Top 6 Best 600W LED Grow Lights for 2021 Reviews

Aren't there so many LED grow lights in the market today, and don't you get confused trying to choose the right one? If you are, then reading this in-depth analysis of the best 600W LED grow lights will help you in making the right decision before making any substantial purchase.

Top 6 Best 600W LED Grow Lights on The Market

Relying on the analytic opinion of our top expert on 600 Watt LED grow lights, as well as reviews from users across most retail platforms, below is the list of our top 6 products together with their reviews:

1. Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light

Enjoy this full-spectrum light that offers you the multi-functionality and durability that a 600W LED offers. The full spectrum features come with one UV with 380-390nm, as well as two IR 740nm. Also, it comes with a dual switch function that controls the vegetation and bloom switches. These switches help you to switch into the perfect light ambiance that best suit your plant's growth stage. It comes with an effective cooling system that is powered by an aluminum radiator and a superfast fan blades that help to keep the whole system from overheating. The fan is also noiseless for optimal results. Hence, be rest assured that no matter how effective you use this device, no overheating scenario will come to being.

Furthermore, this LED grow light is perfect for a growing area with 2 feet square when hung at about 24 inches’ height, for an effective lighting experience. It comes with a thermometer, designed with the exterior feature, that helps you keep track of the right temperature which your plant must be under to remain healthy. Finally, the device is easy to install and you wouldn’t be incurring any additional installation cost.


  • Thermometer inclusive exterior
  • Brilliant full spectrum
  • Amazing cooling system and easy installation


  • Limited coverage area
  • The fan is quite loud

2. Viparspectra 600W LED Grow Light Review

Here is another excellent LED grow light fixture that offers an amazingly impressive full-spectrum lighting, and a double switch feature, which caters adequately for all stages of your plant growth. You will enjoy the separate light shade for the vegetation period and another for the bloom time. You can also combine both lights for the flowering period of your plant.

This is a fully integrated in-house light that takes precaution pretty seriously. Hence, the reflectors come with the full fireproof feature to ensure safety.  It is easy to install as it comes with everything you will need to have it perfectly installed. This includes a daisy chain to ensure that your light is suspended adequately for good light coverage, and to allow farmers to connect multiple lights without having to install new outlets. The daisy chain cable is also the power cord. Just plugin and use, you wouldn't be needing any additional cord.

Also, it has an amazing cooling system that is powered by an aluminum radiator and an automatic multi-bladed fan that works noiselessly. With 120 LED bulbs that work in synergy to imitate a perfect natural light and a warranty that assures over one hundred thousand hours of effective lighting, be rest assured that you are making the right light decision with this product.


  • Fireproof reflector
  • Effective cooling system
  • Full-spectrum


  • 3x3 light coverage is quite small

3. Bestva Samsum Series 600W COB LED Grow Light

Bring the effect of natural light into your growing area with this premium LED grow light. Experience the effect of a full spectrum light that gives your plant the rich and healthy growth a natural light would give. Also, it has the dual switch function that helps you optimize the right kind of light which your plant must be exposed to. Hence, you have the perfect light for the vegetation stage, bloom stage, and even the flowering stage.

Furthermore, this COB LED light is energy efficient. While working, heat is well dispersed and cooled by the featured 5mm aluminum radiator and its silent cooling fans. This product is built to be sturdy and to serve you durably with an amazingly bright light that is capable to satisfy the urges of any light thirsty plants.

It has an average light coverage area which is due to its 2x2.2' size when mounted at a twenty-four-inch height. Also, the product is easy to install with the understanding that you might have to provide your mounting on which the light would be suspended.


  • Amazing bright light
  • Well-built with an effective cooling system
  • Ability to choose between a spectrum


  • Limited coverage area
  • Comes with no mounting feature

4. Mars Hydro TS 600W LED Grow Light

This is another single solution to all greenhouse or indoor farmers as this LED grow light is a perfect alternative to sunlight. This is because this device supplies full spectrum grow light which is infinitely close to what direct sunlight will give you.

