growth).

Either way, a good dehumidifier helps to remove excess moisture from the air and the best ones also go a step further to remove odor, bacteria, allergens, dust, mites, molds and other unwanted particles from the atmosphere leaving you with clean air.

In this article, we review the best products while also taking you through the buying guide to consider and also answering your FAQ question. Let's get started already, as we have much to discover.

Why You Should Trust Us on This Guide?

Quality for us is an important factor. Hence, we take our time to diligently research products on the market, compare and contrast with regards to set standards and requirements before counting them worthy enough to be listed among our top products. Our researchers are experts on the field; hence you are sure of knowledgeable, unbiased and quality review. You can trust us to deliver every time, it’s a promise we have made and we intend to keep fulfilling it.

How to Pick the Best Dehumidifier for Grow Room?

Picking a dehumidifier shouldn’t be something that gives you sleepless nights. By following the buying guide outlined below, you will arrive at an ideal choice that’s suitable for your needs. They include:


It is generally known that the larger the dehumidifier, the more space it can effectively cover. Hence, you must consider the size of your grow room as this will help you purchase a dehumidifier with the capacity to remove moisture from the room. Also, it's important to consider the number of plants in your grow room, if the plants are much then you should purchase a large-sized dehumidifier as they will be more water to remove from the grow room.

To determine the size of a dehumidifier to purchase with regards to the size of the grow room; keep reading further as it will be explained in our FAQ session.


This is also another important factor to consider if you hope to purchase the best dehumidifier. Beyond the beautiful aesthetics of the device, a dehumidifier that can efficiently remove moisture at any temperature is best purchased.

Since humidity and temperature are relative, it is necessary to purchase a device that would operate efficiently irrespective of the temperature (whether high or low).


Most often, growers overlook this feature, but it’s important as it determines how hard or easy it would be to move your dehumidifier from one place to another should the need arise (which t would).

Check if the device you hope to purchase has enough handles and castors and if the wheels are easy to move or if it’s stiff.


No one wants to purchase a product that wouldn’t last long and neither should you. Therefore, it is important to purchase a sturdy and well-built dehumidifier that will last for many years to come. Check if the framework is flimsy of sturdy and if it's made with durable materials.

Air Purification

While air purification is not the core function of a dehumidifier, it's still nice if you can have one that's able to purifier the air. This will save you the stress of purchasing an air purifier. Since humid air is always stuffy and has a foul odor, a dehumidifier that can effectively remove the odor leaving you with clean air is one feature you should consider, this makes you enjoy the device more.

6 Best Dehumidifiers for Grow Tent/ Grow Room

There are lots of dehumidifiers on the market all with claims of being the best. However, we will review only the best in a bid to enable you to make the right choice. The top products on the market include:

1. hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier

We start with the hOmeLabs 1,500 Sq. Ft Energy Star Dehumidifier. This product can remove as much as 22 pints of moisture from the air. It is ideal for a room that has a medium to large space that measures up to 1,500 Sq. Ft. it quickly and effectively absorbs moisture without increasing your energy bills.

That most humidifiers are an eyesore is no news to anyone, but not this product. It was designed with the consumers in mind. It has a sleek and clean look that features convenient inbuilt wheels as well as handles. It also features a quiet fan that will not drown out one’s binge-watching obsession. With HomeLabs, durability is key and it lives true to its word in this product, it offers a two-year warranty along with extra six-months if you register on its website.

Generally, humidifiers aren’t complicated and neither is HomeLabs. all you have to do is adjust the humidifier to your preferred most setting and then allow it run non-stop for a twenty-four-hour cycle until the tank is filled. Once full, it will shut down by itself. Even if this simple step sounds too complicated for you, then you may have to opt for a drain hose outlet for constant draining. The hose will have to be purchased independently though as it does not come with the package.

True to its name, the product can eliminate moisture, odor and every other thing you hate effectively. It removes odor and allergens by getting rid of bacteria from the moist air through its in-built pump compressor. It also comes with Turbo mode which increases fan speed from the normal air temperature of CFM 129 to a high Air CFM of 138 to give a maximum odor reduction and moisture elimination.


  • It features a two-year warranty with an additional 6-months when you register on its site
  • It has a quiet operation
  • It is cost-effective
  • It eliminates moisture and reduces odor


  • Cannot work together with an evaporative cooler
  • The plastic base cannot be replaced

2. Vremi 1,500 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier

If the focus is on humidifiers that are suitable for indoor grow room, Vremi 1,500 Sq. Ft Dehumidifier meets the criteria. It not only focuses on dehumidifying a grow room but purifies it as well, hence, it can be described as an air purifier. It can remove as much as four gallons of moisture from the atmosphere at a 22-pint rate (30-pint 2012 DOE Standard), this makes it sufficient for a grow room that measures up to 1,500 Sq. Ft.

