5 Best CMH Grow Lights in 2021: Reviews and Top Picks

Many people do not know much about the CMH grow light. This is why we have decided to write about CMH grow lights. In this article, you will learn all you need to know about these lights. Not only that, but we will also review some of the best CMH grow lights here.

What Are CMH Grow Lights?

The CMH grow light is the short form for ceramic metal halide grow light. It is also known as light-emitting ceramic (LEC) grow light. This is a popular grow light among marijuana growers because of its high efficiency.

Besides, the light is known to aid photosynthesis in plants. Also, the CMH grow light is just a form of MH grow lights but it has an element of HPS in it. With this, you can say the CMH is a hybrid of the MH grow light and the HPS grow light.

Furthermore, the CMH grow light uses ceramic arc tubes just like the HPS grow light. But the tubes work at a higher pressure when compared with the quartz tubes the MH grow light uses. Because of this, manufacturers of CMH lights can make more accurate variations on the light spectrum to help improve productivity.

Top Picks and Reviews for Best CMH Grow Lights

How To Choose The Best CMH Grow Lights?

Below are some tips on how to ensure that you are choosing the right CMH grow light.

Reflective Hood

A CMH grow light needs a good reflector. It is advisable to choose CMH grow light with reflectors with over 95% reflective ability. Also, the reflector should cover a wide area and not leave dark spots.


To have an assurance that you are getting a quality product, ensure that the product you are getting a CMH grow light with a warranty. This is because you do not want to buy a product that will stop working in a few months.


CRI simply means the colour rendering index. The best CMH grow lights usually have higher CRI ratings. This is because the higher the CRI, the more the light looks more natural.


Whilst it is not easy to determine the amount of heat a CMH grow light emits before testing it, it is advisable to go for the ones that produce less heat. This is because if the heat is too much, you might find your plants burning up.

Now that you have learnt a lot about CMH grow lights, the next thing to do is to try to choose one. However, we acknowledge that this is not an easy task. This is why we have put together a list of some of the best CMH grow lights available. Read the reviews below and make your choice.

Best CMH Grow Lights in 2021

1. VIVOSUN 315W CMH Grow Light Kit With Italian Vega Aluminum Hood

The VIVOSUN 35W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Grow Light Kit is the first CMH grow light on our list but not without reason. It is popular for its ultra-reflective coverage.

This reflective coverage is a patented design by the VIVOSUN Company. It has mirror panels that have textured corners. Because of this, you will find that all areas of your grow area have lighting coverage. Besides, the reflective material has a 98% reflective capacity which is made from Italian aluminum.

Furthermore, it features high-tech ballast which has a low-frequency square wave technology. Because of this, you will find that the ballast is very efficient and reliable.

Not only that, it has no electromagnetic interference which means that you won’t find the lights flickering. Again it has vents that help regulate the temperature of the light hereby prolonging the lifespan of the ballast.

Also, it comes with an 8” power cord with 120V to 240V adapter. Besides, this power cord works well with North American outlets/sockets.

Again, with its 315 watt light, you have truly bright light with good coverage. Not only that, it has a high coverage as it can cover up to 9 square feet which are quite impressive.

Also, it has a low temperature which means there will be little cases of your plants burning up. It also means that you will be saving electricity costs. We also like the fact that it has an efficient spectrum that aids growing. Finally, it has a 3-year warranty which further gives assurance of the quality product you are getting.


  • It is energy efficient
  • The lights are bright
  • It covers up to 9 square feet
  • 3-year warranty
  • It has a highly reflective hood


  • None

2. TopoGrow 315W CMH CDM Grow Light Kit W/3100K Bulb & Horizontal Ballast

The TopoGrow 315W CMH CDM Grow Light Kit is another CMH grow light we like. The light shines like it is the sun and this is due to its impressive light spectrum and CRI.

Besides, it is particularly useful for the plant blooming phase. This is because it has an enhanced red spectrum light. In light of this, expect a high yield when you use the light.

