5 Bonsai Grow Lights – Best Lighting for Indoor Bonsai

Bonsai trees, just like every other plant, require the essentials to grow over time, essentials such as water, nutrients, a bonsai grow light, and sufficient space to grow. They can be grown either outdoors or indoors, as long as they have access to light. Without this, they can wither and die; bonsai grow lights are an efficient source of energy for maintenance of any plant's wellbeing.

Why Should You Trust Us on This Guide?

We recognize that making the right decision when purchasing a product requires due deliberation. We seek to help our readers make the best decision that suits their needs and serve them for a long time. We made our research based on a couple of key factors that determine the quality of the product.

Procuring your bonsai light before making adequate research can turn out into a waste of resources. We know this can be inconveniencing, which is why we curated this guide to help you get a high-performance model. With the information you gain, you can evaluate several models based on your own unique set of requirements.


1. JUEYINGBAILI LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

This is a well-designed grow light with adjustable arms; it is versatile enough to cover the light needs of your bonsai trees or any other plants. The LED grown lights are constructed by properly studying the kind of light (PAR) needed for plants to grow without any hindrance. There are 3 color modes on this grow light, and it includes the Blue, Red, and Mixed-color light, all of which are suitable for different life stages of your plants.

You can also toggle the brightness settings on the grow light to switch from 20% to 100%. Some plants require strong light outputs, while others are sustainable with a different light output. This grow light was built to simulate the light properties of natural sunlight, so rest assured knowing your plants will be getting the proper light energy it needs. The grow light can be powered by either a USB cable or a direct connection to a power source using the AC adapter. The product is lightweight and compact enough for you to use at any desired location.

There is a timing function on the grow light; this ensures the light goes off at pre-programmed intervals such as every 3, 9, or 12 hours. So you don't have to worry about being unavailable; you can input your settings and leave for work or a trip, the grow light will handle everything else. The LEDs bulbs are constructed using top-notch materials such as Aviation Aluminum. The bulbs have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours.


  • Has 3 color modes
  • Comes with timing functions
  • The lifespan of over 50,000 hours
  • Each light head can reach up to 27 inches of height
  • Features a strong clip
  • The package comes with small-sized tools for your plants
  • Multiple brightness settings


  • They tend to be heavy when clipping the lights sideways and start sagging at the tip.

2. Hydrofarm Black FLF27D Desktop Plant Light

This is an ideal option if you are looking for something small but efficient enough to support your seedlings or indoor plant growth. The design is very portable and can be easily moved or adjusted into the right height position according to your preferences. This grow light produces uniform wavelengths of light, meaning that you have access to a stable source of light energy your plants can benefit from.

All components of this model are designed and optimized to replicate the natural light spectrum of the sun. This is to ensure your bonsai trees, or other plants absorbs enough energy required for photosynthesis and vegetative growth. The grow light makes use of a 27-Watt CFL bulb, and the lifespan of the bulb is about 8,000 hours. You can easily adjust the height of the grow light between 15 and 25.5 inches. This is to ensure convenience when setting your height to an angle that favors your plants.

Another feature is an in-built base that you can place your seedlings on, and you can use this as a platform to place your growing seeds. The cord of the grow light is 12 inches long. The appropriate end can be plugged into an AC power adapter to power the device. For human use, the grow light bulb produces about 1,500 lumens, which is sufficient to brighten any surface.


  • Produces light energy identical to that of daylight
  • The height of the grow light can be adjusted
  • Very portable size and build
  • Provides an adequate amount of energy for seedlings and plants
  • Works perfectly fine for growing bonsai trees as long as they are sheltered under the produced light


  • The power switch is poorly designed

3. i-Venoya 45W LED Grow Light For Indoor Plants

This high-performance model was designed to provide light support for a diverse range of plants; they can support the growth of your bonsai trees through all stages. The grow light features 225 LEDs, each of which is different from one another in terms of color and wavelength. There are 163 red LEDs which are known for their inducing effects on plants for flowering and sprouting. There are 58 blue LEDs on every unit that can be used to activate your houseplants' growth specifically.

There are 2 IR and 2 UV LEDs, they also aid in plant growth as well as balancing the light intensity of the products. The product is square and can be installed above a platform where you can place the growing plants. The grow light makes use of a highly conductive ABS frame, which acts as a temperature regulator for extended periods of use. You can provide constant lighting for your plants for over 50,000 hours without any risk of burning or any other harmful effects.