Also, it eliminates moisture, odor and any other unwanted particles from the air. The device features a Turbo mode which is used to switch up the fan speed from the basic 129 CFM to 138 CFM. This rise in the CFM level helps the air to circulate faster. Therefore, it helps moisture, odor, bacteria, allergens, particles mildew, dirt, dust, mold and so on be eliminated at a faster rate leaving you with clean, humid air.

It only requires cleaning once a month and is easy to take off and on. If it’s used less frequently, then you need not clean it every month but every few months. It is user-friendly as there is a wheel castor that helps users move it from one place to another easily. It only weighs about 31 pounds, hence it is portable.


  • The filter is easy to clean
  • It is portable and lightweight
  • It able to remove up to four gallons of water from a grow room
  • it has a simple adjustment control


  • It has a high price tag
  • It has a noisy sound

3. Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier

The device I very compact, it employs a Peltier thermoelectric cooling technology; hence it does not need a compressor. It is the only ideal for small grows rooms; it will perform well in rooms, not more than 1200 cubic feet or 150 Sq. Ft. 

In a grow room that's with humidity not more than 90%, Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier can remove mold up equivalent to nine ounces of water every day. This means that it removes an average of ¼ to half full molds per day. it features an in-built shutdown system that enables the device to turn off once the water tank gets filled while at the same time consuming minimal energy therefore there will be no significant increase in your electricity bills.

The humidifier is easy to use and is very efficient in little spaces. However, in a much larger room, it will make no considerable impact. The in-built thermoelectric cooling technology enables it has a quiet and noiseless operation, therefore it is not only suitable for a small grow room but can be placed in bathrooms and offices as well. It is also suitable for places such as kitchens, bedrooms, garage, caravan, closet and so on. It operates within a minimal temperature of 59oF to 86oF but will not work below 41oF.


  • It has an auto-shutoff mechanism
  • It is energy efficient
  • It has a quiet operation
  • It is pocket-friendly


  • It is only suitable for small spaces
  • Does not work below 41oF

4. TOSOT 4,500 Sq. Ft 70-Pint Dehumidifier

TOSOT 4,500 Sq. Ft 70-Pint Dehumidifier is more suitable for a grow tent that is extremely wet or moist than a grow room or any other small to medium grow space, this is owing to its large capacity. It can remove up to 70-pint of water from your home at once. It has a continuous gravity drain that enables you to bypass the bucket and rather remove water straight into your floor drain or sump pump. 

Our opinions may be divided when it comes to climate change, but we are all unified in agreeing that it’s a relief to save a few dollars on your electricity bills. TOSOT, an energy star appliance is not only good for the environment; it also helps you save money by using a very minimal amount of energy. When there is an excess amount of humidity in the air, it decreases the lifespan of crops and if it’s used in the home, it reduces the lifespan of furniture, tools, musical instruments books, clothes, shoes, documents and so on. This product creates a conducive environment in the home by removing excess moisture.

With a peak sound level of not more than 48 decibels, you will barely notice its existence as it has a quiet and noiseless operation. This is commendable as anything from 50 decibels produces a loud noise which can be distracting. If while in operation there's a power outage (perhaps due to storm), the humidifier can revert to the last setting before the outage and continues from there once power is restored.


  • It is energy star rated and cost-effective
  • It creates a comfortable environment for crops and the home
  • It restarts with the previous setting after a power outage
  • It can remove up to 70-pints of water


  • It does not have the best control system for knob users
  • It is expensive

5. Inofia 30-Pints Dehumidifiers

Inofia 30-Pints Dehumidifiers has got a dehumidifying capacity of 30-pints which is equivalent to four-gallons per day. Therefore, it is suitable for grow rooms that measure up to 1,056 Sq. Ft thereby making it ideal for a large grow room. It features a 1.8L water tank and an efficient drainage system. Although it cannot be said to be the largest humidifier on the market, it's still good enough as one of the best 2-liter humidifiers for grow rooms.

We like that it’s easy to control, knowing that most of its users aren’t electronic experts, the device was produced with an intelligent control panel, a single-click switch with on and off features and a time control system that makes it possible for amateurs and experts alike to easily operate the device.

It features a 24-hours time setting to enable it to cover for both light and dark cycles of the growing setting, this ensures there's no deviating in the dehumidifying process as this may destroy your crops. All you have to do is to put on the right lighting schedule and it’s good to go. This device is not only meant for grow rooms but can also be used in basements, living rooms, and any other place that’s not beyond its 1,065 Sq. Ft capacity.