Talking about its spectrum quality, it has a full spectrum of 3000K 5000K with an IR of 660 nm and 760nm of RED which, of course, suits your plants and gives them the perfect light assistance for a perfect growth experience, and which is the most ideal light for all growth stage. Hence, you have just the right light for vegetation, bloom, and flowering stages of your plant.

The super bright light with full-spectrum quality is powered by 225 pieces of LED bulbs which are energy efficient and durable. The entire rows of LED bulbs consume only about one hundred watts of true output. To reduce heat and the effect, it comes with a powerful cooling system aided with a noiseless fan. Also, this light is perfect for a growing area of 2'x2'.


  • The full-spectrum and efficient energy consumption rate
  • Easy to install with mount features
  • Effective cooling system with quiet fan


  • No double switch feature (veg/bloom)

5. Lightimetunnel 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

One of the major reasons why Farmers complain about most grow light is the fact that they are prone to light loss because they do not have reflective cups that are strong enough to prevent light loss and aid plants absorption of light. This device is quite different.

It has a sixty-degree concentration and a high quality silver reflective cup that helps the plant to use over ninety percent of the light supply. Hence, it facilitates deep penetration between the light canopy. This is made possible because of the super full spectrum light powered by a dual-chip LED of 380nm to 800nm. The LED bulbs are scientifically designed to balance both the PAR and Lumen output and coverage.

This 600W LED light is designed with a daisy chain feature to help support the installation of up to three additional light when installed in parallel. Furthermore, these sturdily built devices are easy to install and will stand the test of time. It has a cooling system designed to include an upgrades aluminum heat sink, and a superfast cooling fan that operates very quietly. It is efficient when it comes to energy consumption.


  • Excellent heat dissipation features
  • Optimal full spectrum LED light
  • Topnotch light penetration


  • Double-switch absent

6. Platinum-LED 600 Watt LED Grow Light

If you are looking for a quality LED grow light with a wider coverage area, let your search be over. With an area coverage of six feet by four feet, there is room for more plant, per single grow light, to enjoy optimal full spectrum light. The spectrum is a 12 band model of full-spectrum LED with a light intensity that is twice as penetration and bright than any random grow light you would probably find around. That is why this product has remained one of the best 600 watt LED grow lights.

It comes in a double –switch option feature that helps you to switch into a perfect lighting mood that helps your plant absorb the rich light in needs for a particular growth stage.

Hence, there's the veg switch for the veg stage and the bloom switch for the bloom stage. However, you may switch both to achieve a perfect light mode for the flowering stage, just like every other high-grade grow light. Also, it has a ninety-degree light focusing power for optimal penetration, and an effective cooling system for perfect hear dissipation.


  • Wider area coverage
  • 12-band full spectrum LED
  • Effective light focus and penetration


  • Price
  • Quite heavy

Frequently Asked Questions about 600 Watt LED grow lights 

1. How many plants can I grow under a 600w LED light?

The number of plants you can grow under a 600w LED light depends on the coverage area the light is capable of supplying, and the growth stage you want to use the light to achieve. For example, a standard 600 Watt LED grow light with a perfect reflector may grow as much plant as may fit into 2 feet by 2 feet light area, when trying to achieve vegetation stage or one and a half feet square is when trying to bloom.

2. How far should a 600 watt LED light to be from plants?

You want to keep your grow light a bit away from your plant to avoid damaging them with so much heat. Hence, for most 600w LED lights, keeping them at least 24 inches above the plant seems to be a great option.

3. How much power does a 600 watt LED grow light use?

 Most of the featured products in this best 600w LED grow light categories are energy efficient. That is why you are making the switch to 600 watt in the first place. As such, a low energy rate should be one of the qualities you have to watch out for while settling for a 600w light. However, most standard 600w light consumes between 90 to 300 watts of power.


Getting the best 600w LED grow light is one of the best decisions you can make as an indoor farmer. This is because you have a better optimal full spectrum light-powered in the most energy-efficient ways. You will be giving your plant the closest treat to being under natural sunlight which is ideal for all stages of their growth. However, settling for lesser brands might not help you enjoy all of these benefits.

Interestingly, we have reviewed nine of our most trusted best 600w LED grow lights, and choosing any of them will guarantee you the durability and high functionality you expect from a grow light.

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