6 Best Continuous Composter Reviews in 2021

There’s a better way of getting a rich compost without having to break the bank or have a huge stack of organic waste lying against your walls. Since we all have to deal with organic waste, from our kitchen and home, every day, the best continuous composter can help turn our daily organic waste into that perfect compost.

Why Trust Us on This Guide?

Because we know how prone to damage a continuous composter is, and how users search desperately to get the best product in the market, we’ve gathered enough information from experts who know the qualities of a good composter and how to filter the many products in the market to get them.

Composters, due to the level of moisture and humidity they are often subjected to, are often prone to rust and frequent damage especially if you opt for the wrong material. We do not want you to go through that trouble of having to deal with so many confusing products and the misrepresentations that come with them. All reviewed products are carefully selected based on expert opinion and excellent features and qualities expected from a durable composter. These features are then compared with the real user's review to further give merit to the opinions of our expert.

6 Best Continuous Composter Reviews in the Amazon Market

Below are our top six products:

1. FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Tumbling Composter

Our overall best is this amazing product from the FCMP brand. This item incorporates the best features with the most appealing design to ensures top-notch functionality. First, it gives you room for more since it comes with an eight-sided dual chamber that allows better storage capacity. This dual-chamber storage mechanism is crafted like a tank with a 37-gallon capacity which means you have plenty of room to maximize your continuous composting goal. You no longer have to deal with stacking up putrid-smelling compost in smaller quantities.

Furthermore, this amazing product comes with tumbling features and deep fins that help to create a fine grain compost. All you have to do is just to tumble the composter about six times every two to three days and in just a matter of two to three weeks, depending on the ingredient you have in your composter, you will have your super fine and rich compost.

Also, this unit comes with a perfect aeration system that allows just the right amount of oxygen into the chambers for the best result. You will also enjoy an amazingly fantastic easy setup features with its very lightweight but sturdy components. In terms of sturdiness, this composter is made from a durable plastic tank that is protected again heat, and the tank is set upon a galvanized steel stand that is rust-resistant.


  • Easy to set up
  • Tumbling feature
  • Superb aeration and durable structural design
  • Dual chambered tank


  • Has no anti-frost feature

2. Envirocycle Composting Tumbler Bin

Most composters users often crave a product design that will be functional and at the same time add modern appeal to their outdoor space. If you are one of them then this item is for you. It is crafted to aesthetically appease your modern home layout, and at the same time highly functional. The most noticeable of these amazing features is the very easy set up this product has. In the real sense, you don’t even need to set anything up. Just buy and place in the appropriate space around your home as this device comes already coupled.

In terms of capacity, this modernly crafted composter has a tank with 35-gallon capacity with a top-notch tumbling feature that helps you spin your compost ingredient into rich grainy compost in a short while. The entire model, as well as the tumbling mechanism, is a rare design in the world of continuous compost designs. This single chamber tank design is capable of giving you both dry grainy compost as well as liquid compost, all depending on what you want and the ingredient you put in it.

Additionally, the tank is made from solid plastic that is sturdy in appearance and fortified with protection to make the entire unit durable. It comes with UV protection that protects it from heat damage and a good aeration system that allows adequate oxygen into the chambers and allows the emission of heat as well.


  • Sleek design and sturdy outlook
  • Average aeration system
  • Easy to tumble and set up
  • Rodent proof


  • Has a single chamber

3. EJWOX Composting Tumbler

Depending on what you do with your compost, tank size may not matter but if you require a huge amount of compost at interval then you must get a product with bigger tank capacity. Hence, this composting tumbler seems to be a perfect feat for lovers of the bigger tank. It comes with a 47-gallon tank capacity that helps you store just the right amount of compost you may, from time to time need. This tank is designed with dual chambers which allows you access to save more compost ingredients in one chamber while the other is left uninterrupted.