Not only that, you will find that the yields are of high quality and the plants look fresher than normal. Again, vegetable and flower plants are the types of plants that will witness a significant boost with this grow light.

However, the light operates at a high temperature which translates to higher electricity cost. But, this is a little price to pay for the high and quality yield. Furthermore, it has a coverage area of 4ftX4ft which is very impressive for a CMH light in its price range.

Not only that, it comes with a strong reflective hood made from extremely reflective aluminium. Besides, this reflective hood has a 98% reflective capacity. Not only that, it is designed to ensure that the light covers all areas and there are no dead areas.

Also, it comes with 315W ballast which is very durable. It also comes with a pair of 1/8” rope and a power cord. This is a great CMH light however; we do not like the fact that it only has a 10,000 hour lifetime.

The lifespan is disappointing because most CMH lights usually have 24,000 hours lifetime.


  • It is durable
  • Highly reflective
  • The light is affordable
  • It improves plant yield and yield quality


  • It only has 10,000 hours lifespan

3. Grow Co. 630W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Fixture W/ 240V Cord

Looking for a quality CMH light? Then you should not overlook the Grow Co. 630W Ceramic Metal Halide CMH Fixture. First, since Grow Co is a household name when it comes to grow light, we had no choice but to check out this particular product. One of the features of this light that endeared it to us is its extremely bright lights. At 630 watt, you will find that this light can cover a large area with ease. Moreover, even with its bright lights, this is also an efficient light. This is because it has a high PAR/Watt rating. With this, you are sure to be using more light while paying lower electricity bills.

Note that this fixture uses 2 315 Watt bulbs which mean you also have the option of using a single 315-watt bulb. Also, it comes with a stabilizer that is attached to the light fixture itself. Not to worry, this doesn’t mean the light fixture is heavy. Again, with a temperature of 3100K, you will be getting a light that is close to the natural sunlight. However, note that it doesn't come with bulbs and you need to get the bulbs yourself. Again, it comes with a 15ft 240-volt power cable which is made to last long.

Besides, it has fully sealed ballast housing that runs without noise. Not only that, it is a low-frequency ballast which means it also consumes less power. Again, it also has a commercial-grade aluminium reflector which is extremely reflective. With this reflector, rest assured that the light will cover all angles of the growing area


  • Durable
  • It has a two-year warranty
  • The ballast runs without noise
  • It doesn’t produce heat


  • It has a slow restart
  • It doesn’t come with a 120V power cable

4. Sun System LEC 315 120V Light Emitting CMH Fixture

Another product from a popular Company is the Sun System LEC 315 120V Light Emitting Metal Halide Fixture. It is an extremely bright light as it has an output of 315 watts.

Not only that, it has a lumen rating of 33,000 which is 105 lumens per watt. In light of this, the light is very efficient and you will be saving on electricity costs by using it. Not only that, it has a full light spectrum that is known for producing great yields in plants. This is because it comes with a bulb with a high level of UV light and red spectrum.

Also, it has a temperature colour of 3100K which is just like the natural sunlight. Again, it also has a very high photosynthetic photon flux.

We also like the long-life capacity of the lamp. Its 20,000-hour lifespan is particularly impressive for lamps in the same price range as it. Also, it has an extremely reflective fixture.

This reflective fixture is made from german aluminium with 98% reflective capability. Also, with 95% reflective corners, you will find that the light covers all the necessary areas.

Furthermore, it comes with a low-frequency ballast that is very efficient. Because of this ballast, you will be saving a lot on electricity costs. Besides, the ballast is built to stand the test of time.

This is evident by the 50,000 hours ballast life the manufacturers assigned to it. In conclusion, this is a trusted CMH grow light and you will not regret buying it.