The package of the grow light comes with a hanging kit to assist you with quick installation. The product also comes with an E26 universal base socket. You can quickly connect with a typical power source to start using it. The product comes with a year of warranty from the manufacturer as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Simple square design provides a wider light coverage area for your plants
  • Features an ABS plastic support for cooling the LEDs
  • Can be used for growing any kind of plant in any life stage
  • Has over 50,000 hours of certified use
  • Includes 225 specially-designed LEDs


  • The beam angle of the light can't be adjusted

4. ACKE Floor Lamp for Indoor Plants

This product features two lamp heads, each of which are uniquely designed for efficient plant lighting. There are individual switches provided for controlling each of the lights; this allows you to focus light on specifically which plants you think needs light energy for growth. You can set to lamp to different heights, ranging from 15 inches to 4.5 feet, to support rapidly growing plants. Each of the lamp heads can be adjusted up to a full angle of 36-degrees; this makes the product convenient for growing plants indoors.

There are no fans embedded into this lamp's design, and you won't be disturbed by any noise pollution from constant use of the lighting. There are 192 LEDs, some of which are red, blue, and white. The product makes use of a printed aluminum circuit board to ensure its temperature doesn't get too high for healthy plant life support. The LEDs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours with a compatible daily usage of 16 hours. The product has a 12-month warranty, and you have access to 24/7 customer support from the manufacturer.


  • Adjustable lamp height and angle
  • Full-spectrum lighting
  • Offers two lamp heads for supporting multiple plants at once
  • Comes with a year of warranty


  • Quite expensive an option

5. Bozily LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants Full Spectrum

Have you ever come across a water-proof lighting product? If not, then this is one product you don't want to miss. You are bound to work with water when planting your bonsai trees, mistakenly spilling that water on your lighting could damage its circuitry. This is why the Bozily grow light was designed to offer protection against such accidents. This grow light features replaceable LED bulbs that can last for 50,000 hours of constant use. The LEDs produce wavelengths between 400-700nm to ensure your plants receive sufficient light energy for sustained growth.

This model makes use of low power consumption, which subsequently results in low heat emission perfect for plant life. You can easily adjust the height and angle of the light heads to your preferences. You can control the two lamp heads independently using their respective switches. It should also be noted that you can dim the brightness of the bulbs to suit your needs.


  • Adjustable height and angle
  • Dimming settings are provided
  • Can work for up to 50,000 hours
  • Certified usable for indoor plant growth
  • Can effectively support your plants through all stages of photosynthesis


  • Often missing some components

How to Pick A Best Bonsai Grow Light?

You are bound to encounter a wide range of models in the market; each of these models is unique in terms of build, functionality, and other features. We've provided a list of criteria you can use to evaluate each option you have in your purview.

Light Output

You should take note of the light intensity of the models you want to choose from; the light energy required for plant growth is measured as Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR). Another unit you need to check out is the Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD). This is the amount of light exerted onto a surface. The grow light must be able to maintain a steady current, or you can risk having adverse effects.

Some high-performance models come with brightness settings as well as different color modes certified as light support for photosynthesis. You can effectively provide life support for your plant through all stages of its growth.

Timing Function

If you are the kind that hates manually-operated machines, you should go for a model that has timing functions integrated into its circuitry. This allows the grow light to shut on and off at calculated intervals based on your settings. This will enable you to focus on other things without losing track of what your bonsai trees need. As long as the LEDs are high-quality, you don't have to worry about the duration the grow light stays on for. You can set your timing modes on your model based on different time gaps.


Grow lights come in different shapes and sizes; ensure your grow light built using durable materials that can withstand long periods of use. Also, it's recommended that you get a model with an adjustable height; this allows you to be versatile when positioning the light to angles that cover your entire bonsai trees. The product should be portable for ease of use, make sure the product has an efficient cooling feature that maintains its temperature when functional. The set-up process should be easy without any hassle. Some models come pre-installed, eliminating the need for installation tools.

Life Expectancy of the Bulbs

This is an attribute associated with every kind of light source; the bulbs that produce the actual light are built to last for an estimated period. Grow lights have high functioning LEDs integrated into their design, which allows them to retain their brightness longer than other kinds of bulbs. The lifespan of models range from 20,000 hours to over 50,000 hours, and the value simply depends on the quality of the light bulbs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of light does a bonsai tree need?

Bonsai trees require a direct light source or an appropriate spectrum of light that can support their growth. Incandescent lighting is not ideal for bonsai trees because they don't provide the range of light compatible with healthy plant life.

How many hours of light do bonsai trees need?

They require about 5-6 hours of direct or indirect sunlight each day. However, this depends on the requirements of the species of bonsai trees you're growing. Some bonsai trees tend to burn when exposed to excessive light.

How to grow bonsai under a grow light?

You should regularly change the position of your bonsai trees under the grow light to support different stages of its growth. The amount of light generated by the grow light should also be regulated in terms of brightness, to control how might light the trees are getting.


You can successfully foster the growth of your bonsai trees indoors using any of the models reviewed above. Remember, evaluate each option you have and weigh against your budget before making your buying decision. This way, you can secure a product that ensures adequate value and service for the investment being made.

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