It is designed to have the tank suspended on a stand. Hence, tumbling is easier for this composter. You will enjoy a premium grainy compost as a result of the internal fins that help in breaking the lumps. In terms of a good aeration system, this product is a trailblazer. It has double-wall aeration panels that help in absorbing and retaining oxygen and heat that is needed to make quicker compost.

Also, this composter is crafted for durability. You will enjoy a sturdily fabricated plastic tank that is protected from sun and heat damage. The powder-covered steel base also has a rust-resistance feature, and it is also rodent proof. In addition to this, this product is very easy to set up as it comes in pre-installed components that are easy to fix up.


  • Easy to set up
  • Rodent proof and excellent aeration system
  • Bigger tank capacity
  • Sturdy and durable design


  • Small slide doors

4. Miracle-Gro Dual Chamber Compost Tumbler

There is always something for everyone and if you desire something compact but still very functional then this composter with an 18.5-gallon tank might just be the perfect deal. This product is designed to fit almost anywhere around your home at the same time, delivering the functions a bigger composter can do.

It has a two-chambered tank that allows you to optimize the advantages of continuous composting. Hence, you can keep a filled chamber uninterrupted while you keep storing compost ingredients in the empty one. The composter comes with a top-notch aeration system that delivers enough oxygen and retains enough heat needed to make faster compost. Set upon a crossed stand, this product has a tumbling feature that is easy to use and highly effective. You no longer have to keep your hands in unfriendly garbage to mix them into compost. By spinning the tumbler five to six times at an interval of two to three days, you would have your finely organic compost in four to five weeks.

Also, it is very easy to install as it comes almost completely coupled. Just mount the stand and place it in the desired corner around your home. It is designed to be durable as the tank is made from UV protected plastic to ensure that heat doesn't have any effect on it.


  • Compact and highly efficient
  • Excellent aeration and rodent protection
  • UV protected plastic with sealant against liquid spill
  • Tumbling feature


  • Small tank
  • Slow decomposing timeframe

5. FCMP HF-DBC4000 Dual Body Tumbling Composter

You know you can get two composters for the price of one right? This FCMP model makes it so. Instead of being a dual-chamber composter, it is a dual-chamber tank product and more in the sense that, a dual-chamber composter may not allow you to use the chambers for two different compost form, i.e. liquid and grainy compost, but this product here can. You have two detachable tanks suspended on one stand, and the only thing that connects them both aside the stand is the tumbling spin.

With a total of 37-gallons, this dual tank composter can help you maximize the time between storing already composed mixtures in one tank and using the other for continuous composting. Also, each of the tanks has an amazing aerations system that allows the supply of the adequate oxygen needed to make perfect compost.

Furthermore, it is designed with a high-grade BPA free and UV protected plastic which will not degrade under direct sunlight. Hence, it is suitable for outdoor purposes, and a shed is required. It is easy to install and flexible to use. Just set the tanks on the base stand and you are good to go.


  • Independent dual tank
  • Average tank capacity and durable design
  • Suitable for two different compost mix


  • Not suitable for the winter season
  • Tumbling spin is not so powerful

6. Spin Bin Tumbling Composter

Amazing tank capacity of 60-gallons is enough to keep every compost maker happy, and fortunately, this composter has it. the sixty-gallon tank is set upon a stainless steel stand that gives it support for standing as well as spinning. To ensure perfect aeration for this massive 60-gallon tank, this product is designed with 20 ventilation slots to allow for the maximum inflow of oxygen within the tank. This is more than any you will find in just any composter.

Also, this item is designed with a dual mixing center bar with two opening lids, and this allows for better mixing and aeration. The interior is designed with rouged ribbed molds that allow lumps to be broken into smoother grains while tumbling. While you may struggle to scoop out your compost after it is done because most composters often have narrow openings, this composter has very wide openings to save you the struggle. These openings have their sealant which protects content from spilling and also keeps rodents away.

Additionally, this huge tank composter is surprisingly very easy to install as the tank comes in a lightweight, all thanks to the sturdy plastic construction that is BPA free and UV inhibited.


