Top 6 Best 1500 Watt LED Grow Lights

If you are looking for the best 1500 Watt LED grow light, to provide adequate light and wide coverage for your grow room, then search no more. We have reviewed the top 6 brands that will help you achieve the perfect light ambiance for your plants without any hassle.



Name Product




King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light



Yehsence 1500w LED Grow Light



Mieemclux 1500W LED Grow Light



Yueme 1500W LED Grow Light Full



Dimgogo 1500W LED Grow Light



Parfactworks 1500W CREE COB Plus SMD LED Grow Light


Why Should You Trust Us On This Guide?

We want to prevent you from making any horrible mistakes, that is why we have taken a very keen measure in analytically evaluating the functionality of each of our selected brands. Our team of expert always have their hands on deck to ensure that only well-filtered and highest quality products are presented to you for selection. We also consider feedbacks and reviews from users who have used these products and who have taken time to write an honest review about their experience with it. Hence, you can be certain that any mentioned product on this guide is nothing but quality.

1500 Watt LED Grow Light Reviews

1. King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Grow Light

Create that near-natural ambiance for your plants, and nurture them into healthy growth, with this full spectrum LED grow light. To ensure the perfect lighting for your plants, the manufactures of this product went through a great deal of testing, using all kinds of plants, to ensure that your plant is kept under adequate light condition no matter the growth stage. Thus, this LED grow light comes with a dual-switch function that helps you switch between the veg and bloom light mode depending on which your light needs.

Also, the full spectrum light consists of an exotic selection of LED bulbs, including UV and IR lights, all of which range between 380nm to 780nm. Unlike the traditional HPS light system, this LED grow light is energy efficient, consuming about 280 watts of power. This is made possible using a high-tech double-chip 10W LED.

Also, your plant cannot be exposed to terrible heat that may have them get damaged. This is because it has a top-notch cooling system powered by an aluminum radiator and a multi-blade high-speed mute fan that works together to keep the temperature under 50°F. it is designed to last you for more than 100,000 hours.


  • Full-spectrum LED
  • Dual-chip technology
  • Energy-efficient and superb cooling system


  • Slightly pricy

2. Yehsence 1500w LED Grow Light

For lovers of grow lights with a daisy chain feature, this is one of the best 1500W LED light you can get with a daisy chain feature. Daisy chain allows you to connect more grow lights, in parallel, for a better light ambiance for your plant and greater area coverage. Also, it comes in a full spectrum display powered by a triple-chip high-tech LED. What this means is that every LED bulb contains three pieces of 5 Watt chips for a brighter and full-spectrum advantage. The full spectrum displays between 430nm to 740nm which is super impressive for any grow light.

Furthermore, this device comes with a dual-switch feature that allows growers to switch between veg and bloom mode to fit the growth stage of their plants. Both switches may also be activated to achieve perfect light ambiance for the fruiting stage.

Talking about coverage area, a single installation of this LED grow light could supply up to 5.4 feet square of light coverage. This is a feat most brands cannot achieve. It is easy to install as you wouldn't be needing any professional help. It also comes with an effective cooling system with an aluminum radiator and multi-blade mute fan that works noiselessly to achieve an impressively awesome cooling.


  • Triple Chip LEDs with full-spectrum effect
  • Wide area coverage
  • Daisy chain design
  • Easy to install


  • Cooling might need additional ventilation to be efficient

3. Mieemclux 1500W LED Grow Light

Here is one of the most energy-efficient grow lights you may ever find in the market. It consumes just 260W of power and it can easily replace the traditional 1500W HPS/ MH lights. It is a triple-chip LED light with a powerful light focus that gives a brilliantly full spectrum which is most ideal for indoor growing. Also, it is designed to support a daisy chain that allows for multiple connections of grow light, in parallel, to create a perfect light environment as may be needed for the optimal growth of your plant.

Depending on how high you mount this light, it is capable of providing a maximum light area coverage of 5.5 feet. Furthermore, this device comes with a dual-switch feature that helps growers to switch between the veg mode and the bloom mode to achieve the perfect lighting needed to cater for the PAR requirement of a plant at every growth stage.

Although the device isn't waterproof, it comes with a heavy construction that withstands humidity, making it very durable. It has an amazing cooling system powered by a multi-blade fan and an aluminum radiator. Also, it is easy to install. It comes already installed and all you have to do is just to mount at the desired height.