  • It can take off 4-gallon of water per day from the environment
  • It has an intelligent control panel
  • It has a 24-hour time setting
  • It has a convenient design along with a hidden, flat handle


  • The water tank could be larger
  • Does not offer a warranty

6. FRIGIDAIRE 50-Pint FAD504DWD High Efficient Humidifier

FRIGIDAIRE 50-Pint FAD504DWD High Efficient Humidifier has a rectangular shape with a top handle, side handles and a castor wheel beneath it to enable the humidifier to move from one place to another easily. There's also a drain bucket if you are not in the mood to use its continuous drain mechanism. However, note that removing and emptying the drain is a bit stressful, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

This device is recommended for those who need a dependable humidifier that's still cheaper than other models. It features an in-built auto-off feature which enables the device to shut down once the drain bucket gets filled up, there's a beep that alerts you once this happens. If a grow tent which measures up to 1200 Sq. Ft has a humidity level that measures up to 75%, it will take only about three hours for this device to reduce the humidity level to about 5o%.

For grow rooms larger than 1200 Sq. Ft, we advise you to purchase a much larger humidifier. This humidifier helps reduce your electricity bills as it helps conserve energy. Its benefits are beyond being a humidifier; it also features a washable mesh filter that gets rid of dust, allergens and reduces bacteria thereby leaving you with clean, dehumidified air.


  • It has a digital humidity control
  • It is energy efficient
  • It features a five-years sealed system warranty
  • It has a full tank alert system


  • It is bulky
  • It is expensive

FAQs on Best Humidifier for Grow Room

1. Where to Place The Dehumidifier In The Grow Room?

The position of the dehumidifier will depend on the size of the grow room. The first action to take will be to purchase the ideal number of dehumidifiers suitable for your grow room so that there’s enough to go round and all your plants can benefit from it.

When placing your device, its best to place it close to the source of the humidity problem. It’s also ideal to place it in a central area where air can be drawn from all angles and where it has access to all utilities. If there is a grow light in your grow room, its best to place your dehumidifier close to the grow light but ensure its far away from the plants (this is depending on the capacity of the dehumidifier).

2. How to Calculate Dehumidifier Size for Grow Room?

To be able to evaluate the size of the dehumidifier needed to eliminate moisture and odor from your grow room efficiently, you will need to make some few but simple calculations.

All dehumidifiers are rated on pints per day. Hence, a dehumidifier that’s rated 20-pints per is only able to remove 20-pints of water from the grow room every day. While a dehumidifier rated 70-pints per day will remove 70 pints of moisture every day. Therefore, to determine the size of the dehumidifier needed by your grow room, there is a need to know the size in terms of square feet of your grow room.

Calculating Dehumidifier Size for a Grow Room

If for instance your grow room contains 50 plants and you water each plant with one gallon of water per day, then it means you have 50 gallons of water that need to be removed every day.


{Number of plants} x {Gallons per day per plant} x 8 {Gallon to pin factor} = {Recommended dehumidifier performance}

Since humidifiers are rated in pints, the gallon needs to be converted to a pint and to do this; you will need to multiply by 8. Using our example above, that gives 400 pints.

Therefore, it means that you will need to purchase a humidifier that’s able to remove 400 pints of water per day, but for the sake of efficiency, go a bit higher by purchasing one of 450 to 500 pints. You don’t need to purchase a single dehumidifier for this purpose but can split the number between multiple devices. If you don’t water your plants daily, you only need to find the average based on the rate you water your plants.

3. How much water should a dehumidifier collect in a day?

While most manufacturers like to lay claims that their humidifiers can collect ten to twenty liters of water every day on small dehumidifiers and up to fifty liters on larger dehumidifiers, the reality is that this can only happen under extreme conditions such as 85% relative humidity at a temperature of 30oC.

Typically, for a 60% relative humidity at 20oC, most dehumidifiers are only able to remove 30% to 40% of their capacity rating. For instance, a 10-liter dehumidifier will only be able to remove about three to four liters of water per day while a 20-liter dehumidifier at a relative humidity of 55% and 60% and the dial set at "continuous" will remove about six to eight liters of moisture.

4. Will a dehumidifier make a room cooler?

With dehumidifiers, hot air gets cycled back into the room as cool air. But while a dehumidifier does not produce cool air, it helps to cool down the temperature of a room. By removing humidity from the air, it leaves the atmosphere much cooler and comfortable.

5. Is it safe to run a dehumidifier constantly all the time?

Only run your dehumidifier when the humidity level is higher than 50%. When your dehumidifier is being run constantly without stop, your appliances over time will probably run continuously as well, this makes the humidifier have little or no impact on the quality of air in your living space or grow room. It is therefore advisable to run your dehumidifier during the daylight hours but put off at night.


Dehumidifiers are necessary for moist or wet grow rooms. They not only remove excess moisture from the environment leaving just the right amount of water needed for proper growth of plants, but they also remove the foul odor that usually associated with grow rooms.

Alright, so there we have it. Having come to the end of our article on the best dehumidifier for grow room, we hope that this article has been resourceful. I'm sure you have been able to identify one or two dehumidifiers you will love to purchase. Did you take note of the buying guide though? you must consider these factors before making a purchase. We also hope that the FAQ session was able to address the many questions you have with dehumidifiers. Go ahead and make your choice, you will love any of the products you choose from this article.

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