  • Easy to set up
  • Impressive tank capacity
  • Fantastic aeration system


  • The stand is too fragile for the tank capacity

How to Pick the Best Continuous Composters?

If the composter of your choice has all of these features, listed below, then it’s the right pick.

Number of Chambers

You must get maximum value from your composter. Since the underlying factor why we need a continuous composer is to allow us to turn everyday organic garbage to compost, there is a need to settle for a composter with at least two chambers.

This will help you to alternate between a filled chamber that is still decomposing and the free chamber that is still available for more fill. This also saves time as you won't have to spend time emptying your chamber as soon as it is filled. A composter with multiple chambers also affords you the time needed to make a perfect compost, and this is because the richest compost often needs an uninterrupted timeframe where all organic materials are perfectly broken down.

Also, aside from having at least two chambers, the chambers must be designed in such a way that enough oxygen is allowed to circulate within the chambers. The more oxygen that is allowed within the chambers will determine how quick decomposition will be.


The most important feature for a composter is the material used in making it. since most composters are usually placed outdoor, there is a need to ensure that they are made from durable materials. Materials will determine how durable your composter will be. You don’t want to start changing composters yearly or bi-annually because the ones you have won’t just stop getting rusted.

Rust is one major issue this product is often exposed to and this is because of the level of humidity and gaseous heat that goes right inside of it. This heat may corrode the composer except it is made from materials specially designed to protect it from such damaging elements. The protection often comes in the form of stands being corrosion-resistant or chamber made from materials that cannot be corroded such as plastic.

Rust isn’t the only thing you have to deal with. Having plastic composters outdoor for such a long time will damage the tank except it comes with other protection such as UV inhibited feature.

Tumbling Enabled

A composter needs to have a tumbling feature that allows you to turn the stored waster within its chambers. To make a perfect compost, there is a need that the composter is from time to time turned or spin to make sure that everything is perfectly decomposed or broken down into rich and healthy manure. Without turning, you might have to start dealing with some side of stacked waste decomposing properly while so much is pretty much left unprocessed.

While people use their hands, if they can, or stick to turn and mix the fills within the chambers of the composter, there are brands out there setting the tanks of their product on a steel spin that allows you to tumble waste effortlessly. Also, watch out for the hinges that power the tumbling, they mustn't come with any hustle as they should be designed to carry heavyweight but give very light support when you try to tumble your compost.

In addition to this, composters with tumbling features help to ensure effective aeration needed in hastening decomposition within the chambers. Since most tumbling enabled composters often come with deep fins, clumps are broken while tumbling to ensure richly grainy compost.


Depending on what you use compost for, size is another very important feature you have to consider when settling for a unit. Always remember the reason why you are getting a continuous composter, in the first instance, is to hold as many composts within its chambers as possible, and to avoid stacking huge bags of waste.

Hence, you want to avoid products that come with small tanks. What this means is that you will have to constantly empty the chambers and stacking the content if it isn't needed right away. Settling for tanks with, at least, thirty-gallon capacity will be an averagely wise decision. Optimally, there are tanks than can take even up to sixty to a hundred gallons for large compost production.

Easy to Setup

You don’t have to hire professionals to help you in setting up your composter. They should come with very simplified manuals and less disjointed components that are easy to fix and install. When the product is easy to install, it saves you time and money.

It is important, also, that your composter is not so heavy so that you can self-position it anywhere around the house without needing help. That is why most of our top products are made from plastic, to aid flexibility and easy movement.


Continuous composters are the modern way of recycling your organic wastes into usable compost. They also help to keep the house tidy but to maximize the many benefits that continuous composters have to offer, you will need to settle for the best.

Often, the best continuous composter isn't determined because of money but because of the function and features it has. That is why we have gone through the trouble of bringing to you our top six products. Each of the reviewed composters will not only help you achieve a super fine compost generation but also will satisfy you in terms of durability, appealing aesthetics, and functionality.

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