  • Great reflector for maximum PAR value
  • Great area coverage
  • Easy to install


  • The fan is a bit noisy

4. Yueme 1500W LED Grow Light Full

Slide away from conventional LED grow light design by opting for this neatly designed COB LED light. Designed with five high-end 1500W, each of the COBs has the power of thirty 100 regular LED put together. This is because each of the COB is 300W each. Working together, these five high-tech COB can provide a full light spectrum of 380nm to 800nm which would accelerate the growth of your plant, which makes this device for commercial planting.

It comes in a daisy chain design to allow for multiple light connections on the parallel. It has a core are coverage of 3.5 feet square and it is very energy efficient, consuming about 270W of power only. It is easy to install and it comes with an impressive cooling system with heat sink and two fans for faster heat dissipation. Also, the fans work very quietly.

Also, it has sturdy construction to ensure it has enough resistance against damaging humidity even though it isn't waterproof. You will enjoy an average work time of over fifty thousand hours using this device.


  • High-tech COB LED
  • Daisy chain features
  • Impressive cooling system with noiseless fan


  • Comes with a quite short connecting cord
  • Fans not noiseless

5. Dimgogo 1500W LED Grow Light

If you are looking for a grow light that will satisfy your need in terms of great coverage area and cooling system, this device will be a good choice. With a maximum area coverage of 6.4feet by 6 feet, there is hardly any 1500W LED grow light that gives better maximum coverage. it is better than any other traditional grow light and even economical than the likes of HPS\MH lights. Also, this device is power efficient, consuming just 268 Wattas of power when in use. 

It supplies full-spectrum light with multiple color features that help to stimulate the effect of real sunshine. Also, the device is powered with UV and IR to help accelerate your plant's growth.

Furthermore, the cooling system is unique. It is specifically built to cater for an indoor growing. Hence, the device is crafted to aid faster heat dissipation. Although fabricated with metal, the sides are covered with vents. The interior is also powered with a multiple-blade that works quietly to ensure that all generated heat gets out. Also, it is easy to install and you wouldn't be needing any technical assistance. It also comes with a minimum working time of 50,000 hours which is impressive enough for any LED light that works as effectively as this device.


  • Effective cooling system
  • Easy to install
  • Wide coverage area


  • Doesn't come with a dual-switch feature
  • Cable cord get slightly hot

6. Parfactworks 1500W CREE COB Plus SMD LED Grow Light

There is something about LED grow lights with reflectors that make them one of the right choices when trying to buy grow light. This device has a reflector with a ninety-degree lens angle that ensures deep penetration of light into your plant for the maximum PAR advantage. It is a full spectrum light with COB LED light arrangement and an SMD booster to ensure maximum spectrum advantage. The SMD comes with six different bands including UV and IR features for maximum near-natural light experience, and with a broad full spectrum of 380nm to 780nm.

It is an equivalent of the more traditional 1500W HPS/MH grow lamps and not quite an energy efficient like other light in this list. It consumes about 570W of power while providing an impressive maximum are coverage of five feet by four feet.

Also, it has an average lifetime of 100,000 hours which attests to the fact that this light is constructed to be sturdy and highly functional. It is made from metal with enough vents to aid heat dissipation, and it is further powered by multiple-blade fans to keep cooling very effective.


  • Full-spectrum
  • Average coverage area
  • Effective cooling system


  • It consumes power

Frequently asked Questions About 1500 Watt LED Grow Lights

How many plants can I grow with 1500w LED?

For most standard grow space, which is usually 4.5 feet square, a single high-quality 1500W LED grow light, like those we have listed in this review, can grow between 6 to eight plants. Factors that may vary the estimation may be the size of each plant and how well-spaced you want your plants to be from each other.

How far should a 1500 watt LED light to be from plants?

This largely depends on the stage your plant is or the growth stage you want to achieve. You also don't want the light too near to your plant so that the heat won't damage them. You may hang between 24 inches to 48 inches above the plant's canopy.

How much power does a 1500 watt LED grow light use?

This largely depends on the brand you are settling for. Typically, a good 1500W may consume between 240watts to 600 watts of power. So watch out for the brands with power efficiency features.


Getting a good 1500 watt is a big deal for your plants. It exposes them to a better broad spectrum that stimulates the natural feel of the sun. This helps to accelerate their growth and makes them healthy. However, trying to buy a quality one might is the real hassle. There are thousands of brands with misleading descriptions, misrepresenting what their product is capable of doing.

We have sorted out the best 1500 watt LED grow light that is specifically designed to be everything you ever want in a grow light. We have saved you the trouble of thinking about which product is quality. Just choose from these listed products and experience high functionality.

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