  • The lamp has a 20,000-hour lifespan
  • The ballast can last up to 50,000 hours
  • Durable
  • The ballast runs silently
  • Highly reflective
  • Wide coverage


  • Expensive

5. Prism Lighting Science 315W CMH Grow Light Kit

The last but not the least CMH grow light on our list is the Prism Lighting Science CMH Grow Light. It comes with all the necessary accessories a grow light kit should have. It has a 315-watt ballast is built with durability and efficiency in mind. It has different protections that ensure that the ballast doesn't get burnt.

Besides, because of this, you will find that your plants are safer when you use this ballast. Not only that, it comes with a Phillip lamp with a temperature colour of 3100K.

The bulb shines just like the natural sunlight and it has a high PAR rating. Because of this, your plants are more likely to grow healthily and produce quality yields. Again, we are also impressed with its HID wing reflector. This wing reflector is made from highly reflective aluminium.

Not only that, but the reflector also has an in-built socket and lamp cord. Besides, this reflective aluminium is pliable which means you can always increase or reduce the amount of light it reflects. Also, with a width of 18", you will find that this is one reflector with excellent coverage.

Furthermore, to attest for the quality of their products, the manufacturers of this product placed a 3-year warranty on it. Note that this grow light emits a considerable amount of heat and you need to get proper ventilation in the grow area to avoid burning up your plants.


  • It covers a wide area
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • The ballast has multiple protections
  • It has a high PAR rating


  • It emits heat

Comparing CMH Grow Lights with Other Grow Lights






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10,000 hours

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Do CMH Grow Lights Work?

CMH grow lights work and they help to improve photosynthesis in plants. Not only that, oftentimes, CMH grow lights tend to shine like the natural sunlight which also helps to improve plant growth.

Pros Of CMH Grow Lights

You might be wondering what the advantages of the CMH grow light is. Never to worry because we will be explaining them to you below.

Balanced Spectrum


The CMH grow light produces a balanced spectrum which the plants need for growth. To put this into perspective, this means that the light range the CMH grow light produces is used efficiently by plants. Because of this, you will be spending less on electricity whilst getting the best results for your plants. Besides, with the CMH grow light, rest assured that the light will get to all the important parts of the plants.

Ultraviolet Radiation

Ultraviolet radiation is beneficial to the growth of plants when they are emitted at the right range and intensity. The CMH grow light is known to produce the right amount of UV light for your plant growth and development. Often, CMH grow light produce UV-A, UV-B and UV-C lights.

However, the UV-C light can cause damage to the human eye which is why manufacturers tend to use a glass filter to stop the emission of the UV-C light. If you are not sure about the presence of this filter, we advise that you use protective goggles whenever you want to work in the room with the CMH grow light.

Color Rendering Index

The CMH grow light emits a natural colour rendering index. This means that with the CMH, you will find that the light shines just like the sun. When CRI rating is high, it means that the light the lamp emits is more natural.

With CMH grow lights, you will find that the lights have CRI ratings between 80 to 96 which is the highest you can find in any type of light. To put this into perspective, the sun has a CRI rating of 100. Because of this, you will be able to admire your plants in their natural state.

Lasts Longer

CMH grow lights tend to last longer than other types of grow lights. Moreover, they can last for up to 24,000 hours. To put this into perspective, HPS and MH bulbs usually lose their potency when they hit 10,000 hours.

Cons Of CMH Grow Lights

Below are some of the disadvantages of the CMH grow light.

Heat Production

Because the CMH grow light produces a lot of light in the infrared part of the spectrum, they tend to produce a lot of heat. Because of this, you should always have proper ventilation when you use CMH grow lights


CMH grow lights tend to cost more than other types of grow lights which a lot of people might not be ready to bear.


We have come to the end of this article on the best CMH grow light. We made sure we wrote extensively on the CMH grow light and we are sure you have learnt a lot about them.

Like we mentioned in the article, one of the major benefits of the CMH grow light is its balanced spectrum. This means that when you use this type of light, the plants will get all the necessary light they need for their growth.

We also included a review of some of the best CMH grow lights available. Finally, we hope that after completing this article, you will be able to make a better buying decision.

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